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Fifth Element Movie Clips

Updated on September 21, 2014

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is a science fiction movie starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich, released in 1997. The first time I watched this, I wasn't sure what to expect, but the combination of action, humor and interesting story had me captured and I still enjoy watching this somewhat silly movie - it is just pure entertainment.

With a number of stars including Ian Holm, Gary Oldman and Chris Tucker, The Fifth Element has no shortage of acting talent and there are a number of very memorable scenes. In this lens I have presented many of these scenes for you to view.

I hope you enjoy watching these Fifth Element Movie Clips.

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The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element

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The Original Cinema Trailer For The Fifth Element Movie

Before watching the movie clips that I have presented here it is worth taking some time to view the original trailer for the movie to see how it was promoted to the public.

Buy The Fifth Element On DVD

The Fifth Element (Ultimate Edition)
The Fifth Element (Ultimate Edition)

The Fifth Element is a surprisingly good movie with moments of action, humor and mystery to keep the viewer entertained throughout.

Although The Fifth Element is essentially a sci-fi movie it is also an action movie and a comedy movie at the same time; if you haven't seen it, it is worth a watch.


1. The Creation And Escape Of Leeloo - We Meet One Of The Main Characters For The First Time

Shortly after being recreated from just her hand, Leeloo escapes from the laboratory she is being held in.

2. The Police Chase Korben Dallas's Taxi - Leeloo & Korben Meet For The First Time

The hero of The Fifth Element, Korben Dallas played by Bruce Willis, drives a flying taxi, and in this chase scene he helps Leeloo, played by Milla Jovovic, to escape the authorities.

3. Zorg And Cornelius Discuss Their Different Philosophies

Every movie needs a bad guy and Gary Oldman provides a really hateful villain in Zorg. In this scene he discusses his philosophy on chaos and destruction with Cornelius and demonstrates his gadgets; to me Zorg is very reminiscent of an old-fashioned Bond villain.

4. Zorg And The Weapons Deal - Demonstrating A Super Gun

Gary Oldman provides another demonstration of badness in this weapons deal negotiation. In this scene he convinces the Mangalores to do his bidding by demonstrating a new gun. I like the way Gary Oldman plays Zorg as a sort of pantomime villain.

5. Introducing Ruby Rhod - A Very Memorable Comedy Character

Ruby Rod, played by Chris Tucker is a very strange and amusing character to find in a sci-fi or action movie. Ruby Rod is a celebrity whose job it is to report on proceedings at the Opera show but finds himself an unwilling assistant to Korben Dallas in a battle against the Mangalore aliens.

The Fifth Element Soundtrack Composed By Eric Serra

The Fifth Element: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Fifth Element: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The music featured in The Fifth Element was composed by Eric Serra. These days it is getting rarer and rarer to find movies with specially composed soundtracks rather than reusing popular music - this is one which has its own which, perhaps, rather dates it.


6. The Fifth Element Movie Clip: Opera Diva Plavalaguna

The alien Opera Diva performs towards the end of The Fifth Element and is the show that the ridiculous Ruby Rod is reporting on. The end of the performance results in an attack from the Mangalore aliens and inside the dying diva some of the vital stones are found. It's a bit weird.

7. Fifth Element Movie Clip: How To Negotiate With Aliens

Bruce Willis's character Korben Dallas displays his diplomatic skills by killing the leader of the Mangalores.

8. The Fifth Element Movie Clip: The Grand Finale

The grand ending of The Fifth Element reveals how Leeloo and the stones all come together and repel the impending doom. Of course there is a romantic element too.

Buy Bruce Willis Posters on Allposters
Buy Bruce Willis Posters on Allposters

The Actors Who Starred In The Fifth Element

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis plays the hero of the movie - Korben Dallas who is so cool that he is almost frozen at all times. Bruce Willis is a master of playing action heroes and in the Fifth Element he plays Korben Dallas as a man of few words, few expressions and lots of action; something of an action hero stereotype, but it works, particularly in combination with the characters around him. Essentially Korben Dallas provides an oasis of calm whilst all around him are panicking, hysterical or confused.

