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Freddie Mercury's Teeth

Updated on August 23, 2017

Why The Problem With Freddie Mercury’s Teeth Was Never Rectified?

The singer Freddie Mercury was a very talented singer/song writer and yet although he could have arranged to get his teeth fixed he chose not to. There are many reasons why Freddie Mercury's teeth remained the same even though the problem with them could easily be fixed.

Freddie suffered from a condition that causes the upper teeth to overlap the top ones. This is more commonly referred to as overbite and can be a result of a couple of things. It could be something that is hereditary, meaning other members of his family suffered from it or it could be caused by him simply sucking on his thumb as a child at lot. But in the case of Freddie Mercury's teeth the problem was the result that on his upper jaw he had an additional four teeth.

teeth of freddie
teeth of freddie

As already mentioned above he could quite easily have gotten this problem rectified, but chose not to. The main reason of course he chose not to have the problem rectified was he was concerned that it would affect his singing voice. Unlike some other singers both then and today his vocal range was amazing as covered 4 octaves.

The actual treatment also would take quite some time to complete and this may have meant him having to cancel tours or appearing on shows. Plus it also meant that there would be times when the group would be unable to record any new music.

Duel Debate

What do you think?

Did he make the right choice?

freddie mercury
freddie mercury

Also what may have helped him in deciding not to have the work carried out to rectify the problem is of course it become a feature and very much part of whom Freddie was. For many people looks to them weren’t everything what they wanted to enjoy when watching Queen perform was to listen to Freddie’s amazing voice. How Freddie Mercury’s teeth just didn’t come into it.

Listen to his voice.


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A Bit About The Freddie Mercury Biopic Movie

Finally someone has made the decision to do a Freddie Mercury biopic movie. The person who has actually instigated this is a well-known comedian called Sacha Baron Cohen who is famed for such characters as Ali G and Bruno.

The movie is one that will cover the years when Queen first came to fruition and will look at Freddie’s life from this point until the groups appearance at one of the most spectacular concerts of all time. Throughout the Freddie Mercury biopic movie not only will you learn more about him but also those he worked closely with and those who became very close friends until the groups appearance at the Live Aid Concert in 1985.

The film itself is going to be produced by Graham King and will be directed by Stephen Frears. As for the screenplay this is written by Peter Morgan who won a Golden Globe for the screenplay for the movie “The Queen” released in 2006.

Do you think he should get his teeth fixed or do you like his teeth?

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    • irminia profile image

      irminia 5 years ago

      Interesting piece of information - that he had 4 extra teeth :)