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Famous Movie Flat Top Hair Cuts

Updated on March 29, 2014

Everyone loves a great flat top

This page celebrates the best flat tops of the movies over the last half century (since the flat top was invented, thereabouts. Have a look. Remember these iconic characters. Go down to the poll and vote for your favorite. get a clipper and cut a few yourself. there is lots to learn and enjoy here in the world of flat tops.

This guy here is not in a movie. he is not a celebrity. he just has a great flat top and a great head and face for the flat top he has got.

This flat top is a great way to start off a page on flat tops. There are many different flat tops... I have another page full of them. Take a look there for more general flat top info... stay here for famous flat tops in the world of cinema.

The list of Flat Tops

  • Michael Douglas - Falling Down
  • Dolph Lundgren - Rocky III
  • Tom hanks - Forrest Gump
  • John Travolta - Broken Arrow
  • Val Kilmer - Top Gun
  • Tom Skeret - Top Gun
  • Ed Harris - Apollo 13
  • Duke Nukem
  • Val Kilmer - Thunderheart
  • Bridgette Nielsen - Rocky III
  • Johnny Unitas - No movie - But a flat top icon!

Michael Douglas

as William Foster

Having a bad day? A guy not to be messed with a hair cut not to be messed with. This is a classic 50's to 60's looking flattop. The movie represented a later time period, but the guy and his classic flat top were specifically looking to look retro... and it works.

Falling Down - Buy the dvd

Dolph Lundgren

as Ivan Drago

The ultimate Russian villain i Rocky IV wore an awesome flat top. The wife had one, too! His famous quote, below. This is the ultimate 1980s flat top interpretation. The Russians were the bad guys and the flat top was a symbol of a cold war ear and military severity. it worked well on the character and in the film.

I will break you!

Rocky IV - Buy the novie

Cut a flat top - You will need a good clipper

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Tom Hanks

as Forrest Gump

Maybe the biggest star of them all. Another depiction from the golden age of flat tops. He had different hair at different points in the film as time wen ton... but the flat top is the gumpiest of them all. You cannot get more Gump than Gump and the flat top was an iconic part of the character and the movie. Tom Hanks is a HUGE star and This is not the only time he has appeared on film with the look.

John Travolta

as Vic "Deak" Deakins

Broken Arrow was the movie. Travolta as a bad guy. Good role. Even better hair. Yup. Travolta rocks this look very well. Hair has been a big part of his persona in many of his films... think Saturday Night fever, Think Pulp Fiction. Travolta and hair is like Travolta and dancing. Just a part of the image and the celebrity.

Broken Arrow - Buy the movie

Val Kilmer

as Iceman

Top gun gives us two great flat tops to choose from. What would you expect in a military themed film? There should be a few more... Kilmer also rocks a hair driven role as Jim Morrison in the Doors film... albeit a far cry form a tough looking flat top. Much longer look there. I prefer the flat top look for him. I prefer the music from Top Gun, too.

Tom Skerret

as Mike "Viper" Metcalf

The second of two from Top Gun. This guy looked great with this cut. When he talks, you listen. Call sign Viper. In this pic he clearly needs some styling gel or wax, but in other scenes in the film he is rocking a clean and crispy flat top. He is the perfect hard a** guy to rock a flat top.

Line and edge up that flat top - You will need a good trimmer

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Ed Harris

as Gene Krantz

Apollo 13 - action and suspense... and a great flat top at a time that is rightfully to be considered the golden age of the flat top. Wasn't Tom Hanks in this film, too? Did he have a flat top for this one? Perhaps he should have. Perfect cut for the time frame. perfect cut for the job and the era of heroes.

Apollo 13 - Buy the movie

Duke Nukem

as Duke Nukem

Not a real guy, but an animated flat top is still a great flat top to appreciate and pay homage to. Yes. This one rocks, too. Even animated tough guys have animated flat tops. I really like this one. I even have a toy Duke on my desk on my office just to admire the discipline and rigidity of the look.

Buy the game - Play the game

Val Kilmer

as Ray Levoi

Thunderheart - FBI drama set on an Indian reservation The only guy to make our list twice. Another great flat top role. From federal agent to fighter pilot and back again. Kilmer KILLS the flat top look in every instance.

Thunderheart - Buy the movie

This is a Flattopper... - You need one of these...

The one and only Brain Drumm Flattopper flattop cutting tool.  Used by pros to knock in a flattop shape... then polish it freehand.
The one and only Brain Drumm Flattopper flattop cutting tool. Used by pros to knock in a flattop shape... then polish it freehand.

Bridgette Nielsen

as Ludmilla Drago

The only female to make our list. Happy to have her here. Add a bit of length to the front edge, it is still a flat top and definitely worth mentioning. We need more strong female characters with strong hair. The flat top suits her well.

Rocky IV - Buy the movie

Johnny Unitas

as Johnny Unitas

Not a movie flat top icon but one of the biggest flat top icons of them all. Needs a spot on this list. The list would not be complete without him. On the sports flat top list you will also find Howie Long, Mark Grace and Mr. Ditka. All big stars. All rock excellent flat tops.

Pick a favorite flat top - Which do you like the best?

Vote for your favorite iconic flat top

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What do you think?

Flat top - still relevant or a piece of history?

Put in your flat top 2 cents here - Please add your flat top comments

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Myb usband made me wear a short male flattop hairstyle. At first I though it awful. Every ten days I got clippered again. It's been a few years now and I got used to it.

      I learned that many men find it sexy to see me. I usually wear dramtically big golden ear ornaments with it