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Brenda's Favorite Movies

Updated on October 9, 2014

A List Of My Favorite Movies For You

Challenged to put together a list of my favorite movies, I knew it would be a struggle. I rarely watch a movie twice because there are so many other movies available that I have not seen. However, when I put my mind to it or rather when I put pen to paper, I discovered that there are a few movies that I would call a favorite movie. That does not mean that I have watched them over and over but rather that I really enjoyed them and that I have fond memories of them.

My movie tastes have been influenced, naturally, by my life. I have two teenage boys which means that for the last eighteen years or so, my movies choices have often been based on the fact that we were watching movies as a family. Because of that fact, you will find a couple of family movies and a number of action and adventure movies on my list. You will also find a couple of old classics and a couple of romantic comedies, which reflect the fact that I am a woman who loves those movies, too. My list of favourite movies turned out to be an eclectic list which will have you travelling the world, from New York to France to Scotland and back again.

Most of the movies on this page just happen to be available on blu-ray. That is a reflection on the fact that my interest in movies has only come about lately and, therefore, many of my favorites have been released on blu-ray. All of them are, however, also available on DVD if that is your preference.

I hope that you enjoy reading the recommendations on this page which include brief reviews, movie trailers and links to more reading about most of the movies. At the end of the page you will be able to give me YOUR recommendations and add YOUR favorite movies. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Batman: The Dark Knight

Batman: The Dark Knight
Batman: The Dark Knight | Source

Batman: The Dark Knight Movie Trailer

My Batman Review in 100 Words or Less

A Batman movie review in 100 words or less PLUS a link to our family review of The Dark Knight.

Yes, I loved Batman: The Dark Knight. I did not love it at the movie theatre but I loved it at home. It was beautiful (I know a unique choice of words for Batman) on our new HDTV television and blu-ray player. I am sure that I took more away from this movie when I watched it the second time in the comfort of our home theatre. This is a dark movie, suitable perhaps for mature high schoolers and not for young children.

Order Your Copy of The Dark Knight from Amazon

Chocolat Movie

Chocolat Movie
Chocolat Movie | Source

Chocolat Movie Trailer

My Chocolat Review in 100 Words or Less

Chocolat is one of my favorite movies of all time. It was nominated for five Academy Awards which included Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. It featured great talent, chocolat and romance with the likes of my favorite actor, JOHNNY DEPP plus Judi Dench, Juliette Binoche, Alfred Molina and Lena Olin.

Definitely a romantic picture, it features a young woman travelling with her daughter and struggling for acceptance of her unusual ways. She opens a lovely chocolat shop in a small rural town in France and is eventually embraced by many of the townspeople. She befriends a group of drifters with one very interesting young man amongst them, Johnny Depp.

Order Your Copy of Chocolat from Amazon

French Kiss

French Kiss Movie
French Kiss Movie | Source

French Kiss

French Kiss Movie Review in 100 Words or Less.

When this movie came out, my husband and I had two children under five and we struggled to go to the movie theatre to see it, but we failed. When it came out on DVD, we waited to see it together but once again our young children and his work travel schedule, conspired against us and we failed again. Finally, when he was out of town, I watched it on my own. I did not realize that he had really wanted to watch it with ME and that made the fact that it was a phenomenal romantic comedy, one of my favorite movies, even worse.

A young woman (Meg Ryan) is ditched by her fianc in favor of a beautiful French lady. In an effort to win her boyfriend back, she heads to Paris. She winds up working with a French thief (Kevn Kline) who tries to help her get her boyfriend back. Of course, nothing works out as planned and they find themselves changed in the most unexpected ways.

Order Your Copy of French Kiss from Amazon


Ratatouille Movie
Ratatouille Movie | Source

Official Ratatouille Movie Trailer

Ratatouille Movie Review in 100 Words or Less

Who would ever have thought a movie about a rat in the kitchen would be so wonderful? Not me. Nor would I have thought I would have an animated movie on my list of favorite movies but, Remy sure was persuasive. This movie was delightful with good food, good music and a fun story and so, it makes my list.

