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My Favorite TV Show

Updated on December 30, 2013

I will tell you mine...

If you will share with me yours. :-)

Hi everyone! Been awhile since I have been inspired to write on anything. So, when I saw that the challenge was for doing an article on my favorite tv show. I like "Breaking Bad" too.

But my all time favorite is...(Ready for this?) Drum roll please....( dadadadadada) Criminal Minds. We were watching it on Cable TV channel A&E and on ION Tv, and now the newest season on CBS.

I will tell you about the characters and the impact they bring to the show, or at least what I think they bring to the show. I will start off with A.J. Cook who plays Jennifer Jareau on Criminal Minds. She is the one that gets them moving to whatever crime scene they are off to.

This series is bound to get you hooked just like it did for me. Criminal Minds has been on the air since 2005 and they are now in season 9. And it seems like just yesterday I was waiting patiently for season 6 to start.

I hope you enjoy my little synopsis of â Criminal Mindsâ and I canât wait to see what your favorite show might be.

This Character Gets Them On The Move - Actress A.J. Cook

Jennifer J areau
Jennifer J areau

She is the heart of the FBI's hub! Well at least one of them. JJ gets the team up in the air and on the move when ever there are crimes that need to be solved.

This TV Series is depicting how the FBI (BAU) in Quantico, Virginia runs. It shows them getting information in regards to how they analyze the data they collect. The BAU stands for Behavioral Analysis Unit, they study the minds of the criminally insane, and convicted criminals.

If you haven't seen them you can own them. - Amazon has the show you want to see.

It is the Boy Genius - Actor Matthew Gray Gubler

Know as Dr, Spencer Reid, he is the boy wonder that rattles off useful information off the top of his head. Just as his character he comes from Las Vegas Nevada. As Spencer he is a know it all, and can remember information that some would say is not important, but Dr. Spencer Reid finds everything useful. The most amazing part is how he can recall the information as if it were right there in thin air.

Matthew has also directed five episodes of "Criminal Minds". They are "Mosley Lane", "Lauren". "Heathridge Manor". "The Lesson". "Alchemy". With his boy band hair cut he brings Tommy Hillfiger straight into the series.

Supervisory Special Agent - Aaron Hotchner - Actor Thomas Gibson

How many of you remember Dharma & Greg. Yes it is Greg the attorney turned FBI agent, Aaron Hotchner. I liked him as the attorney then too. In "Criminal Minds" he keeps every one busy doing their jobs. He even references himself as an attorney in one of the episodes.

Thomas Gibson brings a certain jen ne se qua to the series.Thomas started acting when he was 10 years old so he brings experience to the series. I am not crazy about how they kill off his wife in the series and then brought her back as an international adversary just to kill her again. But I did not write the show, so I will keep those comments to myself. I have not put my finger on it but I am working on figuring out just what it is that he has, well that will be for a different lens.

Derek Morgan" - Actor Shemar Moore

The Computer Whiz - Penelope Garcia - Actress Kirsten Vangsness

Penelope "The hacker" is the go to girl whenever they need information looked up. My idol, no not really. But my boyfriend has always said I can find any thing you want on the internet too.

Kirsten plays a brainy-sexy-tech who brings her own style to work, and she dances to her own tune. As Penelope she is the HUB of the communication for the BAU.

Kirsten graduated from California State University of Fullerton Theater & Dance. She also writes and has been published in the Los Angeles Times Magazine.

It must be in the blood..

Not only do I like these types of tv shows, I come from a long line of being around the Justice System. Growing up with my mom working at the courthouse and my step dad has worked for the DEA. To my son now studying in college Criminal Justice.

So I have told you mine. Now your turn to tell me yours. You can have more than one, I just happen to like this one the best for suspense, and action. I also like The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Charmed, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, CSI - New York ( I think I am kinda hooked on the crime scene investigation ones, do you see a theme here?) I look forward to your comments.,

Criminal Minds is One of My Favorite TV Shows - What is your favorite TV Show?

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    • MarathonRunning profile image

      Martina 4 years ago from Croatia, Europe

      Nice review. It's a pity that Garcia picture is missing because she is so cute and very original.

      I was addicted to that kind of series, but I try to avoid them now. All that blood and viciousness make me feel nauseous.