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U2 Fruitlegs

Updated on November 22, 2010

What The Heck Is A Fruitleg?

A music enthusiast can usually find anything he or she wants by any particular artist. Bootlegs are unofficial recordings. Fruitlegs are a group of bootlegs of U2 music. There is often very little information available about these recordings. Some of them are rather lacking in quality. If you are a compulsive collector of U2 music like me you will want to have these for your collection. It seems like every time I turn around there is another Fruitleg available. As I gather information I'll post it here so check back every now and then. In the meantime, enjoy some videos. U2 has commented that they hate the idea of people making money off inferior recordings. With a little research, you should not have to pay for any of the many Fruitlegs out there. I’ll try to provide links to sites where you might find these mp3s. You'll probably have to search for individual songs and put the cds together yourself.

To find information on the artists who made these remixes go to Discogs

If you are looking for U2 sheet music

Is a great place to start.

The Spicelegs

partial information


1. What's Going On (All Star Tribute)

2. Children Of The Revolution (Gavin Friday & Maurice Seezer)

3. Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat (Live Slane Ireland 1984 w/Bob Dylan

4. Sun City (Live - L.Reed ,L.Stevens, N Hendrix)

5. Do They Know It's Christmas (Band Aid)

6. People Get Ready (Live - w/Maria Mckee)

7. Silver & Gold (Keith Richards & Ron Wood)

8. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Live - W/Van Morrison, B.Dylan & E. Costello)

9. Knockin On Heaven's Door (Axl Rose)

10. Lean On Me (Live - R.Kelly,M J Blige Etc)

11. This Land Is Your Land (Bruce Springsteen,Lil Richard, etc)

12. L'Incontro (Andrea Bocelli)


04 North & So uth Of The River ( Chisty Moore & Bono ) 4:13 Christy Moore SINGLE

05 What's The Story Git ( Chisty Moore & Edge ) 2:43 Traveller Album - Christy Moore

06 Aint Rock & Roll ( Ron Wood & Edge ) 3:47

07 Show Me ( Ron Wood & Edge ) 3:35 Slide on This Album - Ron Wood

08 Somebody Else Might ( Ron Wood & Edge ) 4:51 Slide on This Album - Ron Wood

11 The Bucks Of Oranmore ( Hughes Band & Adam Clayton ) 3:23

12 April The 3rd ( Donal Lunny & Edge ) 4:32 Bringing it all Back Home Compilation




02 Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad ( Nancy Sinatra w/ Adam & Larry ) 4:24 From Nancy Sinatra Album

03 Heroine (Theme From Captive Soundtrack The Edge w/ S. O'Connor ) 4:23 *

07 What's Going On ( Live w/ Gwen Stefani) 3:24 **

09 Old Man River ( Eddie Vedeer Live 2005-09-17 ) 1:42



04 Snake Charmer ( Jah Wobble & The Edge ) 2:11

10 Camouflage Of Righteousness ( Little Steven & Adam ) 4:36

12 Vertigo ( Live w/ Ivete Sangalo 2006-02-23 ) 5:19


05 Out Of Control ( Live w/ Exit Local Band 2005-11-01 ) 8:09

07 Sweet Jane ( w/ Maria Mckee ) 3:40


U2 Video Being Shot In Cadiz

A spanish site is reporting that U2’s new video will be filmed next week in Cadiz, Spain. According to the site the film crew will record the clip on July 23 from 9 pm to 4 am, the selected locations are Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza de Candelaria, Campo del Sur, and the area around Baluarte de San Roque y la Avda. The band will not be present for that filming.

The Ballad Of Ronnie Drew - "If You're not Irish that's not your fault"

U2 and friends record a song. Profits go to the Irish Cancer Society.

Rockabye Baby

Not Fruitleg related but way too cute to pass up.

Melon Track Listing

The only official release for the members of U2's Propaganda fan club

"Lemon" (The Perfecto mix) - 8:57

Remixed by Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne

Previously available on the "Lemon" and "Stay (Faraway, So Close!)" single

"Salomé" (Zooromancer remix) - 8:02

Remixed by Pete Heller and Terry Farley

Previously available on the "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" single

"Numb" (Gimme Some More Dignity mix) - 8:47

Remixed by Rollo and Rob Dougan (as "Rob D")

Previously unreleased

"Mysterious Ways" (The Perfecto mix) - 7:07

Remixed by Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne

Previously available on the "Mysterious Ways" single

"Stay" (Underdog mix) - 6:45

Remixed by Underdog

Previously unreleased

"Numb" (The Soul Assassins mix) - 3:58

Remixed by Soul Assassins

Previously unreleased, but later made available on the "Last Night on Earth" single

"Mysterious Ways" (Remixed by Massive Attack) - 4:50

Remixed by Massive Attack

Previously unreleased

"Even Better Than the Real Thing" (The Perfecto mix) - 6:39

Remixed by Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne

Previously available on the "Even Better Than the Real Thing" single

"Lemon" (Bad Yard Club mix) - 8:36

Remixed by David Morales

Previously available on the "Lemon" single

Melon Videos

U2 Mp3s

Here are some places on you might look for the Fruitlegs.

