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My Favourite Top 10 Anime Girls

Updated on August 23, 2017

And it goes like these..

In anime, there are many types of girl whom are beautiful. Some are cute while others may be violent. As girls, have you every admire them and wanted to be like them? As for guys, have you ever wished to date with this type of girls. Well, maybe some are not your type but I am sure there is bound to be ONE that you would date. So, are you ready to read through my list of My Favourite Top 10 Anime Girls?


Kuroyukihime is one of the characters in Accel World. She is known to be the most BEAUTIFUL girl in the anime. Every guy has proposed to her but she rejected every single one of them. Kuroyukihime has long silky black hair and shimmering red eyes. She is a very kind and calm person but sometimes she might get jealous and angry as well. She is also a very gutsy person and she can risk her life to save the main character of Accel World, Haruyuki.

Her characteristics, personality and style is what I like best about her. That is why she is one of my favourite character among all the anime I have watched.

Kuroyukihime & her Avatar

Kuroyukihime & her Avatar
Kuroyukihime & her Avatar

Wow! High Society!

Every guy has proposed to her but she rejected every single one of them.

Erza Scarlet

Strongest wizard in Fairy Tail! Most people is afraid of Erza Scarlet. One of my favourite character in Fairy Tail. With long red hair and always wearing armor, she has the power to change equipment and armor whenever she likes. Erza has been suffering until she meets Natsu and the Fairy Tail members who help her ease her pain. Her fighting spirit is one that everyone wishes to have. She is willing to die for her friend and guild members as well. Erza is a model of a true Wizard and Warrior.



Nico Robin

Nico robin, Archaeologist of the strawhat pirate in One Piece. Beautiful and intelligent. Nico has a dangerous and powerful smell. She has long raven hair during the pre-time while in the post time, she has longer black hair. Robin is the most calm and intelligent within the strawhat members. Luffy, the main character of One Piece has change her life and Robin has a great time with her friends and was trying to protect them too. To me, she is beautiful and bright like a flower . I wanted to be just as intelligent and as calm as Nico.

Robin: Pre-Time & Post-Time

Robin: Pre-Time & Post-Time
Robin: Pre-Time & Post-Time


Nami also another member of the strawhat pirate crew. She is the navigator. She loves money more than anyone. That was because of a traumatic experience when she was 8 years old when Arlong invaded her town. Nami had been a loyal friend and she wanted to protect Luffy and her friends. In one of the One Piece movie ; Strong World, Nami had believed in her friends. She tried her best to fight until the end, waiting for her friends and never betraying them. A great friend, reliable but loves money. Nami is also blessed with an amazing figure as well.

Nami: Pre-Time & Post-Time

Nami: Pre-Time & Post-Time
Nami: Pre-Time & Post-Time

Robin or Nami

Who is your favorite One Piece girl?

Hyuuga Hinata

Hinata is a shy, gentle and kind girl. She is one that never give up! She also wanted to be stronger to protect people that she loves. Even though her characteristics make her look weak and innocent but she is brave and willing to risk her life for the people she loves. One of the episode in Naruto Shippudden; when Naruto was in danger when battling Pain, Hinata bravely came out and fight to protect Naruto. She has the courage to confess her love for Naruto. In Naruto, Hinata was in short blue hair but in Naruto Shippudden, her hair have grown longer and become a beautiful young teenager. A shy little girl but will bravely risk her life. Will you choose her?

Reveal your love.

Will you reveal your feeling for a guy you secretly loves?

Haruno Sakura

With superhuman strength, exceptional healing technique with a tad of violent tendency. Sakura was a medical nin in Naruto Shppidduen. Sakura was a student of the 5th hokage,Tsunada. She wanted to be a medical nin so that she can protect mainly Naruto and Sasuke (who had left Konoha to seek revenge). Sakura is intelligent and is skilful in medical technique. She has always try her best to save people who is injured and she has risked her life as well when battling Akatsuki.

We Got The Power!


Lan Fan

Lan fan is an anime character from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Although she is not a very striking character she has her way of protecting her Master, Lin Yao. I admire her outstanding character. In one of the episode, Lan fan's left arm was hurt and feels that her left arm is a burden to her master. In a remarkable act of bravery, she cut off her arm as a decoy to her enemy. Lan fan was prepared to do anything for Lin Yao and willing to sacrifice herself. I admire her for her extreme loyalty.

Lan Fan

Lan Fan
Lan Fan

Self Sacrifice so that others may live...

I never forget the scene in a movie "The Day After Tomorrow". There is a part when 3 men were stuck on the glass ceiling of a giant Shopping Mall. A man fell into a glass, his life dangled by just a rope. He knew if he did not act fast, all 3 men will fall. In an act of bravery, he cut his own rope.

In the crucial minutes when you need to act fast

If you are the person dangling on a rope that can only hold you for 5 minutes, will you cut your own rope?

Chrome Dokuro

Quiet and shy girl. Chrome Dokuro is anime character from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. She has purple hair just like Mokuro Rokudo. He is the one who saved her life due to some accident where she lost some of her organs. She always tied up her beautiful long hair when she was in her dream where she can find Mokuro. Although she has an innocent face, she willing to help the Vongola and become the Mist Guardian when Mokudo is not around. Chrome Dokuro is a cute and quiet girl, what do you think?

Chrome Dokuro

Chrome Dokuro
Chrome Dokuro

Takamachi Nanoha

Nanoha was a cheerful and caring person. She always help her friend and even care for her foe so that they can turn over a new leaf. In Magical Lyrical Nanoha and Nanoha AS, when she was 9 years old, she has brown hair and tied two pig tails. In Nanoha Striker , when she was 19 years old, she has long brown hair and tied one ponytail. Nanoha has made Fate change her life by fighting with her. And by talking to her, she saved her from loneliness and they become best friend. I think Nanoha has the power to change people and realised what they did was wrong. Nanoha carried a device call Raging Heart who always stay by her side and fight together with her. With such power and the ability to control friendship, wouldn't you want to be just like her?

Fate Testarossa Harlaown

Fate was my favourite character in all the season of Nanoha. She has the same age as Nanoha and was her best friends and partners. Fate has a long and beautiful yellow hair tends. She is a very serious and kind person who worries about others more than herself. In Nanoha Striker, after she realised that she is a creation by her mother, fate adopted two children, Erio and Caro who has similar destiny like her and she do not want them to suffer the similar thing that happen to her. Fate likes children and that was evident when she was taking care of Erio and Caro even Vivid whom Nanoha decided to adopt her. Beautiful and with a powerful mage, wouldn't it be nice to be an anime character just like her?

Nanoha or Fate

Who do you think is stronger?

Favourite Anime Girls

Which one is your Favourite?

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These are some of my favourite anime girls. How about you? Do you have your favourite Anime Girl that are not mention here? Please write it down here

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