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Firefighter Videos That Kids Love!

Updated on December 28, 2012

Most kids, it seems, go through a phase of loving all things associated with firefighters, firetrucks and fire stations. It's been years and my boys are still fascinated. Lights, sirens, cool uniforms, spraying water and tall ladders- what's not to love?

Toys, costumes and videos related to firefighting become well-used favorites. While there are endless choices for video entertainment about firefighters for kids, there are a few that really stand out and will be watched over and over again.

Our family has personally watched and recommend these videos. Your tastes may vary, but most kids I know have enjoyed these select videos and I have given them as birthday presents to the children of my friends and gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews from them, as well.


Over time, this is my kids' all-time favorite and we have about worn out both discs. They have been watching for years and don't seem to have outgrown them much. The music is catchy, the videos are well-narrated and are easily able to keep kids' attention. The video quality isn't HD or superb, but I have never heard a kid complain about that.

The firemen narrators are entertaining and informative. Kids see how firemen get ready for a fire, learn about different kinds of fire trucks and equipment, and hear plenty of sirens!

The second disc has firetrucks, but also boats, helicopter and planes! The setup and narration are similar to the first and also very entertaining. My kids really can't get enough of these videos.

Preview of Lots and Lots of Firetrucks. *(Careful- once you listen to the theme song, it will be stuck in your head all day!)

These videos also manage to slip in some fire safety information for kids. Kids learn that they need to have a plan in case of a fire for getting out of the house and a meeting place for the family.

Stop, drop and roll is also taught and reinforced in case of clothing fire. We hope our little ones never need to use any of this information, but they sure do need to learn it.

MIGHTY MACHINES: Lights and Ladders

We have the whole set of Mighty Machines videos and every one of them are totally worth it. These videos also have catchy tunes, well-thought out visuals and interesting narration.

Lights and Ladders in this series is a favorite for my boys (maybe second only to the construction one, but it's close). I highly recommend any Mighty Machines videos you can get your hands on as even younger children seem to be captivated by these shows.

Of all of the fire truck videos reviewed here, I think this one probably has the most appeal for the younger kids. Maybe it's because of its simplicity or the fact that the trucks have 'voices', making it seem more animated for that age range.

With 90 minutes of running time, this is a great value for the price and provides a lot of different pieces for the kiddos to watch.

The Power Pack is a great value as it includes Lights and Ladders, Diggers and Dozers, Boats to the Rescue and Runway to Roadway! All excellent.


This is another winner with fun video and lots of safety information. This two volume set manages to keep kids interested throughout the show.

Produced by Start Smart, these videos have more of an educational component than the others. Spelling lessons are included and more time is taken to explain what is going on in the videos, as well. This seems to work better for school aged kids than toddlers. The other videos seem to appeal to a wider age range, overall.

The first two volumes are well liked here. There are other videos in the series now, such as those with airplanes and so on. We haven't watched them, but I expect they would be of the same quality.


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    • TahoeDoc profile image

      TahoeDoc 5 years ago from Lake Tahoe, California

      Thanks Jillian! The Mighty Machines series has great planes/trains videos, too, in case you don't have enough already (I know we do)

      I also hope you have a great New Year! I know you've had a tough 2012. My most sincere and best wishes to you!

    • Jillian Barclay profile image

      Jillian Barclay 5 years ago from California, USA

      My grandson, aged 4, is not yet fascinated by firefighters. Right now, it is trains and planes. Thank you for this review! So much better to have a review from someone trusted! I am keeping this one-copied the shortcut to my file of articles...It is a matter of time!

      Happy New Year, Doc! I wish you and your family the best!