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How To Get A Free Instrument.

Updated on August 13, 2013

Why Would Someone Need A Free Instrument?

Everybody falls on hard times. But many children out there want to learn an instrument. It's a skill that lasts a lifetime and every child should have their chance to play, yet many parents can't afford to buy their kids a trumpet for $800 or a trombone for $1200. But there is help for children who have the motivation to learn something new...

Charities donate instruments to people pursuing talents in the school band or at home.

There are many charities who seek to give instruments to students who are wanting to join the band, but their parents can't afford to let them join. Many charities such as Charity Music and Collectibles With Causes seek to give instruments to kids and adults wanting to become musicians.

Some of these charities websites are listed below...

Where do all of these free instruments come from?

All the free instruments that charities give out come from donations from kind men and women who are no longer in need of their instrument. Donators are usually given a tax write off form for their charitable donations. If you would like to donate, here are a few good charities to choose from...


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    • profile image

      Nathalie Ng 10 days ago

      My name is Nathalie Ng and 'm turning 15 this year. I'm from malaysia and I have a music dream...I hope I can be a cellist ! But my family can't afford it so... can I receive a cello...? I really really love cello and I've wish this for more than one year. Ermmm... thanks for reading my comment and can you reply me if you saw this comment...because I'll be waiting...

      Thank You very much..!

    • profile image

      Baltazar magdayao 2 weeks ago

      Hello, me and my friend have plan to form a band but unfortunately we are out of fund to buy drumset and some amps. The purpose of our band is to perform song of praises and gospel music.please help us.

    • profile image

      Tabitha Haines 3 weeks ago

      My son is in band and wants to continue to play band in middle school,the only thing that prevents him to is we can't afford a trombone.can someone help us persue his love of the trombone? Thank you tabitha

    • profile image

      Eugenia Osei Mensah 5 months ago

      We are brass band players and we need instruments to help built our band the better. please we need French horn,trumpets,trombone and flutes.this my number +233505122303.Thank u

    • profile image

      Eugenia Osei Mensah 5 months ago

      We are a band group in my church Methodist but we lack instruments my brother build the band buh he's gone to school it's let with me to continue the band buh we lack instruments so some of the members are no more interested in the band cos they come and sit around and then go home"that's waste of time". needs instruments

    • profile image

      Hope Hambrick 6 months ago


      I am looking for a donation of a new or used drum set for my church. We are a very small congregation and have had the same set of drums for a very long time. They are starting to have tears in them. Is there anyone out here that could find in there heart to donate to my church it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and many blessings.

    • profile image

      sanjay 6 months ago

      Hello, I am a fiji born Hindu. I love music, I play Indian instruments, harmonium, dholak. I would like to start a small church group where we can read , sing and play instruments. For starting up a small church group is not very easy, iamfinancially tight. Need a scale changer harmonium, dholak and lfew tamerins for a start up. Hopefully looking forward to get some help. I live in auburn Washington. My cell phone number is(253)893 9262.thanks. God bless.

    • profile image

      gigigc 7 months ago

      As the author of this post had said, collectibleswithcauses is a great place to both donate to AND receive assistance from. When donating to collectibleswithcauses, you both help others throughout the nation and receive a tax deduction for your donation. For more information visit:

    • profile image

      Sherin Mathew 7 months ago

      Hello. I am pioneering a church and I music teacher too. I can give guitar and bass lessons. God bless

    • profile image

      elizabeth teran 9 months ago

      Hi I have a 14 years old daughter i can't afford an alto sax for her ,she has alopecia en is very concerned and worried for the actual situation because the sax that shes been using is not good at all the person who repair the instruments told us that is not possible to fix it because will be very expensive we bought the sax in craigslist for $350 but is useless and i cant afford another one please help!

    • profile image

      Wendy 11 months ago

      Clarence in San Francisco is in need of an accordion. His broke. He is homeless and uses his instrument as a way to make a living. Please, can someone help Clarence?

      Here is a link to his CL add:

    • profile image

      Kadesh Street 12 months ago

      I'm looking for a bass trombone,and I need one within one month for the band I made the audition for It would be nice if I got a bass trombone.

    • profile image

      keith rumsey 17 months ago

      i am a 60 year old disabled man and would like to learn a musical instrument but i have small hands so i think keyboards is out so i wonder if an auto harp would be best or a suzuke q-ghord which is a digital guitar but i do not have the money to buy a musical instrument what help can i get.

