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The "Fear, Inc." Trailer: a True Montage Homage to Horror

Updated on October 21, 2016

Is it me, or is horror just getting weirder and weirder and weirder? After all, take one look at "V/H/S/2," and someone had to have been on some hallucinogens while writing this work. Not even splatterpunk can measure up to the decrepit storytelling of goodness we're now seeing, and this is just a taste of what's to come:

It's Called "Fear, Inc."

Why will this be such a great film? Well, for starters: it pays homage to the greats. That's why. Everything you love about horror: it's all going to be right in this film.

Everything from classic chills, to some of the new-age horror we've been seeing a la "Grudge" or "The Ring" famdom, supplying in no short order the visceral images we're so used to seeing today. The biggest thing about this apparent flick is the fact that it almost toys with the genre and satirizes it, which is part of the charm portrayed.

We dare say this: it plays on "Scream" even more than "Scream" did for the horror genre. Nice progression, for sure.

Horror -- Without a Doubt -- Is Still Evolving

We're sure you want to see what it's all about, though; do a search for yourself and see if you can find that "Fear, Inc." trailer. Be mesmerized by the wicked awe and utter comedy of a horror flick mixing entries like "Tucker and Dale Vs; Evil" with the disturbing and groundbreaking "The Cabin in the Woods."


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