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The Expendables 2 Fun and Action Packed

Updated on May 26, 2018
The Expendables 2 Released August 16, 2012
The Expendables 2 Released August 16, 2012

The Expendables 2, released in 2012, surprises the viewer by being even better than its predecessor The Expendables which was released in 2010.

Sylvester Stallone took the idea of the first movie and made it even better. He gave the viewer even more action, more stars, and more humor. Let us see what makes this movie tick.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Cast

The first star in this incredible cast is Arnold Schwarzenegger star of The Terminator movies, Predator, True Lies, and more. Arnold is right at home making action movies, and he holds his own in this film.

Facts About The Star

Arnold was Mr. Universe at age 20 and had won the Mr. Olympia competition 7 times.

The master mind for this film and the star of the movie is Sylvester Stallone. Sly has starred in so many great movies Rocky, Rambo, Cliffhanger, and in this movie he doesn't disappoint either.

Stallone helped to write this film, and you can find his sense of humor just as he had supplied when he wrote the Rocky movies.

Facts About The Star

Sly insisted on doing his own stunts ignoring his doctor's advice. He had suffered a broken back and neck injury doing The Expendables.

Jason Statham who is known for his roles in The Transporter, The Mechanic, and Parker. He helped to revive the action film genre from the years 2002-2017 he generated $1.5 billion in ticket sales. That is a pretty impressive feat.

Facts About The Star

Jason likes to do his own stunts and he has an athletic background. Statham was a member of Britain's National Diving Squad for twelve years.

Dolph Lundgren, has appeared in Rocky IV, One in the Chamber, and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning. Dolf made it big in Rocky IV in 1985. He has been in more than 40 films since then all of them in the action mode.

Facts About The Star

He has a black belt in Karate and was once a body guard.

Chuck Norris has starred in Missing in Action, The Delta Force, and in television as Walker, Texas Ranger. He is not only an actor, but he is also a martial artist, film producer and screenwriter.

Facts About The Star

Chuck has black belts in Tang Soo Do and Chun Kuk Do.

Bruce Willis has starred in such great movies as Die Hard, Reds, and Armageddon. He also began his acting career in the very popular television series called Moonlighting.

Facts About The Star

Bruce was a security guard and private investigator before taking up acting.

Jean –Claude Van Damme has starred in such movies as Blood Sport, Kickboxer, and Lionheart. He came with a friend to the United States in 1982. A few years later he became friends with Chuck Norris and he got him a role in his film. Van Damme then broke out in his own action films.

Facts About the Actor

Jean-Claude was involved with full contact karate in Belgium where he had 18 knockouts and 1 defeat.

Liam Hemsworth has appeared in The Hunger Games films, and Paranoia.

Liam was supposed to be in first movie The Expendables but his part was written out the script.

Facts About the Actor

Before becoming an actor Liam laid floors.

Liam's first big break was on an Australian soap opera entitled Neighbors.

Sylvester Stallone commented that in his casting he was looking particularly for actors who had not experienced recent hits: "I like using people that had a moment and then maybe have fallen on some hard times and give them another shot. I like those kinds of guys. Someone did it for me and I like to see if I can do it for them."

Who is your favorite star from the Expendables 2?

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The Mix Of Action And Humor

I didn’t expect to be entertained as much as I did with this movie. The Expendables 2 brings together a lot of the action movie stars of the 80’s all into one film that in itself is a treat to see. Not only that but we have a lot of humor in this movie that makes the characters more loveable.

After Sylvester Stallone’s character shoots a guy up with his gun he tells him “Rest in pleces”

Another good line is delivered by Chuck Norris. Sylvester’s character Barney asks Chuck’s character:

“I thought you got bitten by a King Cobra?” to which Chuck’s character replies, “After five days of agonizing pain the cobra died.”

Another funny moment occurs when Liam’s character is running up a mountain to get to his vantage point. Strahan’s character asks Stallone “Remember when you could do that? To which Barney (Stallone) states, “No.”

If you like action and shoot em ups and karate moves this is the movie for you.

It begins with gun fire, boat chases, jet skis, and an escape action. The movie doesn’t let up.

When Bruce Willis’ character asks Stallone to help him get something from a plane that crashed in Russia. The guys soon discover that this job is just as dangerous as their previous adventures, and they use all their skills to try and make it out alive.

The Music

  • The soundtrack for this movie is definitely a pleasant surprise. You would expect some heavy duty music to go with this movie, but instead the viewer is gets great vibes with songs like:
  • “The Wanderer”- by Dion
  • “Crystal Blue Persuasion”- by Tommy James and the Shondells
  • “It’s a Beautiful Morning” and “Groovin” by Felix Cavaliere
  • “Rip it Up” by Little Richard
  • “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” by Ennio Morricone

It is great that these songs will be introduced to young fans who may never have heard of these tunes before.

Sylvester Stallone Movies Frequently Mentioned on the Web

The Expendables
First Blood
Rambo First Blood Pt. 2

Fun Trivia Regarding the Movie

These fun facts came from IMDB

  1. .It was Jean-Claude Van Damme's 4th time working with Dolph Lundgren and Scott Adkins
  2. Sylvester Stallone asked Chuck Norris to include a reference to The Chuck Norris facts (a popular internet meme) in the screenplay. Norris's wife Gena O'Kelly suggested him for the one with the cobra. ("Chuck Norris was bitten by a cobra, and after five days of excruciating pain...the cobra died.")
  3. Sylvester Stallone's character is named Barney Ross in memory of decorated WWII hero and World Lightweight, Light Welterweight, and Welterweight Boxing Champion, Barney Ross (i.e. three-divisional champion).
  4. Chuck Norris is the pop culture subject of countless larger than life "Chuck Norris facts" created by fans. The film's cast and crew jumped on the bandwagon when Norris arrived in Bulgaria, coining a new one: "Chuck Norris doesn't visit Bulgaria, Bulgaria visits Chuck Norris."
  5. Liam Hemsworth's character Billy the Kid's back story is based on the real story of Dakota Meyer's experience in Afghanistan as told in his book Into the Fire.
  6. In the final scene, Arnold Schwarzenegger is wearing a vintage Hawaiian style Planet Hollywood Jam shirt under his jacket. Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis were founding partners in the Planet Hollywood chain.

The movie The Expendables 2 is in some ways even better than the original. We have actor’s from the 80’s and beyond gathering together in a truly enjoyable movie. You can tell these guys are having the times of their lives doing this film. The audience will share in the enjoyment of a movie that packs in plenty of action, laughs, and great stars. This movie is definitely worth checking out.

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    • cfjots profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Conway, SC

      Thank you Thief12 for your comments. I liked your opinion about the first movie. You are right The Expendables 2 is more fun. Van Damme played a great villain.

    • Thief12 profile image

      Carlo Giovannetti 

      5 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Good review. I also liked this one more than the first one. I thought the first one didn't fully take advantage of the premise, plus Stallone's directing was a bit messy. This one was more fun, and the direction was more assured. Plus Van Damme kicked ass.


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