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Expressions By Sarah Geronimo

Updated on August 25, 2013

New Album of Sarah this 2013

Sarah Geronimo has a new album for us this 2013. It will release, according to iTunes store, this July 22 of this year but you can reserve your order now. I'm not sure if that is only applicable just for iTunes, wherein all musics they offer are in digital format.

I know it will be selling like hotcakes and people will be looking forward to the released date. Sarah always amazes us in her albums aside from her live performances.

I am starting to save some money just to buy this and as a matter of fact, I still have one pending movie that I haven't purchased yet. And that is the DVD of It Takes a Man and a Woman.

So let's end this introduction here and enumerate the latest popular songs of her.

Image credited to

Sarah Sings Ikot-Ikot LIVE - You may find here how she puts emotion to her song!

This is the offcam shot by outrigger85. Enjoy!

New Release Songs from Sarah Geronimo

Everyone is excited to get their copies

As of now, there are 11 tracks in the album: 4 original Tagalog songs and 7 english ones.

I will list here the names of these audios below. Hope you become curious by just seeing the title.

01. Again

02. Pati Ang Pangarap Ko

03. Ikot-Ikot

04. Tayo

05. Maaari Ba

06. Eyes on Fire

07. Sweetest Mistake

08. Mama

09. You've Got a Friend (feat. duet with Daddy Delfin Geronimo)

10. Make Me Yours (composed by Sarah Geronimo)

11. It Takes a Man and a Woman

I'm sure you already have your favorites esp. when you're done listening to these samples. Installing iTunes on your computer is a must so you can start listening to the songs and reserve your order now. Those who already have gadgets made by Apple, are knowledgeable to use and operate this. You are welcome to teach our co-Popsters on how to do it. ^_^

I'm done showing the link for Pure OPM album of Sarah before and now it's time to know her EXPRESSIONS!

Music to Listen To

I know you're curious on what are my favorites

The first time I lend my ears onto these high quality songs, I got hooked easily and can't wait for this to be out in the market (The public released of this album was moved to July 23 by the management).

I am still thinking whether I should patronize the physical album or stick to digital ones.

Anyway, these are my preferred songs:

- Again

- Ikot-Ikot

- Maaari Ba

- Mama

- You've Got a Friend

- It Takes a Man and a Woman

I don't want to put an end to this and proclaim that these are the best, as everyone has his/her own choice of songs among these. Remember you may only find here just samples (hosted at YouTube and iTunes store).

Our perception on things can change anytime (depending on the mood and the situation we're currently in) and will surely shift into different level.

YouTube Samples that You Should See - New songs video created by a fan

As I scan my Facebook wall, I spotted these songs which are shared by fans and supporters of Ms. Sarah Geronimo. This is not the full length but I think, one of the tactics or marketing strategy of Viva or people behind the album. In the generation we live, spreading out of files or digital are difficult to stop as this is rampant and one click away. But I still believe that no matter what technology that would discover, if the singer or artist is really famous and has a stable fanbase, then whatever project she has would definitely become successful!

Anyway, here are some for you to get a glimpse of and experience the sweetness of Sarah's lovely and angelic voice.

I happen to find all of these songs in one video. Experience it now!

Let's Get to Know What Suits Her Better - What style is appropriate to her?

It's basically choosing which of the following, Sarah is better at:

See results

Thanks For The Visit! Please do come back. :-)

Upon listening to these 11 songs, I'm sure you've got your pick now!

Which of the above songs do you enjoy and like the most? You are also free to express your thoughts and opinion on this.

Your Bet Song

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    • jethrosas profile image

      Jethro 4 years ago from Philippines

      @takkhisa: Thanks takkhis for saying good words to Sarah. I really love her that's why until now I keep supporting her in every endeavors she takes in. :)

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      I discovered her songs not many years ago, though I like listening to her songs, no doubt :)

    • jethrosas profile image

      Jethro 4 years ago from Philippines

      @anonymous: I'm glad that you liked her songs. You may find everything about her on my list of lenses. Thanks for taking your time to check this lens. Have a great day!

    • jethrosas profile image

      Jethro 4 years ago from Philippines

      @razelle09: Thanks for your comment, jayrgusher09! Me too, I'm Team Sarah. :)

    • razelle09 profile image

      razelle09 4 years ago

      sarah has a great voice, I'm rooting her at The Voice of the Philippines

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I listen this song few minute ago, It is really a sweet song.