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Favorite Scenes from Favorite Movies

Updated on September 10, 2014

Movie Clips that Keep You Coming Back

Do you have some movies that you will watch over and over again? I do. There are some movies in my collections that I never get tired of seeing. Some I enjoy for the humor- I love to laugh; some I like for the action and suspense; and some I like for the emotion and romance. Most of the movie clips I would like to share with you will feature some very well known actors- Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne, Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. However one of the movies may be totally unfamiliar to you and I hope that you will have the opportunity to view it because it is hilarious! So sit back and relax and get ready to laugh, cry and get excited.


Favorite Chase Scene in a Western

John Wayne Rides a Stick

Searching for a good movie to watch a while back and I came upon this old 1934 western featuring a young John Wayne. It was about an old prospector who is about to get cheated out of his ranch and gold claim by an unscrupulous land assayer. John Wayne plays his young friend and partner. Of course, there is a pretty girl (the granddaughter, who is just coming back from school to live with her grandpa). There is a LOT of action in the film and it kept me really entertained. I thought the horses were going to collapse from all of the riding that was going on.

My favorite scene in the movie was a real surprise- something I hadn't seen before. John Wayne chases the bad guy who had robbed the banker, leaving the old man in jail accused of the crime. During the chase, John is knocked off his horse, runs after the bad guy on foot, gets to an aqueduct, finds a branch and rides on the stick down the aqueduct to jump on and catch the bad guy! WOW! What a chase scene- Indiana Jones, you have nothing on him! See for yourself!

John Wayne Rides a STICK Down an Aqueduct!

Favorite Movies

the kiss
the kiss

Favorite Love Scene in a Movie

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves Get Close and Personal

Something about having chemistry between the lead actors that makes a movie believable. One of my favorite romantic "chick flicks" is "The Lake House." The incredible premise of this story is that two people connect despite a two-year time difference separating them. Yes. You have to see the entire movie to "get it."

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, two of my favorite stars, somehow manage to develop a relationship with each other through letters that they write to each other and place in the mailbox outside the lake house.

As their relationship develops, he discovers who she is and manages to meet her in her past (his present). The occasion is a surprise birthday party that Sandra's fiancee throws for her despite her objections. While she is sitting alone on the back porch, Keanu starts a conversation with her that ends in a slow, sensual dance. The chemistry between them is palpable and as they hold each other close and the camera moves from one's facial expressions to the other's, the anticipation of a kiss between them is a nail biter. Exquisite scene!

The Lake House Dance Scene- Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves- Feel the Chemistry!

lovers' quarrel
lovers' quarrel

Favorite Lovers' Quarrel

Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler

One movie that I do not tire of seeing is "P.S. I Love You." It is funny, sad and hopeful. It is a movie about a love that goes on beyond the grave. No, it is not a horror film, but it is about a husband who helps his wife overcome the numbness and despair that enters her life after his premature death.

This movie has so many good scenes that it is hard to pick one to share with you. I love the touching scene where Hilary plays the phone message machine over and over again to hear his voice. The "make up" scene where Gerard does a partial strip tease and ends up getting hit with his suspender clip is priceless. And then there is the karaoke scene where Hilary ends up in the emergency room --- hilarious!

The movie opens up with the clip I want to share with you. It just, for me, represents how people who truly love each other sometimes have the stupidest arguments over nothing. It is so funny because it is so typical of the arguments that men and women have. Watch and see if you agree!

P.S. I Love You- Hilary Swank and Gerald Butler in a Hilarious and Typical Lover's Quarrel

The Gods Must Be Crazy
The Gods Must Be Crazy

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Slapstick Clips

If you have never seen "The Gods must be Crazy" and are in the mood for a movie that makes you laugh, you must watch it. This movie kept me and my family laughing the whole time. "Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay," we kept quoting afterwards- too funny!

This movie is great to watch not only for the unfamiliar (to us) setting - South Africa- but for the hilarious sequence of events. It ties together various events that are going on simultaneously- a reporter craving the simpler life, a scientist studying animal habitats, a band of rebel guerillas and of course, the little man from the Kalahari dessert trying to return the unwanted gift from the gods (a coke bottle that fell down from the sky and created chaos among their family tribe).

There are so many funny scenes that it is almost impossible to select just one. You have to watch the scene where the city dwellers adjust their habits to the time clock- so funny because it is so true. Watch the scientist trying to pull his jeep out of the water; trying to explain the rhino stamping out the fire and not to mention the wonderful slapstick sequence of the little man driving the jeep backward. The sequence I'd like to share with you is the scientist driving to pick up the new school teacher in a jeep which he cannot turn off or it will not start again. He must get out of it to open a gate without letting it stall out. Too funny- ay, ay, ay, ay, ay!

NO BRAKE! Hilarious scene from The Gods Must be Crazy!

Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan
Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan

Favorite Sad Movie Clip

Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan in "The Kid'

The genius of Charlie Chaplin was the ability to make people laugh or cry. The sincerity and reality of his portrayals rang true in his films. One of the best in my opinion was "The Kid," a silent film released in 1921. This movie developed the story of how "The Tramp" finds the baby (who had been abandoned by his mother), tries to free himself of the baby (in a hilarious sequence involving a street cop) and finally raises the child as his own.

How he and the Kid survive in the streets and form an unbreakable bond is a masterpiece.

Eventually the birth mother finds her son and wants him back. This clip that I would like to share with you is the emotional scene where they try to take the kid away and Charlie fights to prevent them from taking him away.

Where's the tissue box?

The Kid- Charlie fights for his kid!

What is your all time favorite Love Scene? Chase Scene? Sad Scene? Lover's Quarrel Scene? Funny Slapstick Scene?

Thanks for sharing!

Favorite Movie Clips

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