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Footloose the 1984 Hit Movie & Soundtrack

Updated on April 27, 2015

My favorite 1980’s movie would no doubt be Footloose! I loved the music that fills the screen from beginning to end and Kevin Bacon is one of my favorite actors. The scenes are full of energy and quickly get your feet to movin’. I challenge anyone to remain perfectly still while watching Footloose—and would even bet this is a challenge that only the dead could win. Footloose was notable probably just as much for the music it contained as for the storyline it presented. It could definitely be categorized as a two-dimensional hit enjoyed by movie goers and music lovers alike.

The Touching Story of Footloose

Deserted by his father, Ren McCormack (played by Kevin Bacon) and his mother leave the big city of Chicago and move in with relatives in a small Midwestern town. While trying to make sense of his life, Ren found consolation in music and dance to deal with his recent emotional upheaval. But he would quickly realize that loud music and dance are both against the law in his new town.

Ren soon learned that the stifling town laws had evolved from a hurting preacher who lost his son in an accident five years earlier. After that bad experience the preacher began to judge and control what was best for the entire town based on his opinions—not Biblical truth.

In despair, Ren felt if he was not allowed to dance, he would just disappear. He eventually fought city hall asking for his right to enjoy music and celebrate his unique dancing talent and skills. He spoke up to overcome rules that served no real purpose except to bring well-meaning teenagers to rebellion. Ren quoted scripture, which proved by King David’s actions that the Bible does not prohibit dancing.

After colliding with this hurting teenager, the preacher begins to see things in a different light. He realizes that his firm stance was hurting his closest relationships and future friendships. He embraced the truth that it is just as stifling and frustrating to condemn things the Bible clearly allows as it is to allow things the Bible clearly condemns. Both errors ultimately bring rebellion, unrest, and damaging results to individuals, relationships, and society as a whole.

This entertaining movie shows how a teenager and a preacher resolve their two opposing opinions. Through mutual respect, they learn how to reach an understanding of each other. Then they are able to experience the value of agreeing on a mutually beneficial compromise which in the end, turns out best for all.

Personal Memories of Footloose

After watching the movie for the first time, I had to get the Footloose soundtrack! I listened to it over and over. Hearing this music takes me back to that time. A time filled with sweet memories of when my husband and I had purchased our dream car—a silver Z-28 Camaro with t-tops and black racing stripes on the hood. The amazing soundtrack from Footloose was perfect to listen to while driving our new Chevrolet!

Footloose (1984 Film)
Footloose (1984 Film)

The Footloose Soundtrack is available right here. Make your own memories while enjoying the music that automatically gets your feet movin' just like it did back in 1984! Get your own copy of the Footloose movie Soundtrack & have a dance party every time you listen to it!


The Importance of Forgiveness and Understanding

An important take-away from the movie Footloose is that controlling ways usually only lead to rebellion. While the preacher was doing what he thought to be “the right thing”; he obviously went about it in the wrong way. Forbidding and demanding conformity comes from the legalistic mentality and ends up driving people away from the church rather than drawing them to it. Legalism rarely comes from a place of love for others but from more of a dictator’s stance of control. Therefore causing the church to send out a message that Christ never intended since His message was to guide others within the boundary of love not act in ways that breed rebellion and disobedience.

Although the preacher had formed his belief about dancing from a personal tragedy he lived through, he seemed to lose sight of what was best for teenagers in the community. He strongly believed that the town and his congregation would all better off with the rule of “No Dancing Allowed.” However, more understanding of the situation at hand from the preacher would have no doubt lessened the conflict. Does he come around? As the intriguing movie unfolds, you will find out...

FOOTLOOSE Volkswagen Beetle Yellow Bug Hot Wheels Retro
FOOTLOOSE Volkswagen Beetle Yellow Bug Hot Wheels Retro

Cute little VW yellow bug, just like the one Ren drove in Footloose


Memorable scenes from Footloose, including the final dance . . .

Do you prefer the 1984 movie of Footloose or is the Footloose soundtrack music your favorite?

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    • DLeighAlexander profile image

      DLeighAlexander 4 years ago

      @WinWriter: Thanks for your comment :) Footloose is a fun movie about so much more than dancing & music.

    • profile image

      WinWriter 4 years ago

      I love that movie too. I've watched it many times. It's a great little story and I agree with everything you said about the Bible, highlighted in bold in the middle of your lens. :)