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freddie gibbs hip hop music better then lil wayne real rap awesome flow

Updated on May 27, 2014

Freddie Gibbs Real Rap

Real hip hop Freddie Gibbs, he's above the  fake crap rap produced by rappers like Lil Wayne
Real hip hop Freddie Gibbs, he's above the fake crap rap produced by rappers like Lil Wayne

Freddie gibbs real hip hop real music better then fake lil wayne

I don't know about most people but rap has always been a true art in my opinion, real music like jazz funk soul set to poetry. Yes explicit poetry but it was told how it truly is out there. Hip hop seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Lil Wayne who once had some credibility has lead the change of hip hop in the wrong direction. He is followed by corrections officer Rick Ross bringing down lyrics removing rhyme scheme only to present us with grunts and other weird noises. I could name a bunch of rappers out now who would be laughed at just back in 2001. The music has lost its appeal too, yes samples are a huge part of the art form. But sample something good, the samples you hear now aren't the same. Rappers like Soulja Boy aren't far behind with the destruction of rap. His raps contain no rhymes he just talks on a beat, and insults our troops over seas. I didn't think rap could get as bad as it has. Kanye West devolved into a crappier rapper but people in the hipster world seemed to enjoy his weird attire and skinny jeans. Thinking he can sing with auto-tune is still a joke. Now after all this bashing allow me to show the light in the tunnel. Freddie Gibbs has only been known on the scene for a few years but is probably the best new rapper in a decade. He attacks the songs with a flow similar to a guitar or saxophone solo. What i mean is he speeds up his flow slows down and double times his rap flow. While he does this he still rhymes multiple times per sentence. He stays true to the art form. His lyrics are very real speaking about things that matter. Sure he'll have a smoking song or drinking song but its never his entire album. Even his made for radio songs are above most. His voice is never boring and his music makes you feel like you're there. He samples amazing songs like winter sadness by kool and the gang and adds a new lyrical layer to it. Now before you say no, this guy doesn't know anything etc. listen to any one of his songs and tell me after you hear it you don't want to purchase the song or an album by him. At the very least you will admit this guy is extremely good and talented. I challenge you to listen to a song by him and honestly comment on my page and tell me he isn't what hip hop is truly about.

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What rap is without this kind of rapper

How is it that Gibbs is still in the background and not in the mainstream. This is what a rapper should be someone who hits hard and sounds like he understands struggle. He is believable when he speaks, when I hear Rick Ross talk about pushing kilo's I don't believe him. It actually blows my mind that anyone would believe that an ex police officer would do that. I'm not saying there aren't crooked cops but then you also don't feel like it was something that he had to do. It was something that he wanted to do if he was being a crooked cop. Still if your a crooked cop rap about being a crooked cop that would actually be a cool view to rap from. Many rappers will over shoot what they've done and its too be expected. Not everyone could have killed this many people, and not everyone has sold this much dope. I'm sure that only a select few have actually done half the stuff they say. But when a sham like Officer Ricky or Lil Wayne come out and talk about killing people and selling ridiculous amounts of drugs I say maybe in the line of duty you did officer. Lets be real the rap game is weak today, but why can't someone this good make it. Is he too good for todays rap, or Is he to real for what listeners want today. Rap is only about being rich today not how you get there. I guess the back in the day being able to get a rich guys lady while being broke was cool. Today it's all about being the rich guy who can buy his girl whatever she wants making the guy seem like a punk in my eyes. Why don't we let guys like Freddie Gibbs bring back rap. Let it have a voice again. Lets flood the rap game with legends like nas or busta rhymes. lets continue to push rappers like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. Lets put underground guys like twisted insane or snow tha product to the mainstream line. Lets hear what some other rappers can do other then these non rhyming techno beat slave rappers.


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