'Bleach' Soul Society: Is it heaven??

  1. belleart profile image89
    belleartposted 4 years ago

    'Bleach' Soul Society: Is it heaven??

    Ive been watching bleach for about a year now, and I havent been able to figure out whether the soul society is heaven or not...I mean its very hierarchical, you can live in poverty and die there..Plus it seems like you can also be born there as Rukia and the other soul reapers dont know a lot of stuff about earth...its very confusing....any thoughts???

  2. Jeremy Gill profile image98
    Jeremy Gillposted 2 years ago

    Hello, belleart. It's been awhile since you asked this question, and since I've seen Bleach, but I'm confident Soul Society isn't heaven. Throughout the show, we see many problems, violence, pain, and death occur in Soul Society, things that most of us believe don't exist in heaven. If I remember correctly, in Bleach's universe, life is a cycle: when you die on Earth, your soul may enter Soul Society; if you die there, you may be reborn back onto Earth.