    • profile image 20 months ago

      I am a 52 yr old man, I have CRPS. That is nerve damage to my legs. I have always wanted to play the cello. My problem is I can afford the lessons, but I can't afford the cello. If there is anyone that can help me achieve is goal in my life it would make my life worthwhile. Please can anyone help me achieve this lofty goal. Thank You

    • profile image

      Olivia Kitchens 2 years ago

      I am a senior citizen who dreams of having an alto saxophone.. Doesn't have to be new.. Praying I will get one-

    • Dana Meek profile image

      Dana Meek 2 years ago

      Hello , my name is Dana. Playing music is one of my greatest passions. My plea to you is for a keyboard or an acoustic/electric guitar. To have either one would be truly wonderful. My email is

    • profile image

      Mayra Jacinto 2 years ago

      Hello, I'm looking for donates my son plays alto saxo phone in school and the church but his saxophone and is not work wery well the needs of another and for the moment is not in our possibilities buy one thank you very much for your help my email is

    • profile image

      Succeed Nyakuocha 2 years ago

      Hie, i am a young man who loves to learn music. i am asking if you have a piano, keyboard or bass guitar. My email is

    • profile image

      Claudia Hern├índez 2 years ago

      Hi , Im in need of a Keydoar and a basa guitar amp, My daughter suffers from emotion distress , she loves music, we can affor the instrument THAT she want she is learning by herself reading book,online "YouTube videos" She want to have a carrera in music she is in 7 grade at school she plays The flute . Please help me .

    • profile image

      Michael Moore 2 years ago

      I'm in desperate need of a keyboard. I'm an elderly man that would like to enhance my skills, but have nothing to play on. Can you help?

    • profile image

      Crystal Garrett 2 years ago

      I am single mom who had a son who started in the marching band 5 years ago and it has become his life. He plays the quads but loves the drumset and after 3 years of begging his band director to let them put the drumset in their marching band so he could play and he is doing awesome i saved the money and i got him a drumset but i didnt realize that he needed zildjian cymbals because the ones i got are destroyed now and he can t practice. He has a drumset he cant play cause i cant get cymbals... my email is if you know of anyway i can get for him. He played the national anthem on the drumset before the football game this week and omg he is so good. thanks for your time

    • profile image

      Tanzania odd 2 years ago

      My name Tanza Odd if you have a flute or a violin I'm cripple the instrument would give me inspiration to want to live again and socialize with other people I'm too lonely PLEASE help

    • profile image

      M.D.Roberts 2 years ago

      Hello, I am in need of a bass guitar amp ,I do fund raisers,until it was stolen.Any help would greatly be appreciated,even damaged,Im pretty good with email is,

    • profile image

      B L M 2 years ago

      I am a veteran suffering PTSD and other injuries from being in the military. I used to play the bass guitar years ago, I would like to get back into playing to help with the PTSD, but I am in a financial tight right now so I can not afford an bass guitar nor a amp if anyone has one to donate please let me know-706-594-5218=thanks

    • profile image

      Pastor Mutai 2 years ago

      I am a Pastor of a church in a city called Eldoret in Kenya. I am a choir master too and I am starting a very big and unique worship team in my city where we will be meeting for worship and a training center for church worship leaders and choir organizers. Somebody out there to help me share the vision and reach out for Christ through music. I need a full set of instruments but any available will be highly appreciated.

      God bless you as you assist me bring this big dream into reality.

      Pastor Mutai, Kenya

      +254 711 611 880

    • profile image

      Duodu John 3 years ago

      Hello,i am from Ghana and i love to do God's work could someone help me with any musical instruments.i will be glad thank you.

      my email duodujohn or

      contact 0247892625

    • profile image

      Duodu John 3 years ago

      Hello,i am from Ghana and i love to do God's work could someone help me with any musical instruments.i will be glad thank you.

    • profile image

      shifra 3 years ago


      I am an adult who would like to have a banjo, 5 string and a mandolin, bowl back style with a butter fly on it, they do not have to be fancy just in good working order and look ok. Minor repairs are also ok. I cant afford to buy them and would just love to be able to play them.

      the sites you listed were for children.

      I would be willing to do some barter if needed.

      thank you for this nice and helpful site.

      I can be reached at 617-879-4777 or


    • profile image

      Gloria Russell 3 years ago

      I am looking for grant opportunities, or charity willing to donate instruments to help rebuild band program in a Chicago High School. If you know of anythings please email me at We have so many children who want to play, but very very limited on instruments.

    • profile image

      Pastor .Oswald Tobius Paygar 3 years ago

      Hi I am from Liberia founder of the children for Christ mass choir we are i dying need of musical instrument can you kindly help us . hope to hear from you . my contact is + 231886759852 . email

    • profile image

      Ammishaddai 3 years ago

      May you have undeserved kindness and peace from God the Father with warmth greetings from us also in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

      we shall be most grateful if any one, church or institution can offer us used audio instrument for crusade...just one of your choice. thank you

    • profile image

      Robert Hooks 3 years ago

      Im a young musician try to teach jazz to the youth in New Orleans im trying to get some instruments. Donated. To us if u can help here's my number (504)4853250 it very important that we get the help we need to be successful.