The story line, in case you are not familiar with this movie, is that of a rat (Remy) who wants to be a famous chef but of course, rats are not welcome in the kitchen. He joins forces with a young man in the kitchen and together they cook their way to success.

The Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz
Wizard of Oz | Source

The Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary Edition Trailer

A Wizard of Oz Movie Review in 100 Words or Less

Anyone of my generation grew up with The Wizard of Oz and, if you were like our family, you watched it every year, once a year when it appeared on your local television network. The story is a classic musical that was on my list before there was a list.

While I haven't had the opportunity to view The Wizard of Oz yet on blu-ray, I was excited when it was announced that it would be released on that format and thrilled to hear the positive reviews of the blu-ray release when it did become available. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to view it in blu-ray before too long.

Order Your Copy of The Wizard of Oz From Amazon

More Movies That Are On My Favorite Movie List

Here are four more of my favourite movies that I have yet to write up for this page but that are definitely amongst my favorites. I have chosen to feature the blu-ray versions here where available but of course, with the exception of the last film, they are all available on DVD, too.

Star Trek (Three-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray]
Star Trek (Three-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray]
Star Trek, the 2009 movie, was definitely an amazing movie and makes my list, placing quite high in fact. When we left the theatre, I remember thinking that this may well have been one of the best movies I have ever seen. You can read my full review at Star Trek Blu-ray Movie Review 2009.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [Blu-ray]
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [Blu-ray]
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is one of the Harry Potter movies that I really enjoyed because I appreciated the humour and the teenage angst that was woven throughout the story. True Harry Potter fans might enjoy visiting my page about the amazing Harry Potter Clue and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Trivia Game which includes a free Harry Potter quiz.
Julie & Julia [Blu-ray]
Julie & Julia [Blu-ray]
Julie and Julia is one of my favorite food movies. It is another movie that, despite high anticipation, we took forever to see and I cannot blame having young children this time. In the end, the wait was worth it and I really enjoyed this movie, especially the comedic aspects.I read the book of the same name and you can click right here to read my book review.
Legend of Loch Lomond (Large Format)
Legend of Loch Lomond (Large Format)
I'm betting that most of you have not heard of this, the final movie on my list. The Legend of Loch Lomond is actually and technically not a movie. It is an Imax presentation that is out-of-the-ordinary for Imax and I would call it more of a docu-drama.The Amazon description reads, "There is one Scottish song known the world over that touches the heart of all who hear it -- Loch Lomond -- but while many know the song, few know the legend behind it. Set on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond in breathtaking Scotland, Legend of Loch Lomond is the dramatic ghostly love story of a brave eighteenth century Highlander and his lovely sweetheart, cruelly separated by war but reunited in the modern day by a beautiful young singer who inadvertently becomes entangled in their tale."I would add that the beautiful scenery and music haunt me to this day.

Recent Movies

Do Alice in Wonderland and Avatar make my favorite movie list?

I had the opportunity recently to see two 3D movies ~~ Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and Avatar and I would like to say that I am adding them to my favorite movie list. However, I am not.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland was beautifully done and entertaining and I do recommend watching it if you are a Tim Burton, Johnny Depp or Alice in Wonderland fan. However, I do not think the story was good enough to make my list even though I do know that Alice in Wonderland is not a plot-driven story.


Avatar was also beautifully done. I believe that it managed to surpass Alice in Wonderland because the story was very engaging and, very importantly, because I managed to FORGET that it was a 3D movie and simply enjoy the story. So why am I NOT adding it to my list of favorite movies? I can honestly say that I am not sure...and that is enough to keep me from adding it. Maybe one day when I watch it in 2D I will reassess that decision.

Final Thoughts

I am curious and my list of movies to watch is growing. What types of movies do you like? What would you recommend to me based on what you have learned about me here on this page?

© 2010 Treasures By Brenda


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