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Flower Boy Next Door - Korean Drama 2013

Updated on October 13, 2014

The newest installment of Flower Boy(s) series is now here - Flower Boy(s) Next Door.

None of the other two Oh! Boy series (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop & Shut Up: Flower Boy Band) have disappointed me, and tvN has produced many high quality dramas lately; so I'll definitely be rooting for FBND which stars gorgeous & hot talented young actors & actresses Yoon Si Yoon, Park Shin Hye, Go Kyung Pyo.

Flower Boy Next Door is based on a webtoon I See Him / I Take a Peek on Him everyday and it's about a city Rapunzel (Go Dok Mi [Park Shin Hye]) who takes a peek at her neighbour's flower boy (Oh Jin Rok [Kim Ji Hoon]), but get caught by another flower boy ( as Enrique Geum [Yoon Shi Yoon]) which will turn her "secluded" life upside down as he falls in love with her. Follow her journey as she steps into a whole new world with him & the other Flower Boys.

A romantic comedy drama which will definitely bring warmth and fresh storyline into our world; Flower Boy Next Door premieres on tvN on January 7, 2013.

Details, (Brief) Synopsis & Casts


Number of Episodes: 16

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Original run: 7 January 2013 - 27 February 2013 on tvN every Monday & Tuesday 11PM KST


- Park Shin Hye as Go Dok Mi

- Yoon Si Yoon as Enrique Geum

- Kim Ji Hoon as Oh Jin Rok

- Park Soo Jin as Cha Do Hwi

- Kim Yoon Hye as Seo Young (Enrique's first love)

- Go Kyung Pyo as Oh Dong Hoon

- Kim Jung San as Han Tae Joon

- Kouki Mizuta as Watanabe

Production Director: Jung Jung Hwa (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop)

Scriptwriter: Kim Eun Jung


Very Brief Sypnosis

Go Dok Mi is a city girl who's secluded herself inside her apartment due to painful memories, she doesn't like to have a social life and prefer to work alone. She has a weird habit, she loves to take a peek at her neighbour's house because of a mysterious hot flower boy "Oh Jin Rok". It does make her like a stalker (but obviously a very harmless stalker as she just stalks him from her apartment), she also loves to "mimic" the things he does. She imagines many romantic moments with Jin Rok (including a hot kiss!); but all the bubbles burst because it's all just her imagination.

Things change as she get caught by Enrique (who according to the webtoon is a Korean guy but raised up in Spain). Dok Mi will experience many hilarious, heartwarming moments with both boys and her charm will definitely make these two flower boys go weak on their knees. Don't forget Oh Dong Hoon, Han Tae Joon and Watanabe who all live with Jin Rok and Enrique. Five flower boys who will change Dok Mi's life forever and will take her into a journey that she has never experienced before. Life will never be the same for her again - and life will definitely be very colorful with these flower boys as well as the other two girls Cha Do Hwi and Seo Young [Enrique's first love).

OST List

OST List

Flower Boy Next Door OST Part 1 - Released January 8, 2013

Ready Merry Go by Romantic Punch

Flower Boy Next Door OST Part 2 - Released January 15, 2013

Talking about Love by J Rabbit

Flower Boy Next Door OST Part 3 - Released January 29, 2013

Wish It Was You by Lee Jung

Flower Boy Next Door OST Part 4 - Released February 4, 2013

Pitch Black by Park Shin Hye

Flower Boy Next Door OST Part 5 - Released February 12, 2013

I Want to Date You by Yoon Si Yoon | English Translation Lyric


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