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Flyff Penya Guide - Be a Penyillionaire (Penya Millionaire)

Updated on August 28, 2009

About Me ^^

A little about myself and what i have Achieved in Flyff, Learn how to make money Easily with this guide ^^

and its 100% not a scam! how? well i will not ask for anyones Login and Pass or any account details, i will just simply teach you how to invest your penya into successful decisions and multiply your money. :)

If you would like to Skip the Intro (I would advise to read the Intro First) then click here
Lets get Started on Making Penya!

The Truth

Flyff is a Free to Play game for Life and costs nothing! great! ... but its basically impossible to play this game unless you buy gpots, rarely people can play flyff without using Gpots and get quite far into the game.

When i first started playing Flyff (about 4years ago) you didn't need to spend any Real Money on It unless you were really Pro! i remember at lvl 60 after days and months of hard work i got 20m :) back then 20m could afford most of your EQ at lvl 60 and so on.

But now looking at the New players that join flyff, they get to lvl60 and lets say they have 50m somehow. They still can't afford anything good, not even a clean Gknuck or Gbow.

So this guide is to help you guys out there to get more Penya so that you can enjoy the game more ^^

Firstly, a little about myself before going on to explain the many different ways of making tons of penya on Flyff ^^

I have played Flyff for over 4 years now and have decided to teach/guide you guys at home on how to make successful trades and decisions in flyff business!

I have reached the Top 100's in Flyff and alltogether own in Penya and Equips approximately 50-60Bill, thats 50,000,000,000 penya.

So if you want to Learn at home how to make Penya then this guide is the guide for you. ^^

If you would like to Skip the Intro (I would advise to read the Intro First) then click here
Lets get Started on Making Penya!

"One of My Favourite CS Clothing Combo's"

If any of the few situations match or are similar to you in Flyff then this guide is for you! ^^

:Mid-way into Flyff and a Little Stuck

You've started to play Flyff and have gotten lets say up to Lv.60-75, you normally come onto Flyff to grind with your friends and sometimes go in Arena and pvp/chat a bit. But then you realise something, you have New Equips that are waiting for you to buy that would make your Character Sooo much better. You look around on the market (and lets say your a BowJester) and a GBow is 130m Clean. You gather all your money and you only have a Few mill :(

Well if this Does decribe you Then Don't worry! This guide will Teach you all there is to Know about Penya Making!

:You have No Penya at all, and need some Quick!

Your Absolutely broke, ZERO penya, Everything you have is worth Nothing. the games starting to get boring but you dont want to quit because you have put alot of time and effort into this Game. Well you could go and Giant hunt and gain lets say 20m, but that isn't enough for you :(. You go in Arena and everyone kills you because you look noobish because you cant afford anything.

Well you want more Penya? I have a Great solution of making Penya, just keep reading on! and follow the simple steps.

:You're successful in Flyff, but would still like to make and have more money in Flyff.

Your at quite a high lvl now that you palyed for half a year/1year. Around Lvl.90~Hero, you have enough penya but you want to have more. If this is the case then you are like me :). You want more penya just for the sake of it and also the excitement and experience of doing trades and putting your Knowledge of Flyff to a money-making Challenge.

There are numerous ways of investing your money in flyff and gaining a Huge profit. If you want to know more, then keep Reading! <(o 3o)>

Here i will Explain which classes are good at making Penya and which classes are just plain useless.

Where better to start than Vagrant :)? Possibly the most funnest class in Flyff. But for money making :/ not as fun! I advise you to lvl to Lv.15 and Job change so that you can set up a shop in Darkon and also have access to Darkon shops.

For a first job class, in my opinion the acrobat is hard to make money with and to level with. But with good gear at lvl 45+ with cruiser and Fbow then they can become average to make money with and grind.

Advantages : Good in Pvp because of Dark Illusion and other skills that are powerful

Disavantages: Lvling can become slow, expensive equips at lvl 45

Assists can be great in both Lvling and Pvping. For those who have another higher character, you can Tank monsters for your Assist and let your Assist AoE with ease. Assist is most likely the fastest lvlers from 15-60 as they are the only first class job that can AoE. Also a FS assist with Right buffs can level extremely quick, in the last exp event (x2.5exp) i got my lvl 15 assist to lvl 80 in one day. All assist gear is pretty cheap, apart from Wedge and Flury at lvl 45. Its better to start making money early as an Assist because later on, high lvl sets like a Highly Upgraded and Pierced Billist can cost from 2-5b.

The Best First job class to make money are Magicians and Mercenarys. The main idea of making money with these two classes are Plug hunting. Each plug+9 can sell from 30-50m depending on your server and also pimping out your EQ with attackspeed for this can make the rate of plugs dropping increase. Plugs come from Rockepellers which you fight in the air on your Board.

