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Expensive Mens Watches

Updated on February 9, 2014

High Class Mens Watches Make the Perfect Gift

There are few gifts that are as good and pleasing for men as a high class men's watch. Stylish and functional, a quality man's watch is hard to beat! While some people argue the watch is going out the door because cell phones keep up on the time, there's no argument that a good stylish men's watch simply looks great and for this reason, as a judgment of class and sophistication, there is very little threat of these going away any time soon.

What Designer Men's Watch Should I Buy?

There are certain social "rules" to getting the right high quality watch.

Deciding what kind of designer watch you should buy is a major decision that has a lot of factors to it. There are many "social" rules to consider when looking for that perfect watch to offset the rest of your ensamble.

Some of the major factors to consider include:

1) Age

2) Budget

3) Lifestyle

4) Image

5) Wrist size/width

All of these are major considerations before deciding which mens watch to buy. For example, a high-profile mens designer watch like a Cartier or a Rolex while give the impression not only of wealth, but it can also give off the sense that you desire to be noticed.

If you're into an active lifestyle but still want to give a sense of class, you can choose a Breitling, a Tag Heuer, or an Omega. Those designs are considered the top expressions of an outdoors type.

If you're big-wristed, you'll want to pay attention to the style of the watch. Men with larger wrists should choose designs that display a larger dial and wider strap. This will prevent the watch from looking small and feminine.

There is also an unwritten social rule that men need to buy watches with their age in mind. There are certain watches that are designed for the young workaholic businessmen, and others that are designed for the older more middle aged men.

Lining up these concerns with the right watch is the perfect way to make sure you get the perfect designer mens wrist watch for you.

Looking for a Rolex?

A Rolex man's watch is still the king of all mens dress watches.

Buying Designer Men's Watches as a Gift

What Men's Watch is best for your father, boyfriend, brother, or husband?

There aren't many pieces of jewelry that men wear, but if there is one piece of "jewelry" that is extremely important to a man it's the wrist watch. A good designer wrist watch speaks volumes about a man, and they know it.

The more you know about the individual man, the easier it will be to pick the right watch. There are different designs of watches, so some designer men's watches are specifically designed for young active men while others are designed for middle aged businessmen.

Knowing taste and preference also helps. Some men love gold, others are die hard fans of a silver or platinum coloring. Figuring out this information will help you to pick out the perfect watch.

If you're looking to shop for a great men's watch, a fantastic place to start is

Looking for the Perfect Gold Watch?

If you're looking for quality discount mens designer watches, then look no further than here for a great gold watch to complete that business ensamble.

Men's Luxury Watches: Still a Status Symbol

Gold watches and other luxury men's watches are fantastic gifts that almost any man will appreciate

Luxury watches are excellent gifts for men. A good men's watch implies taste, sophistication, and just straight out looks good. A quality luxury watch is a great addition for any man, whether he is wearing a suit, or casual attire.

While style changes all the time, sometimes even several times in the same year, one thing remains completely true about men's style: a luxury men's watch is held in just as much esteem today as it ever has been at any other time in history.

For many, the luxury watch is about style. Good designer watches that are tailored towards a man's style of preferred dress and status makes him look and feel good. A luxury watch is also all about status, and a good watch will display that even in casual khaki shorts and a t-shirt.

Quality Mens Dress Watches

Here are several great mens designer watches that look great for far less than a Rolex.

Men's Bully MP3 Waterproof Watch - 1GB
Men's Bully MP3 Waterproof Watch - 1GB

A fantastic and beautiful looking gold man's watch, that is also waterproof.


Which Mens Watches Do You Like Most?

There are so many different types of designer mens watches, which ones do you prefer?

Which designer mens watches do you prefer?

See results

Designer Mens Diamond Watches

When mens gold watches just aren't enough, look to step it up with mens diamond watches.

A good men's watch is a great gift. Hope you enjoyed the lens!

Mens Watches - Find the Perfect Gift?

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    • Phillyfreeze profile image

      Ronald Tucker 6 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      I still have a White-Gold Longines watch that I purchased in 1971 from my local Royal Jewelers, Inc. The wind-up stem is still functional and the 14K white gold back is protecting the 23 jewels encased.

      Excellent lens with some vintage time-pieces that evoked a lot of fond memories of my young adulthood.

    • profile image

      watchguy 9 years ago

      Nice Lens -- thanks! Some of those watches in the "Quality Mens Dress Watches" sections are great values. Not ridiculously expensive but nice looking and sturdy.