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Established Business Websites For Sale

Updated on December 5, 2013

Buy a Website

SiteChamp - Websites And Service

Hi, my name is Jane. My husband Pete and I have been developing websites for longer than I am willing to admit!

We are just regular people who have been trusted website sellers on eBay since 1996. We take great pride in each package that we build for the public. Take a minute to view our profile feedback and feel confident in knowing that we have an immaculate record - with the testimonials to back it up!

We absolutely love what we do, and will go out of our way every time to make sure our buyers are taken care of and have the best possible website at a very competitive price.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly using the contact me link on this page and I will respond to your inquiry as fast as possible.

How to Buy a Website

Buying Websites on eBay (and elsewhere)

Selecting the right website on eBay can often be a daunting task, especially if you are new to website ownership, SEO and internet marketing in general. Most of the websites found for sale on eBay are simply what is called cookie cutter sites. Websites that are sold repeatedly with the same exact template and contents. Chances of making money with these sites are slim to none, especially if you are new to website promotion techniques.

Within this lens, I would like to cover some of the things that you should be aware of when evaluating a website listed on eBay and elsewhere.

Cookie Cutter Sites

Many of the sellers who are selling websites on eBay are simply using the same content and template repeatedly. Although many of these sites are quite attractive, there are many reasons why these sites may not be worth purchasing even for a few dollars.

Duplicate Content

Google, who currently gets about 73% of all searches on the Internet, along with most of the other big players, have algorithms that detect duplicate content. Even if your site consists of "only" duplicate content, it will be very hard to get your site listed without extensive SEO. If you are fortunate enough to get the site listed, chances are that it will be so deep within the search engine's listing that it will never be found anyways.

There are many tools on the internet that allow you to check for duplicate content, but for a quick confirmation, I simply submit a few random articles to Google itself.

For example:

I copied the following text from an article that a seller was claiming as unique from a dog website.

The most basic of dog training is to get your dog to sit and come. Teaching him those commands are essential for him to learn.

I then went to the Google search engine and pasted the text into the search box encased within quotes. This is what I found:

Obviously, the article was not unique and the sites that are using the same article were omitted from the initial search request. These sites are not getting traffic from Google. Although I will leave it up to you to decide, personally, I think paying for fresh original content is well worth the extra cost.

Administration Area

A vast amount of the available cookie cutter sites are simple HTML or PHP templates that offer you no way to easily update your site. If you do not want to be playing with HTML code or worse yet, you do not know HTML, make sure that any website you are going to purchase has an admin backend that allows you to easily add content and make changes to your site.

Additional Costs

Many cookie cutter sites sell very cheaply on eBay. You might be wondering, how do the sellers actually make any significant money? The fact of the matter is that many of the sellers are not interested in making money on their website sales, but rather want to have you as a customer of their hosting services.

More often than not, the new website that you have purchased, with dreams of making some extra cash, turns into a monthly liability where even the cheap 5.00 per month hosting fee is more than what the site generates.

Watch out for auctions whereby the seller states that they will only support the site if you purchase hosting from them.


Many sellers have not created the templates and/or sites that they are selling and therefore support ends up being minimal due to the seller not having the technical skills to help. If you feel that you will need support, be sure that it is offered by a reputable seller that either has created the site or has a technical team in place.

Checking Various Seller Claims

How to Buy a Website

Site Indexing

You can check and see how many pages have been indexed within Google quickly by typing the following into Goggle's search box:

It should be noted that even though Google may have indexed many of a site's pages - this in itself, does not mean that they are showing up for any relevant search terms. Contrary to popular belief, it is not very hard to get a site indexed with a few simple SEO techniques. However, depending on the topic and competition, it can be quite difficult to get pages listed for terms that people are actually searching for.


Backlinks is simply a term used to describe how many websites have an incoming clickable link to a given site. The number of incoming links to a site is often a good indicator of a site's popularity around the web.

Backlinks for a given site can be checked at Yahoo's Site Explorer. Unfortunately, eBay will not allow me to send you a direct link to the site within this email but you can find it by searching for "Site Explorer" within Google.

Although, in most cases, backlinks are essential for a site's success - it is important that one realize that not all backlinks are equal and some can even be detrimental to a site's success. I plan to write more on backlinks for a future issue of this newsletter but for now, I would like for you to be aware that just because a site has backlinks and page rank at the time of the sale, does not mean that it will have them after the sale.

Often a site will have many backlinks from the seller's other sites and/or paid links which will be removed after the sale. It is important to look over the incoming links and see if you can spot any abnormalities such as many links from one site, links on another site's front page or sidebar (how did they get that placement) or numerous spam links that will eventually be discounted or even penalized by the search engines.

