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False Hope Band

Updated on January 23, 2013

Dripping With False Hope

Forged in Arkansas by a collaboration of three veterans (one of which was from Desert Storm) and two brothers from the deserts of Arizona. You would have thought we would have used a desert theme in our name. Well, I guess you could use the tired analogy of the desert wanderer crawling on his belly in search of water, full of False Hope for the upcoming oasis, okay, yeah, never mind, it works there too.

Together for over two years as this line up, most of us have been together for the better part of 20 years in one form or another. We do have friends who show up from time to time to play with us. False Hope was formed after the unfortunate breakup of Cedaridge, and the three remaining members weren't about to quit playing music.

We were off to a rough start launching into our first gig after only two months together, but were ahead of where we thought we would have been. It's always nice to be ahead of schedule.

We are constantly in the studio for our ongoing internet releases. We are primarily working toward building our internet fan base and much of our work is being done over at ReverbNation

We have setup shop at cafepress with a second shop coming very soon to zazzle. Our focus and philosophy is: "Treat the music right and the music will treat you right."

We fancy ourselves as being a new generation of a long line of Southern Rock/Red Dirt/Americana bands. Please don't confuse that with rock-a-billy... Our band's influences come from many bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Thin Lizzy, Golden Earring, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Bob Segar, The Eagles, and then we start throwing in our personal influences, I'll get into that in a bit. So you might actually say we sound the most like a cross between 3 Doors Down and George Strait.

New update!

A new song writing team has emerged from the beast known as FH! House Of Thought has started doing several collaborative works. Also, work has begun on Keystone's Stage project and we have started writing for the Blown Pageant CD! We are also considering putting together an indie label of our own. Stay tuned!

Who Is False Hope?

Shannon Trembly guitar, lead vocal, some bass

Chris Keith keyboards, vocals

Aric Keith bass, vocals, some guitar

John Paine guitar, vocals

Allen Myrick drums, comic relief

False Hope's Hottest Single

So far only played live and handed out on special pre-casting CDs Not Like You Did is actually billed as the first chapter in the book called Rhyme To Reason.

The story of this song is centered around the man from Rhyme To Reason. It recounts the energy and pain caused by the wife/girlfriend committing suicide.

A powerful story and add the music and if you don't feel something in this song, then you should probably check your pulse. The studio version features Shannon on rhythm guitar, Allen on drums, Aric on bass, John on lead, and Chris' multi-faceted talents on the keys making it sound like two or three more lead guitars at one point as well as a string section.

Our Most Popular Video

Originally written for a book release, this song has pushed us to the top by everyone that has heard it. This theme is a very special soft spot in our heart. It covers all of the things that we think need to be fixed about humanity right now. Physical and sexual child abuse and spousal abuse. If you do not listen to anything else we do, please listen to this song for the people it represents.

Shadows of Silence

New Artwork For The Shadows Of Silence Launch

New artwork
New artwork

The new t-shirt is available

We Almost Called It...

A name is worth a thousand songs

We almost voted for KraMPaKT which would have been of course, a loose fitting of our last initials.

Then we almost called it Two Brothers and the Vets, because of Aric and Chris near twin-like status, and Shannon, Allen, and John being recent veterans. But Aric and Chris are too introverted to be the fore front of the band...

There were other names of course, but False Hope seemed to push the agenda of the theme of what we hoped even then would be our first single and first video, Rhyme to Reason. FH band becomes an artistic extension of ourselves. False Hope tends to portray much of our philosophy and our mission statement because we have all been through so much of what life tends to throw at us.

John, Shannon, and Allen have all had messy divorces, Aric just recently lost his family's business because of the housing crunch, and Chris has had many tough battles of his own. Most of of us still work in the construction trade, so things are tight right now. So we tend to continue to put our hope in the fact that this band might go somewhere even though we are determined not to let it have too big of an impact on our marriages and families.

Rhyme to Reason is a song that was based on a "what if" of several of our experiences, which would almost lead one to believe we were a hard core country or blues band. The song is about a man in retrospect over his life, overdosing to end his life. The video will point out his second thoughts after it's too late. The end of the video will focus on the bottle of meds, red lights flashing, sirens coming up the drive, a 911 operator on the phone, and the slow and gradual stop of the heart beat. Written several years ago by John Paine and Shannon Trembly. Arranged by them but False Hope has put the final touches on it.

We want you to form your own opinion about most of our work, including what Rhyme to Reason means to you. Even though we will be influencing you with the video when it's ready.

Shannon Trembly

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Writer, Band Manager

Vocally, Shannon has a wide range of pursuits. At times sounding very country, and at times pushing the dynamics of his voice to the breaking point. His vocal influences range from George Strait to Waylon Jennings, but has some small influences for the pop side with the writing and vocal styles of Peter Cetera.

