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Free Gay Films

Updated on April 5, 2011

As more and more free gay films pop up all over the Internet, I'm watching more and more of them. The free gay film industry is expanding really fast with gay filmmakers all over the world uploading their art.  Each free gay film is done by different people all over the world. The majority of these free gay films are gay short films.  Watch a free gay film when you have the time in you daily schedule to watch. Most of them all of have a unique and real message, but it may be hard to see it because the film may be to weird, but they are all enjoyable. I have made many more hubs where you can watch more free gay films and you can watch all of these free gay films online.

That Thing We Do

A young (not too young), really hot, gay male struggles with his sexuality and being open about it with the entire family in this free gay film. We find out that he clearly knows that he is and has accepted it, and has been doing stuff with guys in secret, but he still faces his own identity problems. A visit to his younger cousins house teaches his a life lesson in being free and happy.

Part 1

Part 2


If only hooking up with a "straight gay" was this easy in real life. This is another comedic free gay film about a guy and his ex girlfriends gay friend. He gay friends his friends boyfriend has been checking his out ever since they have went out, and he finally makes his move on his when they are both in the bathroom.

Clearing The Air

This free gay film shows the funny mixed signals that go on in gay land. Sometimes gay guys just can't seem to let go or their straight crush. It's funny how awkward it gets between the two and how calm the straight guy is handling everything. This is a great little gay short film you can laugh at.

Sexy Grandpa

This is a free gay film for all the older men out there. And maybe some younger ones, I can't speak for everyone. It's a silent film, with some really great music to go along with it. Everything is reminiscent of those old 50's movies an it a nice different style than the other modern gay films.


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