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Flugufrelsarinn - The Fly Freer / Savior - What does it mean?

Updated on November 27, 2011

Icelandic Music - Cold Meets Hot

Iceland called me to visit through the arcane music that made its way to our American shores. Sigur Ros has so many organic songs from "Hun Jord" (Mother Earth) to "Von" and "Svefn-g-englar." But my favorite was "Flugufrelsarinn" because it always leaves me wanting more. My curiosity immediately left me wondering what the lyrics were in both Icelandic and what the lyrics were when translated into English. Reading them still left me unsatisfied, though. There had to be a deeper meaning. Symbolism. A purpose. All that later. Listen to the song first if you haven't already!

Sigur Ros Music Video of Flugufrelsarinn

Flugufrelsarinn Lyrics - Icelandic

Hamagangur, ég þusti niður að læknum


Ãg gerði skip tilbúið og fór með litla bæn

Ãví ég var hræddur

Sólin skein og lækurinn seytlaði

Sóley, sóley flugurnar drepast

En í dag á ég að bjarga sem flestum flugum

Með spotta í skip ég er með í hvorri hendi - ákveðinn

Ãg kasta þeim út í hylinn og reyni

Að hala flugurnar inn áður

En seiðin ná til þeirra þar sem þær berjast

Við strauminn og vatnið

Ãannig líður dagurinn

Sjálfur kominn um borð, var farinn að berjast við bæjarlækinn

Sem hafði þegar deytt svo margar

Ãg næ ekki andanum og þyngist við hverja öldu

Mér vantar kraftaverk

Ãví ég er að drukkna syndir

Ãg reyni að komast um borð

Ãg dreg í land og bjarga því sjálfum mér aftur,

aftur á bakkann

à heitan stein ég legg mig og læt mig þorna aftur

Ãg kasta mér út í hylinn og reyni

Að hala flugurnar inn áður

En seiðin ná til þeirra þar sem þær berjast

Við strauminn og vatnið

Gustur[[#Notes|1]], allur rennblautur

Frakkur[[#Notes|2]] finnur hvernig báturinn er kominn úr mesta straumnum

og landið smám saman nálgaðist

Hann er bæði um borð í

Sjó og landi bjargandi

Flugunum sem farast hér

Ãó sér í lagi sjálfum sér

Eilíft stríð og hvergi friður

En það verður einhver að fórna sér

Dagarnir eru langir

Amazing String Quartet Cover of Flugufrelsarinn

The song "Flugufrelsarinn" has also been classically arranged by Stephen Prustman for the Kronos Quartet, and is available on their iTunes-only release Kronos Quartet Plays Sigur Ros. This is a beautiful "bedtime" melody in my home. The video below shows the Kronos Quartet rehearsing Flugufrelsarinn.

Flugufrelsarinn Lyrics - English

Hullaballoo, I Rushed Down To The Lake, A Savior.

I Made A Ship Ready And Said A Little Prayer Because I Was Scared.

The Sun Shone And The Lake Flowed.

Buttercup - Buttercup - The Flies Die.

But Today I Am To Save As Many Flies As Possible.

In Each Hand I Carry A String - Determined.

I Throw Them Into The Abyss And Try To Draw In The Flies Before The Smolts Reaches Them Where They Fight The Stream And Water.

I Can't Breathe And I'm Getting Heavier With Every Wave.

I Need A Miracle Because I'm Drowning Sins.

I Try To Get Onboard.

I Pull Ashore And Save Myself Onto The Beach.

I Lay On A Hot Rock And Let Myself Dry Again.

I Throw Myself Into The Abyss And Try To Draw In The Flies Before The Smolts Reach Them Where They Fight The Stream And Water.

A Breeze, I'm All Soaked.

Bold Feels How The Boat Is Out Of The Strongest Current And The Land Slowly Approaches.

He Is Both Sea And On Land Saving The Flies That Die Here.

Though Especially Himself.

Eternal War, Peace Nowhere.

Someone Has To Sacrifice Himself.

The Days Are Long.

"We're not trying to say anything with words...

we're trying to say it without words - we're not a political band for example, so we don't have anything political to say. We don't write love songs - well they could be love songs. You could almost call it interactive music [he says with a chuckle]. People just get what they want out of our music; so we're not trying to paint the whole canvas, people can fill [what they want]."

Sigur Ros Basist, Georg Holm

Flugfrelsarinn, Sigur Ros, Angels of the Universe and Riceboy Sleeps

What's your interpretation of the Fly Freer / Savior?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The lyrics, the voice...relax and FEEL the music. The inner struggle expressed in a perfect song


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