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Foodmatters - Documentary About Food

Updated on July 19, 2014

Foodmatters The Documentary

This documentary about food, Foodmatters, talks a lot of superfoods and vitamin therapy. Both interest me very much. It takes a deep look at the role that vitamins, minerals, and nutrients play on our health.

This is a documentary about food which is similar to the Dr Gerson Therapy documentaries. They speak about many illnesses and go into great depth regarding cancer.

It's interesting that my mother is counted as a survivor, but she died of cancer.



It turns out that if you have cancer and you go into remission for five or more years, you are a considered a survivor even if you ultimately die of it. If cancer returns five years and one month later and strikes you dead, you are still a survivor. There are a lot of dead survivors. The numbers are severely skewed.

I want to make it clear that I am not a doctor. I am passing on information that I have learned from watching all kinds of documentaries. If you are serious about vitamin therapy you should see an open-minded nutritionist or at least do your own research online.

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"Let thy food be thy medicine and they medicine be thy food."


Preview - Foodmatters


What is Illness?

Can Illness be Treated in Alternate Ways?

Many people believe that all illnesses are caused by deficiencies in the body. Stress, for example, sucks up Vitamin C. A daily recommended dosage is based on an average; however, different people have different deficiencies.

I do believe in vitamin therapy. When I was younger my father would have migraines so badly that he would be confined to bed for two to four days. He couldn't even remember our names. He was incoherent; they were that bad. A couple of years ago I started getting migraines. I told my father about this during a telephone conversation. He informed me, "I haven't had a migraine in years." He then told me, "I take high doses of Riboflavin everyday. It has worked like a charm."

Since first watching this documentary I have started taking Niacin to help my mood. I can tell a difference, and I can definitely tell when I stop taking it. Many people with depression take 3,000 mg of Niacin a day. Some have taken 11,500 mg a day.

Did You Know

Dr Abram Hoffer M.D. worked with Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A). Bill Wilson suffered from depression and Dr. Hoffer recommended that Bill take 3,000 mg of Niacin a day. This Niacin therapy ended Bill's depression. Bill passed this information on to the members of A.A. It was so successful that he wanted to make vitamin therapy a part of A.A. Bill Wilson would never see this happen because the medical profession was against it, so A. A. wouldn't do it.


Where is the Nurtrients in our Food?

Are We Eating Real Food?

Many of us work our butts off, and we don't make the time to eat right. It's easier to hit a drive-thru. Our food isn't really food. It's processed and marketed as food. It is void of nutrients and mostly corn based. It's not even based on good corn. It's based on genetically modified corn. The next time you eat a hash brown from a fast-food restaurant really take the time to taste it. See if you don't taste the corn. Many times you can taste the corn in the beef. The beef that we eat is mostly cows that are feed genetically modified corn.

Eating raw, organic, or locally grown food literally changes your blood. Watch Crazy, Sexy, Cancer. There are people who have reversed their cancer by going through detox and changing what they eat. You cannot absorb the nutrients that you need if your colon is full of toxins. Our fat cells are full of toxins.

Water - Water - Water.

You should have at least one liter of water in the morning before you eat or drink anything; two liters is preferred.

When fed intravenously, Vitamin C in high doses

- up to 200 thousand mg -

has been proven to selectively kill cancer cells.

Possible side effects:

Thirst and a woozy head.

Andrew W Saul ~Ph.D, Therapeutic Nutrition Specialist and Author - Relays Some Startling Statistics


A vegetarian diet and mediation - that's what we need. Oh, vitamins too.

"The Journal of the American Medical Association published papers, which indicated that approximately one hundred and six thousand Americans die from properly proscribed -non physician error- pharmaceutical drugs each year. This statistic does not count overdoses or misuses.

Therefor, if a hundred and six thousand people die from normal expected side effect of drugs just in America, just in one year, in twenty-three years we are talking millions of people dead from pharmaceutical drugs.


And in twenty-three years - ten allegedly dead from vitamins."

~ Andrew W Saul ~Ph.D

Vitamin Thearpy - or Medication

Voice out.

What are Your Feelings Regarding Vitamin Therapy?

The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries are profitable. Make no mistake about it.

The drug industry is a

Half Trillion Dollar

a year business worldwide, about

Three Hundred Billion Dollars

a year in North America alone.

They are in it for the money.

What are Superfoods - Foods that are PACKED wih Important Nutrients that Our Bodies Need


Spirulina and Cacao beans are great.

Spirulina is the highest protein content food in the world.

Cacao beans . It's has one of the highest source of magnesium, one of the highest natural sources of chromium, likely the highest natural source of iron, and one of the highest contents of zinc.

"Optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow."

~Dr Linus Pauling

forty-eight PhDs and two unshared Nobel Prizes

Other Superfoods:

  • Blueberries
  • Spinach
  • Wild Salmon
  • Goji Berries
  • Green Tea
  • Garlic
  • Wheatgrass

    -2 ounces juiced in the morning and night are supposed to help your blood tremendously. It is used to flush colons as well.

  • Pomegranates
  • Barley
  • Cinnamon
  • Sprouts
  • Sea Salt
  • Sea Vegetables
  • Avocados
  • Broccoli
  • Kiwi


These are to be eaten raw. Cooking or even steaming superfoods strips most of the nutrients out. In fact, at least 51% of every meal should be raw or our body treats the food as if it's something foreign.

I'm not saying that the people who work in the medical profession do no good. There are many sincere people in the medical industry.

They save peoples lives.

They fix broken bones.

They remove bullets.

They are not so good when you look at chronic conditions or diseases.

Foodmatters - The Documentary

More Startling Statistics - This Makes Vitamin Thearpy Look Really Good


Less than 6% of graduating physicians in the USA receive any formal training in nutrition.

Heart disease and cancer are the two killers in the U.S. annually.

Each year 39,000 people die due to unnecessary surgery and other errors in hospitals.

80,000 people die due to other infections in hospitals.


A staggering 106,000 people die due to adverse drug reactions.


1. Heart disease = 653,486 deaths

2. Cancer = 553,888 deaths

3. Modern medicine = 225,000 deaths

Do You Know of Any Interesting - Food Documentaries

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