Guitar, his style is a bit hard to describe until you understand that we used to be a four piece band with one guitar and he had to pull lead, embellishments, and rhythm and do vocals. He comes off as a lead player doing rhythm, which seems to be where he's most comfortable.

He carries that style right into his own take on walking bass lines, to add a unique blend for the tunes that he is the bass player on.

His signature sound is a Marshall single 12, that we line out into the board. His electric of choice is an Mexican Fender Telecaster, in burgundy but has been known to play his old red Squire Telecaster now owned by bass player, Aric.

On his acoustic, his unique style of fingerpicking and strumming adds so much depth with his six string Alvarez.

Part Of Your World by False Hope

Written by Shannon, this song was one of two songs actually inspired by Shannon's dog. While self-explanatory, this song is about the struggle of a shy person getting the attention of the one they hope to court. And whether or not it works out, it is a thanks for allowing that person to become, Part Of Your World.

Shannon - rhythm guitar, vocals

Chris - drum programming, and all other recording and sequencing duties.

Aric - lead guitar, harmony vocals

Chris "Mozzaratti" Keith

Keyboard, Vocals, Treasurer, Recording Engineer

"Mozz" is Aric's younger brother. Chris and Aric were born on January 6th, within mere hours of being exactly six years apart.

Brought on with Cedaridge when the rhythm guitar player quit, as a filler, it turns out he added so much more depth. If it weren't for his musings on the keys, all of FH Band says we wouldn't be who we are.

Actually billed as a composer, not a musician, he is more at home at his home studio, sequencing new creations or taking part in the game remix community.

His special blend has pushed our boundries so far back it can't be imagined where we would be without his talent, from the bagpipes, to saxophone, organ, string swells, and piano, his keys are simply his artwork. He also has the tough job of making sure we stay in time on the recordings as well as the mix down and currently the mastering of our tracks.

His stage setup consists of simply a Casio stereo keyboard. But in the studio he won't hardly use anything but his NEKO. With good reason of course!

With recent prodding FH has helped him be more comfortable with his voice and he has been pulling some vocal duty himself.

He is the youngest member unless Arica is singing with us.

This is one of his more popular pieces from YouTube

Aric "Keystone" Keith

Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Internet PR, Sound Tech, Repair

Sometimes adding too much fluff to the mix can be a good thing. Aric pushes hard to make sure the music sounds and feels full without loosing the dancability of the music. Brought into Cedaridge when the original bass player had to quit, he has tried to stay focused on that point, but originally being a guitarist was hard to put down.

Damaging his hands with floorcovering and car audio, through tendonitis, he could no longer play the heavy drones and scorching leads he used to. He had actually put down his signature Aria Pro II for almost 10 years when he got the phone call.

Of course now he has contracted a new disease of sorts, an addiction called G.A.S. or Guitar Aquisition Syndrome (according to guitar guru Ed Roman ) He is currently seeking a sponsorship by his favorite three small luthiers/importers, Raven's West, Dillion, or Aria, which ever comes first. Four basses, and nearly ten guitars later, it still isn't enough.

He plays through a Peavey bass head and a 2X15 cabinet for the bass and a Peavey Bandit 1X12 (an older one with the Sheffield driver), or a Behringer 2500 and a Behrigner 4X12 cabinet for the loud stuff, but he rarely uses the guitar amp, he runs direct through a Digitech GnX4, but it is far cry from the old RP-10 that got fried from the heat, on the driveway of the firestation during a fundraising gig. He uses two Zoom pedals for backup that are nick named Abner and Zoltar.

His fluffy bass and heavily "Van Halen"-ish blues riffs cause False Hope to be a very versatile band for sure, though he can't get the gothic metal and Death metal out of his system and has a hard time keeping the fusion metal and Satriani, Johnson, Vai, and his numerous years of Christian metal guitar players like Rex Carroll, Troy Thompson, Ken Tamplin, Jeff Sheetz, Scott Van Zen, Tony Palacios and Lanny Cordolla from edging in. Though his lifelong influence has been Stu Heiss of Rez Band.

Of course recently has been pushing to get his once very wide dynamic vocal range back, well, most of it anyway, he is turning out a few songs of his own for a fake band in an upcoming new podcast.

Allen Myrick

Drums, Comic Relief

Just a short time ago, we were afraid that his seven years without a drum set might have made for a recipe of self destruction, but it only made him more determined. The son of a house band club drummer, he already had big shoes to fill, then with the mystique of Ray Hunter's shoes after the band's past as Cedaridge, and Aric's son biting at the bit to take over the kit, but being too young for the club scene, Allen really had too much on his plate.

But he stepped up to the challenge, and he sounds like he has been in road bands all his life.

