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Where to Download Free Vocoder Software for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows

Updated on May 29, 2009

What is a Vocoder? Hardware Vocoders vs. Software Vocoders

Ever wonder how you could sound like T-Pain or Kanye? Well the answer begins with a v and ends with an -oder. Yep, a vocoder. To put it simply, a vocoder is a device that manipulates your voice to make it sound different and electronic. There are two types of vocoders in this world: hardware and software. The former are more versatile, but also much more expensive. The MicroKorg, for example, will set you back about $400.

Software vocoders are much cheaper, in fact there are even some free software vocoders available! So you interested in taking the first step in finding out how to find some free vocoder software? Read on, bro, read on.

Ardour, a free software vocoder for Mac OS X and Linux.
Ardour, a free software vocoder for Mac OS X and Linux.

Free Vocoder Software Downloads for Mac OS X (and Linux!)

Mac and Linux users, you're in luck!  Ya'll have the Ardour Digital Audio Workstation available to ya, it's a free (but donations appreciated) open-source audio program that can host Windows VST plugins!  What are VST plugins? Well, they're basically software synthesizers and audio effects that require a host progam to tun them.  Just download some free vocoder VST software and have Ardour run it and voilá, instant vocoder at your disposal!  Later I'll provide some links to free VST vocoder plugins for ya.

Imitate a hardware vocoder with free vocoder software.
Imitate a hardware vocoder with free vocoder software.

Download Free Vocoder Software For Windows

Alright, this is gonna sound a bit strange, but the best free digital audio workstation for Windows is called Linux MultiMedia Studio. Yep, you heard me correctly, it's for Windows and named after Linux. Anyway, LMMS isn't as great as Ardour, but you can't be the price and it will function as a free vocoder just fine. It will handle VST and VSTi plugins just as well, so you'll be vocoding in no time, pilgrim!

Software Vocoder in Action

Where To Download Free Vocoder VST Software

Finding free VST files is a cakewalk, they're literally all over the place.  Anyways to make it easier on you I've done the legwork and located some sites that host free VST vocoders.  Just download a few and play around with them until you find a vocoder that suits your fancy.


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