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Finding Mr. Right | Love Takes Time - Will It Be Pushed Through?

Updated on February 23, 2013

Will It Be Pushed Through Despite The Issue?

Movie or story conference had been occurred last May 26, 2012 but the question is will it still be pushed through despite the recent issue among the following people involved? (Sarah Geronimo, Gerald Anderson, Maja Salvador and Kim Chiu)

Another thing I thought of why suddenly there is a rumor that Sarah will do a movie with Prince of Indie Film, Coco Martin. Since, there is no confirmation yet but a reliable source announced it and the fact that there is a smoke arises, means there is a fire.

Anyway, I feel sorry for both of them (Sarah and Gerald) about the friendship or courtship (if there is) they had. I started to like them because of their two movies that really got my attention. Almost all people got carried away by their love team. They had a different kilig compare to Ashlloyd. I don't know but there is still a little hope in me that what we hear and see are wrong. Although Sarah did express her feelings and emotions at the Thanksgiving Party with the Press people, still I want to hear the side of Mr. Anderson.

Who knows, we can learn something from him and do a little balance about the controversy. Showbiz is very dirty and if I were given a chance to get inside (though it's impossible :P), I won't go in no matter what. Your privacy and independence seem being taken away from you esp. if you're popular, all your actions are being watched by every eyes. So you have to be careful and be ready to the consequence if ever they chase you.

Let's go back to the main topic of this article. Do you think the planned movie which has a title either Finding Mr. Right or Love Takes Time will push through?

Followers Become Sad After Hearing The Sad News

Will they stay until the end?

I know there are many followers of this tandem who were born after they witnessed their two movies. And they call themselves Ashrald. It's a combination of Sarah with her second name Asher and Gerald. "Catch Me.. I'm In Love" and "Won't Last A Day Without You" were both shown in the year 2011. To be honest, I became a fan too. But after the latest issue which is becoming the center of attention now, it seems that Ashrald fanbase is gradually decreasing. I know that some of them are Popsters, others are fans of Gerald and the rest are ordinary people who just turned into followers.

It's hard to accept the outcome and why it turned out like this. Three girls spoke already and the only person who is not yet give his part is Gerald Anderson. According to the feeds I read and tweets I see, he will have a one on one interview with Boy Abunda this coming Sunday. Let's all come and listen to what he will say. Let's give him a chance and right to defend himself. I know the damage is there but the idea of knowing and getting the side of every involved persons are the best thing we can do. We have no rights to judge the person him/herself at all though we cannot avoid it sometime. I actually confess that I am like that but as much as possible we should learn the stand of each and every one.

Anyway, let's not lose hope and fill ourselves with negative vibes. Instead, we should give our full support to Sarah esp. to all her lined up projects. It Takes A Man And A Woman has a definite date now which is March 30, 2013. That's the third installment movie of John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. I hope it will not be the last and there are more continuation to come. So it depends on us as well as to the story.

What if it's true? or false?

Do you still want them to pursue this movie project?

We become fan after we exposed to a cute and different chemistry not just in their movies but also in every film we watch. I don't know why sometimes, we tend to connect what if they end up together in real life? The purpose of watching a movie (to us) and doing and filming a movie (for them) is to entertain us. They want to give us a worth it movie that even how many months would pass by, still we will never get tired of it.

I know you will say to me that Gerald was the first one who transfer his feelings from movie into real life but it is unavoidable as both of them are single and their working relationship is very close and going strong. As what I always say, being in showbizness is difficult because even your tiny or puny action is being watched by the press. We, as normal people, sometimes do a thing which is right to us but wrong to other. We have a motive why we do that or reason that only us know but other people tend to give it with another meaning or malice. I don't know if Gerald was being misunderstood by the people around him. That's why as much as possible I would like to hear his side even though the news I heard and saw are hurting not just me but also those other fans who really love Sarah Geronimo.

Let's not just prejudge other people base on what we see and hear, because sometimes the best thing we can do is give a person a chance to express his/her side. We must be fair because at some point in our life we accepted their love team

Anyway, if ever the accusation is false, do you still want them to continue this movie project? or decided to bury it down the ground? I'm only asking so don't get mad, please...

Let's not put an end to everything. Let's listen to his side one last time.

This Video Explains Everything

It's up to you whether you believe him or not..

What Can You Say?

Are you taking side to one of them or hoping everything will be fine?

My Sarah and Gerald Opinion Poll

Do you agree with what I say here?

See results

Let Me Know If You Disagree With My Opinion - I am willing to know your opinion too

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