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Frozen: New Disney Movie

Updated on May 8, 2015


I'm very fond of Disney Movies and when I've learned this one I automatically check for the available DVD I can get, so that I can watch it. And as I expected, it was really worth watching. The story tells about two sisters, that are also princesses, that was introduced since they were little, due to that time an accident happened when little Elsa was unintentionally hits little Anna of her snow magic that caused Anna her life to be endangered. To save Anna the King and Queen (their parents) with the young princesses took a journey to the legendary Valley of the Living Rock to get help out there. The eldest Troll that helped Anna to cast away the magic in her also remove the memory of the incident so that Anna will forget the ability of Elsa to do snow magic. The reason for this is to make Elsa learn to control her magic and protect Anna for another same accident. Then Elsa was decided by the King and Queen to be separated and always be in her room so that she can learn to control her power and also to protect her from the world outside to avoid distress of her power and the set up also made the sisters depressed and alone.

Ten years later, the hopelessness of the royal family worsen when the King and Queen died when the ship destroyed by a storm while they we're in sea travel. Then another three years, the coronation of Elsa was set to turn as Queen, the moment Elsa anxiously not want to do, she was uncertain of her ability be discovered by the people outside. At this a more complicated set up of the story started that made it more interesting.

Well, its time for me to pause now and begin my recommendation to interested viewers out there, I do guarantee that this deserves enough of your time and discover the story yourself it will presents and will surely bring you enjoyment as Disney always do to its viewers.

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