    • profile image

      Evelyn 3 years ago

      Hello, My name is Evelyn. I started taking Harp lessons until I ran out of funds. Its on my bucket list. Not planning to die at 61. I want to finish learning the string harp student lever and pedal. I had to turn my student harp in. That broke my heart. Someone with a heart give a sting harp to a senior wanting to continue learning. Thank you!

    • profile image

      Melissa Arellano 3 years ago

      Hello, My name is Melissa. I have taken a few courses of music at school as an elective and fell in love with playing instruments. I really loved playing the violin. I really want to continue, but I can't afford to buy my own instrument or pay for private sessions. I would appreciate any help with getting a violin. Contact

    • profile image

      Chris Bartholic 3 years ago

      I'm 14 yrs old and i want to learn to play trombone especially F Trigger trombone. I can be emailed at

    • profile image

      LCoulter 3 years ago

      Hi, i am dissabled and i would like an acoustic guitar to play and learn more on. There are a lot of good ones out there. I cant afford one tho. Please help. 309-338-2122

    • profile image

      shanna Pressley 3 years ago

      My about to be 13 year old daughter is interested in learning how to play the flute but her dad and I can't afford one. We are split up but he is sick and can't work and I lost my fiancée about nine months ago and lost my job. Please help us. We have no income and would love for her to be able to play. I can be emailed at and the only contact number I have is (706) 757-2200. Please & Thank you! God Bless!

    • profile image

      Jhollo85 3 years ago

      I was wondering if you guys could help me. Music is my passion. I had my home broken into and I have a Roland keyboard piano and a Warwick German steamer bass and amp stolen a while ago and the police have come up with nothing. It is the thing that my four year old was starting to love and it broke his heart and it was the hardest thing to do trying to explain to him that someone had taken it and that it is gone. But my question is that if you guys had some kind of program to help people get cheap or free instruments. I'm really desperate. I feel like my love and life had been ripped from me. I'm 29 years old, I have custody of my 4year old that loves to practice with me learning to play and I've been laid off from a job a was at for years after the company shut down. And on top of that I'm battling HHC which is a type of liver cancer. All I can do right now is practice in my head. So if you have any news for me please let me know.

      Extremely Thankful,

      Joey Holloman


    • profile image

      deangello matthews 3 years ago

      I want an electric hollow body guitar please so tha I can learn and play for my church the phone number is 314 327 0302 thanks and god bless

    • profile image

      Troy Klapperich 4 years ago

      I am 35 years old, extremely bipolar, get chronic migraines, have chronic asthma, and have a bad knee. I want a violin to learn and play more than anything right now. I have found that music soothes me more than any pill or drug. I am currently in the process of filing for disability, and am in the hardest time of my life. If you can help, call 641 220 1562. I live in Stacyville Iowa. Thank you so very very much.

    • profile image

      solmon 4 years ago

      Thanks for this site. I am a keyboard player to now no keyboard for me. I pick rent keyboard for prayers. So I want keyboard

    • profile image

      moe laflamme 4 years ago

      nothing is free are ruing our school bands.... can you fix , play , fix school schedules, hire competent teachers , restore work ethic in US mend broken families .....

    • profile image

      Lydia 4 years ago

      Hi I am wrighting because my son Joseph has been playing the. Banjo sine he was 14. He plays in a band with his brother & a friend. Last night after they played Ross the bass player. Pulled on a cord that was under joes banjo stand. It fell over face forst onto the floor & the neck broke right off. Joseph is truly devastated over it! He cannot afford a new one as he has a car loan & is paying his school loans back. My husband & I cannot afford it either as my husband is retired & I work part time. Is there any chance u could help. :(

    • profile image

      katie 4 years ago

      i want a french horn 8(

    • profile image

      Alyssa 5 years ago

      I want a panio

    • profile image

      AidenBao 5 years ago

      I just donated all my comic book.and my all the kid who need them.but im a kid too,

    • profile image

      jonqesha 6 years ago

      omg this is a good blog

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 6 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      Good info for unemployed music lovers! Get one! Who knows you may discover a talent you didn't know you had. I have often bought musical instruments at Goodwill for pennies on the dollar - often what they have are in need of repair or are just junk but occasionally if you are knowlegable about the instrument you are looking for you can find a quality piece for pennies on the dollar.


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