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festivals celebrated in Kerala

Updated on September 26, 2013

Variety of festivals are celebrated in Kerala. The people of Kerala enjoys all these festivals happily and joyfully. Hindus, Christians and Muslims have their own festivals in Kerala and every people celebrates these festivals joining together. Each festival has its own specialties and significance. some of the most famous festivals that are celebrated in Kerala are given below.

Thrissur pooram


1. Thrissur pooram

Thrissur pooram is a popular festival that is celebrated in thrissur,a city in Kerala. Lakhs of people comes to thrissur on this day to see the festival and enjoys it in a very auspicious manner. The Thrissur pooram is more famous for its fire works. Variety of colorful fireworks can be be seen on that day. The fire works of thrissur pooram usually starts in the early morning. Thrissur pooram is considered as a festival of Kerala.

Onam pookalam


2. Onam

Onam is kerala's most important festival where people celebrates very happily and joyfully. In kerala onam is celebrated for several days. People of Kerala put colorful flowers in front of their houses during these days and this custom is called putting "onam pookalam". Another specialty is the "onam sadya" which is the food which is prepared on these days.

Vishu fireworks


3. Vishu

Vishu is also an important and popular festival of Kerala. During vishu day people of Kerala wake up early in the morning to see the "vishukani". "Vishukani" is the first sight that every people of Kerala see on the vishu day. Another joyous moment in this festival day is the using of fireworks.

The celebration dates of these festivals may or may not change by year


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