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2017 for Light Lenz Productions

Updated on April 26, 2017

Ciley Myrus

Ciley on the cover of Vinewood Magazine
Ciley on the cover of Vinewood Magazine | Source

Fans and followers of Light Lenz productions and Renegade Comics, [studios that partner produce GTA V films and other offsite productions] can agree that Nick Johnson Mabukz has delivered. Sure, it may take a while but we can be 100% certain that what is coming, will be big.

"It's been a tough road - the past couple of months. You know I love my breaks."

His recent production was a short titled, 'The_Link'. This short revolved around a new kind of intruder in Los Santos. In this short we are also introduced to a new kind of Ciley, one that can actually speak.

"Hayley is Ciley's voice over and she is something else. I was researching for the perfect voice for Ciley when I came across her. I got familiar with some of her reels and to be honest, none of her reels was Ciley. She had auditioned for many projects but none of the ones I listened to sounded like Ciley...then again that isn't what I was looking for. I stopped for a second and it hit me. I didn't know what the hell I was looking for! I didn't know how Ciley's voice was like. So what amazed me about Hayley was the fact that through all those reels, she did so many different things!"

He went on about how diverse Hayley, aka Bugdaboss, was in terms of character and depth. She was cast as the first ever, voice over for Ciley.

"She loves being Ciley. She came up with the QnA idea and it was brilliant! It was a good way to make her social off screen."

QnA with Ciley

Ciley's Facebook page has gathered about 400 likes in a little over two weeks! Nick explained how the social friendly videos like the QnA and the vlog have contributed to that.

The Black Dutchess

I was also curious as to whether The Dutchess will make an appearance in the future, or maybe have her own film. So I asked,

"No, she will not have a solo film, ... haven't thought about it but thanks. Yes she will appear in the next film. As a matter of fact she is the key character in the project I am working on with other directors. Baylee's voice captures her character in such a perfect way that, it's impossible for me to imagine her without Baylee's voice. To me she has the same attachment Morgan Freeman has with like ... everyone? You should see her when she's recording though. Behind the scenes she is this goof ball and makes the funniest noises mimicking other characters, then once she becomes the Dutchess - there is this faint aura around - and she speaks... that's when you know it's getting real."

Baylee Estep has voiced The Black Dutchess ever since her debut in MERC III[2015]. I can not wait to get more of her action on screen, but 'She will be a key figure?' That led me to ask about this 'Project' of his.

GTAV Filmmakers Association

He mentioned that he has been working on a project that was bigger than him. An association known as the GFA or GTAV Filmmakers Association has recently been formed. It's a union comprised of various talented filmmakers such as Nick himself, Brandon Dean [Prodigy Films], Mike Sanchez [Killer Videos], Randolph Hunter, drinkz and Oaks Aonp[KNRT], Pebbles LaShan [Sneakee_P], Mark Quin [Veddi the Devil] and others. Some of whom are involved in the project Nick is currently working on.

"If you think my film projects are big, this one will fry you, it's colossal. It's so big, it's called Colossus."

After smirking at some inevitable puns and jokes that usually follow the phrase 'that's what she said', he continued.

"What we have going is a universe where every director will tell their own story. After a release of their own solo films, a big film will follow, which will bring all those story characters together. I can't tell you any plot details, sorry. However, I can show you a bit of what my film has so far."

My eyes sparkled as he passed over his laptop to me. I was not ready for this at all. It's almost as if he handed me gold and told me to run. I am not so humble as to deny that offer.

I was blessed today with the chance to not only interview Nick Mabukz, but also catch up on old times over some latte. We were college students in the same institution after all. However, above all that I was able to watch the opening to his upcoming film, 'The Pledge'.

"Why 'The Pledge'? Well, Ciley and Nick never really realized the forces that drove them to love the city that is Los Santos. They aren't bad people, but then again they aren't good people. They break the law and get away with it. They never really pay the price. However, what they can do is Pledge to always protect what they call home. Kinda like how you hate your parents and do bad things but... when they are in any danger or need help, you can almost be ready to lay your life on the line. I would hope so!"

After watching the first scene for myself, words could not explain how exciting it was for me. That hot-blooded scene was so throttling, I could smell burnt silt and feel the heat exhaust off the engines. I am telling you right this moment, that this scene will not let you blink. It is so action packed and full of moments that will keep you at the edge of your seat. I have honestly never seen an opening that is so direct. The intensity rises from zero to four and right as you are waiting for five, it's already at ten. Spectacular camera work then never let's you miss any awesomeness and pulls you right into the moment. You will at one point see Ciley do something and make you go, "Did she just do that?" He asked me not to leak any information so you should most likely look forward to it.

The_Pledge comes out soon only on Renegade Comics/Youtube.

FROST 2.3 | Scene/Clip: The Package


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      Games KNRT Drinkz. (Drinkz) 8 months ago

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      All is gonna be awesome!

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