The scene in which he meets Ruby Rhod for the first time is really funny as Korben utters hardly any words at all in his "interview" conducted by the over-talkative Rhod.

Buy Milla Jovovic Posters on Allposters
Buy Milla Jovovic Posters on Allposters

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich plays Leeloo, the "fifth element" of the movie's title. She is created through some amazing technology which takes a preserved hand and reproduces her entire body from the genetic material obtained. Leeloo turns out to be much stronger than anyone anticipated and she breaks out of her chamber, confused and frightened.

Milla Jovovich plays Leeloo very well, beginning frightened and unable to communicate but learning and growing in confidence throughout the movie.

Buy Gary Oldman Posters on Allposters
Buy Gary Oldman Posters on Allposters

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman plays the villain of the Fifth Element: Zorg. Zorg is a capitalist of the worst kind, not only does he take advantage of opportunities produced by other's misfortune, he relishes in creating chaos and destruction in order to open up new money-making schemes.

Gary Oldman plays Zorg in an over-the-top fashion, almost in the style of a pantomime villain. Some viewers may not like this style of acting but I think it works well in this movie which is full of outlandish scenes and characters. Gary Oldman's Zorg is a very memorable villain; one which youngsters will want to "boo" every time he comes on screen.

Ian Holm on
Ian Holm on

Ian Holm

Ian Holm plays Cornelius, the head priest in charge of protecting the elements in wait for the fifth element to join them. The amusing thing about this character is that whilst he is supposed to be the expert on the situation, in fact he is totally out of his element in all situations, following around the main protagonists in a bumbling fashion.

Ian Holm is a very experienced and acclaimed actor who plays this authoritative part in an unusual and refreshing way.

Buy Chris Tucker Posters on Allposters
Buy Chris Tucker Posters on Allposters

Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker plays the most flamboyant character in the Fifth Element; the celebrity Ruby Rhod. This absurd character turns up very unexpectedly in the movie to really change the pace of the story as Corben Dallas and Leeloo try to escape. The scenes with Ruby Rhod in are some of the best, in my opinion, in the movie as he behaves as a prima donna in all situations. The scene in which he meets Corben Dallas for the first time is really funny as his over-exuberance is contrasted with Dallas's total lack of excitement.

Chris Tucker's Ruby Rhod is a highlight of the movie The Fifth Element as far as I am concerned.

Vote For Your Favorite Character From The Fifth Element

Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod
Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod

Who is your favorite Fifth Element character?

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The Fifth Element Movie In Various Formats (DVD, Blu-Ray, even VHS!)

The Fifth Element Book - The Making Of The Movie

The Story of "The Fifth Element"
The Story of "The Fifth Element"

This book is literally the story of the movie in that it recounts how The Fifth Element was made, starting from an idea spawned in 1975. The book looks back at problems such as paring down the script and deals with things such as special effects and costume design. A great book for movie fans and particularly fans of The Fifth Element.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Saw it accidentally in the 2nd run movie theater while the kids were in another movie.. It was so good we took the kids to see it the next day. Two times. In my all time tom 10 movies. I love it. Use many lines with family and friends.

    • DenimSkirtsOnline profile image

      Denim Skirts Online 

      5 years ago from Manchester, England

      Just watched this movie and I really liked it! It's funny and camp, action packed and ultimately a love story. Highly recommended !!!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Dude this movie rocks

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 

      9 years ago from Canada

      Nicely done tribute to a show that you love and one that I've never seen. (Although I spend a bit of time Squidooing and not much time watching television.)

      Blessed by a SquidAngel.

    • raegal75 profile image


      9 years ago

      I don't think I've seen this movie, but looks like a good one for my husband and I to rent. Thanks!


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