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Fake vs real pro beats

Updated on October 12, 2012

Fake vs Real Beats By Dre Pro & Detox

We get a lot of questions about why you should not buy fakes vs real dr dre pros, and how it's a lot cheaper. We somewhat agree if you don't want to buy the brand name, then buying the fake is the obvious alternative. This is a shame because the hard work and brand that Dr Dre has built is being destroyed by counterfeiters who think they can get away with it. Maybe technically, they can get away with it but let's show you why Fakes are inferior to the real beats by dre.

The Fakes Sound Like Bat Crap And Looks Cheaper

Quality is not the same - Chinese Sellers Are Tricky

Beats by Dre Pro and Detox real versions are definitely the elite kind of headphones you find rappers and artists rock down the street. Imagine rocking a fake Detox or regular white Dr Dre Pro headphones, you will be deemed cheap and unfit for life. Cheap people are not very successful, even the cheapest rich person won't on average sink to this new low because that proves you are broke.

If I like the brand, I would buy the BRAND not the knock off. Would you buy yourself a FAKE knockoff car?! ABSOLUTELY NOT.

BUT if you really don't care about the brand but more the look, then YES buying fakes is the next best thing to save you money. That is if you don't really care and buy great fakes that look really nice. There's some green ones that are available somewhere on the internet, you have to check them out if you are into flashy knockoffs.

Although many people will laugh at you regardless they look good or not, you should know that it's all your preference if you care or not. Also, having friends that laugh at you means you should get new ones!

Real Beats By Dre Official Amazon Store - Don't buy these if you are too broke!

These are by no means a valuable purchase. Here are some reviews:

"Dr Dre Pros are nice but if you get a fake pair they feel worse by experience- JP"

"Loving the bass on these Dr Dre headphones stunning elegant design! - George R Benson"

How To Tell If You Got Fake Pairs Of Counterfeit Pro

I'll explain why Detox is harder to detect

When you are buying your headphones be sure to only trust stores, and unopened boxes. If you have an opened box or you plan to buy USED headphones, you can easily be scammed. Especially the Detox, they are VERY easy to counterfeit surprisingly because its all black and lack much details. This is why fashionable gear is so easy to scam consumers nowadays.

Most fans of these headphones will kill you if you buy FAKES, but if you don't know them or they don't live near you then, you might just be able to hop to eBay and buy some SWAGGED OUT VERSION, They might be knockoffs and you might look evil wearing them, at least you have a cooler version.

Real Vs Fake Beats By Dre Pro ANSWER - WE SHOW YOU ANSWER!

Cool And Affordable Dr Dre Pro - They might be FAKES so careful if you want REAL

Like all things in life and in music, you must be on your feet and know what's good. The newest Dr Dre Pro headphones can be cool but do you really have to spend that money. Sure if you have the money, you can buy whatever you want, but do consider other brands that offer just the same for way less. We don't endorse FAKES and think that its an evil crime that only desperate sellers would do.

What Is Better Than Beats By Dre Pro?

A lot of other headphone companies are better

I like to mention that you will get a way better headphones that are more comfortable, affordable, and sound way better. Its almost stupid to buy something out of looks, and because you know people will love them.

I will admit though, I would rather own a pair of cool headphones that a pair of audiophile headphones especially outside of my house.

What Do You Feel About Counterfeit Goods?

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