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Ethiopian YouTube Music legality Issues

Updated on February 8, 2017
Ethiopian YouTube Music
Ethiopian YouTube Music | Source

Ethiopian YouTube Music up-loaders

YouTube is a giant video sharing website with millions of visitors around the world. Most visitors come to watch video of some sort. Ethiopian YouTube Music are part of those videos lots of Ethiopian or Ethiopians abroad are searching for.

It is no wonder there are lots of YouTube users that upload Ethiopian related content continuously and no one denies they have done some good in making the videos available to be watched around the world. But there is another side that we usually overlook and that is the legality of uploading videos without having the copyright.

It may look like to be one of a boring subject to discuss about here. Yeah, everyone knows that most videos are not legally uploaded and so what? Well, we must always stand for the right thing, isn't it?

Imagine if you spend lots of time, money and resources to produce a hit music video and before you know it all the music tracks are uploaded on YouTube. We all feel robed if it happens to us, but it always happened to many artists around the world.

Can we fight the illegal rampage?

In parts of the world where the rule of law is so powerful, it is easy to fight such illegality. You just sue the person/organization that trespass the copyright and get a compensation. But in places where the law is weak or the enforcement is weak, it is easy to do what we want and get away with it.

I believe there has been some effort to control illegal music/video distribution in the country, but how can the copyright owner fight people who do harm in other parts of the world?

For some who don't understand how videos become available on YouTube, it is a matter of few minutes. You get the video file, sign-in your YouTube account and upload it.

Once the uploading finishes, the video is available to anyone who searches on YouTube using appropriate keywords. If you search "Ethiopian YouTube Music", YouTube will list out all videos that are uploaded with related topics.

YouTube is very careful in getting away from breaking the law. It warns all its users to confirm that the videos they are uploading are not copyrighted materials. If any issue arises, YouTube will have a defense that the user has agreed not to upload copyrighted material.

EThiopian YouTube Music Copyright Issues 1

Is copyright law powerful in Ethiopia?

There is no question all uploaded Ethiopian music or any other videos for that matter, are entertaining YouTube users day in and day out. People are so happy to get a free pass to the music they want to enjoy.

But that music didn't come free, lots of money has been spent to get it in print. Unless the producer or musician wants to have publicity and uploads a single on YouTube, it is going to harm the entire marketing process.

I am just raising the topic so that we keep on talking and discussing about these kind of issues so that law and order may rule in the country. Well, at least we should try to come to the highest level of "Law abiding" society in any given country so that everyone could have a fair go.

So what if someone wants to legally upload Ethiopian Music on YouTube, can it be done? I am not sure of all YouTube services, but i know some companies that upload their videos and charge fees from users who want to watch.

This is legal stuff, someone will have an agreement with Ethiopian music producers to upload their products on YouTube and charge small fee. Users will be happy because they get the service for a small fee, producers are happy because their work is not distributed free. What do you think?

You can have your opinions and comments as you feel what the best option is. But as of enjoying Ethiopian YouTube Music online, go and enjoy. After all, most producers didn't seem to have interest to fight the illegal stuff or they may have little resources to do so.

Ethiopian YouTube Music copyright issues 2


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