Click here to see my guide for everything you need to know about Plug Hunting ^^

Secondary Classes and Penya

a quick review of how Secondary classes cope with Penya

you've reached lvl60 and job changed! congratulations Here is quick Post about how different classes can gain money ^^.

Blades, The Fastest 1v1 Class at killing and in my opinion The makers of Flyff Love Blades! just look at their EQ at high level and you'll see. Some say that AOEr's can lvl much faster than blades, but thats not always true! i remember i use to take about 2mins gathering for an aoe but this blade that was in the same spawn could kill one mob in about 1-2 seconds. With Good Equips and a good build a blade can be deadly, a Good blade consists of: Good Dmg,Fast Attack,Crit rate,Hit rate,adoch,EQs. The blade is no doubt the best class to Giant or Clockwork with but they can be extremely RM dependant.

Advantages of Blades: Amazing 1v1ers, can make good money by Gianting and Clockworking and other Flyff Bosses, With the new v14 coming out where we hunt bosses in the new cave for Vampire and Hero Weaps the blade will be essential.

Disadvantages: Unless your a Siege blade, you wont have much HP. In arena you can be killed easily by Psys. You could master Pan barrier EQ a shield and quickly switch back to your 2nd sword/axe to have more chance of blocking Bowjesters and Ranger crits. So unless you have good hp and good attack you wouldn't be too good in the Arena. At higher lvl 90+ your EQ are some of the most Expensive equips in game. Dayst, LGA's,Bloody Swords and Crit/Adoch awakes are really Expensive!!! so make sure to get money Early!

Knights the class with the most HP and also the most def. Long time ago there use to be plenty of 1v1 Knights but now after new monsters have been introduced with large spawns most knights go AOE. Dont be fooled by a Knights shiny armour and huge weapons, the knight is rubbish at gianting and in pvp they become the Human punching bag. Knights equips are fairly cheap in every server, the only way to make good money with a Knight is to AOE in azria, normally i get about 60-80m in azria from drops (no tax). So if you wondering what class is good for making money, i wouldn't advise a Knight right now.

Advantages: very good AOE class to grind with, you can help friedns to tank mobs ect..^^ guild war is pretty fun because your hard to take down.

Disadvantages: Rubbish for 1v1, cant giant efficiently can be bad for pvp.

Psykeeper is the class that uses magic and can Float! Even tho the Psykeeper gets very low about of hp and def per sta they can be very good AoErs and PvPer's. If you plan to go Psykeeper make sure you have a good computer because Psykeeper AOE skill can get very laggy (>_<). Some people enjoy gianting with a psykeeper, a gianting preferred build is some stam and rest int, so you can hit a lot and tank 3-4hits. Though some people enjoy killing giants 10's of lvls above them, i don't. Why? because its too slow and it also decreases your MP(which decreases dmg) and Action slot goes low(slower Attack), and also you cannot get the Activations and Refresher holds when you finish your first job! so not they have become quite expensive and also a Cash Shop Item now.I have a Psy myself and lots of people ask what builds are good for a psy, well for satanlogy 15-30sta rest int, crucio full sta, AOE 100-150sta rest int (depends on your equips really). Out of the 3 AOE build is the trickiest, but the best build for aoe is a build that is based around your equips, so good eq's mean you can have less stam and more dmg and vice versa. Psys arent too good for making money, i've seen some psys Solo Clockworks but you have to be pretty pro to do it. So the best ways of getting money is AOEing in Azria and Giant hunting.

Advantages: AOE psy is good in PVP high bomb dmg and good HP. Can kill Giants without getting touched due to Satanlogy, AOE dmg and tanking is above average.

Disadvantages: Slow at gianting, AOE skill is laggy, In arena don't even think about going against a Ranger with Silence (cos you'll know he/she will absolutely Pwn you)

Elementor are a magic class that uses also skills with Elements in them so you can choose a elemented skill that would be the weakness of a monster, for example Windfield is a Wind element and wind is good against rock, so that spell is good against Rock monsters. Elementing your Weapon is also a great help. I've seen videos and seen elementors AOEing 30-50 monsters above them By HnR ( Hit and Run) basically the main spell is Windfield, its decreases the speed of monsters movement by 50%. and with Piercing and awake with Run speed you can basically never be Touched! As a giant hunter Elementers arent very good Like the psy you'll run out of MP and your Action slot will go low. Elementers are great in PVP and GW, especially when you against a group, because your spell causes damage to them ALL. i've seen Elementers that have 20k Windfields and can wipe out the arena in a few seconds. But for this High dmg your HP will be low, Again like the psykeeper elementers also dont receive much HP per sta point.

Advantages:Can AOE much highers monsters without getting touched, can gain a lot of EXP per aoe and lots of Drops. High DMG

Disadvantages: Low HP , Not good Giant Hunters, Depending on which server you are on, upgraded equips for elementers are hard to find.

