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Fast shopping for Xmas or any time

Updated on January 23, 2011

If Santa can't be counted on

And you still want some great gifts, not junk.

And you want to support a good cause.

And you want to save some money...

Then maybe these will help. 

I built this page a few years ago, but my intent remains the same: there's some great stuff to buy online, it's not all junk. Have fun. (All my royalties from this page go to the Acumen Fund.

Giant Book Boxed Sets - The next big thing

They weigh more than thirty pounds each. Shipping is free. Your friends don't already have a copy! They're perfect for people who don't even read.

Comic books on DVD - Including the ads for Sea Monkeys

X-Men 2 United DVD & X-Men Ultimate Comic Book Bundle Collection on CD
X-Men 2 United DVD & X-Men Ultimate Comic Book Bundle Collection on CD


Ultimate X-Men is the wildly successful relaunch that jettisons over forty years of continuity and sets the clock back to the beginning for Marvel's first group of mutant super heroes. This is a fresh start for the X-Men that begins when they're still teenagers just becoming a part of Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters and chronicles their new first encounters with Magneto, the Sentin...

Graphic Imaging Tech. 44 Years Of Fantastic Four DVD
Graphic Imaging Tech. 44 Years Of Fantastic Four DVD

The 44 Years Of Fantastic Four DVD lets you revisit and relive the wild adventures of the Fantasic Four -- the First Family of superheroes! This collection brings together almost every Fantastic Four comic ever printed - from the first issue in 1961 through December of 2004. Watch them keep each other alive as grow into a family, while doing things no human before them could: Travelling to alien planets, mapping new dimensions, getting involved in interstellar wars and so much more.

Marvel Comics Captain America Complete Collectors Edition
Marvel Comics Captain America Complete Collectors Edition

Captain America: The Complete Collection lets you experience the amazing adventures of Captain America, the Sentinel Of Liberty! During World War II, a skinny & sickly teenager named Steve Rogers was rejected by the Army. Desperate to fight the Nazis, he volunteered for a dangerous top-secret project: Operation Rebirth. The experiment turned small, weak Steve Rogers into America's first super-soldier. He fought the Axis for years, but was thought dead in an Arctic explosion. His enhanced body su...

MARVEL Comics 3 Pack Bundle - Hulk, Spider-Man & Captain America Collectors Editions
MARVEL Comics 3 Pack Bundle - Hulk, Spider-Man & Captain America Collectors Editions


1. Amazing Spider-Man Complete Comic Book Collection Win/Mac DVD-ROM

Amazing Spider-Man: Revisit and relive every Amazing Spider-Man comic book ever printed covering over 43 years. Including the mind-blowing 12 Milestones of Amazing Spider-Man spanning March 1963 through June 2006. A total of over 575 complete comic books including Annuals, all articles, Spider-Web column pages, Bullpen Bulletins, Pi...

The Incredible Hulk DVD Movie PLUS Marvel's Complete Hulk Comic Book Collection on DVD-ROM (Bundle)
The Incredible Hulk DVD Movie PLUS Marvel's Complete Hulk Comic Book Collection on DVD-ROM (Bundle)

Incredible Hulk: The Complete Collection DVD brings together more than four decades of adventures that star a classic superhero. Nuclear physicist Bruce Banner created a new kind of nuclear explosive, the Gamma Bomb. On its first test, he was caught in the blast - but instead of being killed he was turned into a dark, distorted version of himself. He was transformed from a skinny, brilliant weakling to a brutish mountain of super-strong muscle. For 40 years, the Hulk's adventures thrilled audien...

Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Professional Headphone
Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Professional Headphone

Near-electrostatic performance in a dynamic headphone Velvet-soft ear pads Ultra-wide dynamic range for pure sonic clarity Bass-tube venting for authentically deep bass Kevlar reinforced cable Unprecedented frequency response that is comparable to electrostatic performance Experience accurately natural and spatial sounds

Shure E5c Sound Isolating Earphones
Shure E5c Sound Isolating Earphones

Shure E5c Sound Isolating Earphones - The E5c is the top-of-the-line model of this prestigious series, offering the richest possible listening experience. Dual high energy micro-speakers capture the high- and low-frequencies, while an in-line electronic crossover separates these outputs. You can hear your music like never before, where subtle details are brought forward for a lush, complete stereo listening experience. Input Connector - 3.5 mm (1/8) gold-plated stereo plug Includes case Shure 2-...


George Carlin!

George Carlin: All My Stuff
George Carlin: All My Stuff

This 14-disc career retrospective set includes all twelve of George Carlin s HBO concert specials, spanning nearly thirty years. One of the greatest comedians of our time performs all of his memorable routines including: Baseball and Football, A Place for My Stuff, Losing Things, Al Sleet the Hippie-Dippie Weather Man, Hitler, We Like War, It s Not A Sport, Why We Don't Need Ten Commandments and Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.Two bonus discs round out this collection: an interview disc titled George on George and an exclusive 75 minute video interview with Carlin that was taped in April of 2007 as part of XM Radio s Artist Confidential series.George Carlin: All My Stuff includes performances such as:On Location: George Carlin At USC 77 George Carlin Again! 78 Carlin At Carnegie 82 Carlin On Campus 84Playing With Your Head 86What Am I Doing In New Jersey? 88Doin It Again 90Jammin In New York 92Back In Town 96You Are All Diseased 99Complaints and Grievances 01Life Is Worth Losing 05


Jack Kirby!

Kirby: King of Comics
Kirby: King of Comics

He's the king, always will be.



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