Traffic Stats

Sellers with websites that they claim are getting significant traffic usually present you with all kinds of screenshots and/or present their Alexa ratings. If purchasing a site based on its current traffic these stats are not enough.

First, not all traffic is equal. If the traffic is not coming from search engines and/or free links - it must be coming either from a fraudulent source used for manipulating stats or from paid advertising. If it is from paid advertising, what you are buying, not taking into consideration the site content assets, is a marketing plan for paid traffic, not a site receiving traffic.

You should be aware that even if you could count on any statistic screenshots provided by a seller not to be faked, there are many ways to manipulate traffic stats and provide legit screenshots:

- Purchasing cheap worthless traffic from a traffic source

- Running a script that uses what are called proxy servers to visit a site over and over

- Temporarily redirecting traffic from an established site

- Implementing fake traffic scripts that tell Alexa that a website is getting visits by manipulating their toolbar

If you are thinking about purchasing a site based on the traffic it receives, the best way to analyze the traffic stats is to ask the seller for guest access to his Google analytics account and/or to the website's stats on his server.

Some preliminary checks once you have access are:

- Where is the traffic coming from?

- How long do visitors stay?

- How much traffic is coming from search engines and on what key phrases?

- How much traffic is being obtained from backlinks? Remember, just because the site has backlinks now does not mean that they will remain after you purchase the site.

- How much traffic is unique, how much is repeat visitors?

Bottom line: Never buy a site based on high traffic numbers if the owner cannot or will not provide you with guest access to a Google Analytics account (or something similar) for the site. You need to know that the traffic is real and where the it is coming from.

End Notes

So far, I have only touched the surface of things to consider when buying a website. Soon I will also cover other items that a potential website buyer should consider before purchasing a website including such topics as keyword and site SEO, claims on earnings and domain names. I hope that by the time I am done, you will feel much more confident in your skills of assessing a website's potential and the claims made by the seller.

Blog Article Submission Service

Let us help you increase your site's exposure.

Numerous article submission services have started to appear on the Net. Their purpose is to let you post articles onto numerous private owned blogs across the Internet, thereby gaining numerous high quality back links.

However, not all these services are equal. Should you decide that you would like the convenience of gaining hundreds of links that you otherwise would not obtain, make sure the service you choose offers spun article submissions thereby allowing you to post unique articles and links on each site.

Spun Articles

A spun article or article spinning is the process of using a single (specially formatted) article as a template to generate an unlimited number of new unique versions of the same article. The new articles generated, using this method, contain the same concepts and ideas as the original, but are written in different ways. They all are grammatically correct and perfectly readable, but each is unique, differing from each other in sentence structure and the words used.

The purpose of creating spun articles is so that you have many unique versions of your article for submission to the various article directories and blogs. You want to have unique versions of the article for each submission so that you can avoid the duplicate content penalty enforced by search engines such as Google.

Blog Article Submission Service Example

I created two "spun" articles for a dog site, which contain "dog clicker training" keyword links pointing to the main site. I then submitted the articles to an article network, which in turn presented the articles to it members on a scheduled basis of five or six members per day.

As of writing, the articles have been accepted by blog owners a total of 188 times. This means that 188 different blog owners have a unique article with a keyword link pointing to my dog site on their blogs. With over 10,000 blogs within the network, this number is sure to double within a couple weeks.

My experience is that each spun article submitted will be posted on a new blog anywhere from 2 to 5 times per day depending on its topic.

If you're interested in joining an article network, the system that use is: My Article Network

If you join using the link above, I will write a spun article (that will generate at approximately 100% unique each spin) using the keywords you provide and send it to you. Simply send me an email with your receipt and keywords. Depending on my workload, it may take up to a week for completion.

Learn More About Running And Promoting a Website

Thanks for stopping by!

If you would like to have similar site setup (as what we currently have listed on eBay) but in a different niche, feel free to contact me. We can discuss what you require and if agreed, we will create it for you and then put it up on eBay for you to purchase.

Sign up for our email newsletters and receive bi-weekly free products and advice geared towards website owners and online marketing/promotion.

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      8 years ago

      I think buying ready made sites with original content is a good idea.

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      8 years ago from USA

      Who knew? (well, I guess YOU did!). Great stuff.

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      8 years ago

      Excellent information and a great resource!

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      9 years ago

      Great Idea to buy made website. I think that if the price is reasonable, the good thinker can make money from this.

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      9 years ago

      Great information on how to buy a website. Thanks for posting!

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      9 years ago

      Buying already made and working website is really good idea but there are a lot of things to be checked. This article describes almost all of them. Thanks!!!


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