Billposters my main Class ^^. A billposter is the best class in PVP, how can i prove it? well look around in Siege. Most classes in Siege are Billposters , full stam AOE RMs ,Jesters and Blades. The Billposters equips like billist and the Angle knuck can be very expensive! but the billposter 1v1 crit can be as good as a blade, also Billposters are good for AOE (int and str), Int aoe hits a lot and Casts fast while Str can hit a lot as well but slower cast. I love to shop around with a Billposter because they have Quickstep which helps a lot by moving around town and exploring the shops with good deals quicker .In pvp you cant really fail with a good equipped and build billposter, with sonic and stonehand you can lock the opponent still and finish them off with a Asal :) but lets not forget Prevention! the life saving skill whether in pvp or pvm. A very strong 1v1 billposter is Xurtan , just look him up in Youtube ^^.

Advantages: Good for PVP and PVM, can be good at gianting and clockworks, very independent class and has Quickstep

Disadvantages: You'll have to work very hard to be as good as a blade for 1v1, Equips are crazy in Price like the blades.

Ringmaster is a class that specializes is buffs and helping others. i would advise making your Own Ringmaster because they can become helpful for gianting, clockworking, arena, guildwars and many more. Ringmasters have a little expensive equips, if your Fullsupport then you'll need a wedge and there quite expensive. Going AOE with Ringmaster is also a good decision! You'll need Rimth set with def or hp pierce which is expensive (not as expensive as Billposter and blades)(>_<)'. A RM doesn't really Giant hunt, they help in giant hunts with GT and heal. Though if you wanted to go as a 1v1 RM why don't you just go Billposter? lol, Also they have the all good Quickstep! :) making shop a breeze. Theres not much to Ringmasters when it comes to money making, only one i can think of is AOE or gianting and sharing drops (unless you have two computers so you can keep the drops to urself)

Advantages: Everyone likes you because you can buff and heal, you can Solo AOE, a good class to help your other characters, no-one kills you in arena(unless you spam Holycross on them),quickstep :)

Disadvantages: AOE is slow , can't really gain much money, not very good at PVP , gianting is near to impossible

Jesters are a very interesting class. You can be a Bowjester or a YoyoJester. At lvl 45 both Yoyojesters and Bowjesters need the Cruiser set which is a bit expensive if you want a highly upgraded one. At lvl 60 Bowjesters will need a Guardian bow and Yoyojesters will only start getting good Yoyos at Lv.75 the Historic Yoyo, Some say the Historic Yoyo is the best Yoyo! and it should be you last Weapon, You can get a nicely upgraded one if you want because it will last for quite a long time. At lvl 90 you will need a New Set~ the restra set :) an Awesome set, personally i brought a +10 set parts separately from different people and it only cost me about 800m , for example my restra helm+10 awake with +25sta cost me 200m :) there are many lying around the market so finding them should be no trouble. Both Yoyo jesters and Bow jesters are good at pvp and Gianting the differences are:

Bowjester are mainly some stam and rest dex, Bowjesters can killing extremely quick in gianting as they are ranged attackers and their crit rate can easily be 90%+. In pvp they can use DarkIllusion and Charge arrow you, i've seen some that hit 9k and 17-18k with red scroll Link attack.

YoyoJesters builds are just enough dex for speedbreak and for crit rate, little stam and rest Strength. The Yoyojester in my opinion and better at PVP than bowjesters mainly because of their skills they can use with Yoyos, PenyaStrike can be extremely powerful and linked with other skills it can be a one hit killer. Gianting is a breeze because the giant keeps getting knockbacked.

Advantages Good at Gianting and you can be a real threat in PVP, good blockrate, great equips available on Market

Disadvantages: Low HP, can't tank, Lvling is slow because you can't really AOE.

Rangers builds are mainly 30-50stam and rest Dex, they are extremely good at AOE and their blockrate is insane!! Gianting can be okay with a Ranger though i don't see many Rangers that Giant. In pvp Rangers can be quite powerful, they can silence people and force them to attack them with normal attacks, and rangers probally block like 95% of normal hits.

Advantages: Dark illusion, quick gianting, Good against Psy and Elementer. Can AOE very effieciently

Disadvantages: Low HP, can't tank an average asal, Equips that are highly upgraded can be hard to find.

'Lets get Started on Making Penya!'-Next Page

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    • circlebarryred profile image

      circlebarryred 6 years ago

      @anonymous: there are already guides on boss mobs and drops if you follow this first page of my guide to the next following pages ^^ theres also a contents page at the top which you can quickly get to it from.

      this is just the beginning of the penya guide ^^ read on further to the next pages to find out more :) thanks

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      This explains to make more penya you should do boss quests, kill mobs bosses, etc... Then sell the drops. Thats the best way to make penya...

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      What the other guy said

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      how does this tell you how to make penya? ....