His bantor on his microphone, batting playful insults back and forth with guitarist John Paine, and introducing songs from the list has become an anticipated part of our show.

His five piece Tama, combined with Zildjian and Paiste cymbals, has helped to shape our sound into something beyond what we had anticipated.

Baby Soldier by False Hope

An unpolished but fairly completed version of a song written about the tragedy that is the child soldiers of third world countries.

Music and lyrics written by Robbie Brusberg

All music performed by Shannon and Chris

John Paine

Guitar, Vocals, Comic Relief

Couple his outgoing personality and his flair for being a perfectionist, False Hope rehearsals are rare that we don't hear "From the top." coming from the stage right section. Whether we want to admit it or not, he is probably a huge reason that we are succeeding right now. We do a song until we have the kinks worked out, or until it starts getting worse.

His vocals are the most unique of the band, mostly because he has to have his mix so wet with heavy reverb, and that he is the only one of us that has a wireless microphone, and it can't possibly be mixed correctly for a seamless blend with the other mics.

Also, his Line6 amplifier offers his modeling Fender Stratocaster or his Zakk Wylde signature Gibson yet another unique sound for the band, making False Hope come alive.

His appeal comes off even more to the fans because of his uncanny ability to pull off exact leads for our more popular cover songs from the Eagles and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

He is also our oldest member.

False Hope's Frequent Guests

Occationally appearing on our stage

Ray Hunter - Cedaridge's band leader and drummer, helped us out for the sound on one gig by setting up a second kit. He has been known to peek in or play at rehearsals or even sit in on a gig or two.

Sherry Hunter - Cedaridge's female vocals sat in for the anniversary of Cedaridge's final concert and still pulled off two of her songs, without even coming to a practice! In essence, we put Cedaridge back together after a full year for two songs. It was cool, and we hope to do it again in the future.

Arica Keith - Aric's daughter has sung for one of our venues and will probably sing on occasion for more. The Black Fender P-bass that Aric plays on stage at most venues is actually hers, but she hasn't learned to play it yet.

Doug Ketcher - A long time freind of most of the band, Aric and Shannon probably have known him a touch longer. He and Aric go back to the 5th grade together and were in the mini-trucker and bass head scenes in high school. Even though Doug and Shannon also go back to about that time.

Doug is a big fan of the boogie style of blues/country/rock and if he plays with us more, would probably bring a heavy Travis Tritt sound to the band. His guitar style is along the same lines as Shannon's but not as country-ish, more rock-ish.

Brian Sisco tried us out after his own band went south because of a ruined marriage. His divorce issues and subsequent remarriage left us wondering what happened. His style would have pushed us to the top, and he had road experience and management, but it was not meant to be. He sat in on one practice/recording session and hasn't been back.

A much anticipated entry to the band and could have possibly been an understudy, so that we could have played more even when someone is sick.

What other songs could we play? What bands might we not have heard of in our genre?

What More Would You Like To See About False Hope?

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    • captainj88 profile image

      Leah J. Hileman 

      6 years ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

      Guardian, especially stuff from the "Swing, Swang, Swung" album :) Great lens, nice to meet other musicians on Squidoo.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Its been a while since I've been here, so just popping in to make sure this featured link was still working, it is!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Mozz...Let the Neko sing out loud...John

    • delia-delia profile image


      8 years ago

      Great talent in writing, singing and playing...I wish you the best!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Could get inta ya.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This is very coll, thanks.

    • religions7 profile image


      9 years ago

      Great lens - you've been blessed by a squidoo angel :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      May False Hope be a dream come true for all of you! I'm Tipi's sister and not a member of Squidoo, but I do enjoy visiting interesting lenses that she features or recommends.

    • sittonbull profile image


      9 years ago

      Sounds like you guys have the core for a cool run for the roses. I hope everything jells for you and the gigs that you want materialize real soon. I know it takes chemistry and passion to make it in any venture, but being heard and promoed by the right people is the "break" we all need for success. All the best of luck to you and I'll be looking for your music posts here or wherever you direct us to look. 5*s, fanned and faved.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      "False Hope" rings a bell! Hey, there's CleanerLife who introduced on on Twitter, thanks CleanerLife! (can I do that on here?:) - A Veteran! < I'll be getting back to you on that, I'm honored! God Bless You! - Susie

      Love this lens!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I wish you luck, the band sounds very interesting! I hope you can post a short clip of the band performing to give us a better idea of how you sound.

    • CCGAL profile image


      9 years ago

      What a cool page! 5* and a Fav (and a Tweet). I can identify with Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, although mine has evolved into Musical Instrument Acquisition Syndrome. Which makes me realize that could be my next lens, LOL. I enjoyed your music on the 61 dot com site, and found this page from a link there. Good Job!


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