More Melon Track Listing

Bootleg released in 1995

"Can't Help Falling In Love" (Mystery Train Dub Edit) - 4:48

Remixed by Dave Dorrel

"Numb" (Perfecto Remix Edit) - 2:50

Remixed by Perfecto

"God Part II" (Hard Metal Dance - Extended Club Mix) - 6:50

Remixed by Louil Silas Jr. & Taavi Mote

"Mysterious Ways" (The Perfecto Mix) - 7:11

Remixed by Perfecto

"Night And Day" - 6:09

Edited By - Ultra Hot Razor Crew

Remixed by Youth

"Salome" (Zooromancer Revisited) - 10:00

Edited By - Narf

Remixed by Heller & Farley

"Lemon" (Trance In The Perfecto Mix) - 12:00

Remixed by Perfecto

"Even Better Than The Real Thing" (Rhytm Stick Mix) - 7:08

Remixed by Apollo 440, Perfecto

"Until The End Of The World" (Short Life Mix) - 3:50

Edited By - Ultra Hot Razor Crew

More Melon Videos

Mango Track Listing

Bootleg released in 1995

"Lemon" (Oakenfold Jeep Mix) - 5:31

Remixed by Perfecto

"Mysterious Ways" (Ultimate Mix) - 4:26

Remixed by Stereo MC's

"Even Better Than The Real Thing" (Apollo 440 vs U2 Instrumental Remix) - 6:30

Remixed by Apollo 440

"In The Name Of The Father" (I.N.O.F.T. Instrumental Mix) - 5:38

Performed by Bono & Gavin Friday

Remixed by Tim Simenon

"Lemon" (Version Dub) - 6:36

Remixed by David Morales

"God Part II" (Hard Metal Danceclub Mix) - 6:49

Remixed by David Bianco

"New Year's Day" (Special US. Mix) - 4:30

Remixed by François Kevorkian

"Two Hearts Beat As One" (Special US. Mix) - 5:42

Remixed by François Kevorkian

"Mysterious Ways" (Apollo 440 Magic Hour Mix) - 4:26

Remixed by Apollo 440

"When Loves Comes To Town" (Live From The Kingdom Unedited Dance Mix) - 7:45

"In The Name Of The Father" (I.T.N.O.T.F. Unidare Mix) - 6:01

Remixed by Tim Simenon

"Lemon" (Momo's Reprise) - 3:57

Remixed by David Morales

Mango Videos

Grapes Track Listing

Bootleg released in 1996

"Numb" (Remix)

Remixed by EBN

Night And Day" (Twilight Remix)

Remixed by Youth

"Even Better Than The Real Thing" (Hot Tracks Remix)

Remixed by Perfecto

"Lemon" (BYC Version) (Dub Edit Mix)

Remixed by David Morales

"Theme From Mission Impossible" (Junior's Hard Mix)

Remixed by Junior Vasquez

"The Unforgettable Fire" (Propyromix)

Remixed by Narf

"Desire" (Hollywood Remixed by Long Version)

"Even Better Than The Real Thing" (Disc Drive Remix)

Remixed by Disc Drive

"Theme From Mission Impossible" (Mission Accomplished)

Remixed by Dave Clarke

"Viva Davidoff"

Programmed By [Source] - Marius de Vries

Grapes Videos

Orange Track Listing

Bootleg released in 1996

"Bottoms" (Watashitachi No Ookina Yume) (Zoo Station Remix) - 4:13

Remixed by Brian Eno

Can't Help Falling In Love (Mystery Train Dub Edit) - 4:51

Remixed by Dave Dorrel

In The Name Of The Father (I.N.O.F.T. Instrumental Mix) - 5:56

Remixed by Tim Simenon

Salome (Zooromancer Revisted Mix) - 10:01

Remixed by Perfecto

Numb (Remix) - 6:45

Remixed by Ultra Hot Razor Crew

Lemon (Trance In The Perfecto Mix) - 12:04

Remixed by Perfecto

Zooropa (911 Mix) - 8:02

Remixed by 911 (8)

Numb (Perfecto Remix Edit) - 2:48

Remixed by Perfecto

Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (The Temple Bar Edit) - 3:57

Remixed by Paul Barrett

Until The End Of The World (Short Life Mix) - 3:55

Edited By - Ultra Hot Razor Crew

Night And Day (All World Mix) - 6:06

Remixed by Youth

Lemon (BYC Edit) - 5:19

Remixed by David Morales

Apple Track Listing

Bootleg Released in 1999

"Beautiful day" (dream dance remix)

"Beautiful Day" (beautiful dance dub mix)

"BabyFace" (Boy remix)

"Elevation" (kev roy remix)

"In Gods Country" (Rock 2000 Positronic Mix/ Devil In The Remix)

"I'm Not Your Baby" (sky splitter dub mix)

Performed by Sinead O'Conner and Bono

"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (casey's acape)

"New Years Day"

Remixed by Paul Okenfold

"Mothers Of The Disappeared" (Crayon Remix)

Remixed by Crayon

"Stuck In A Moment" (Special Mix WTC Montage)

"Slug" (grain of salt remix)

"Two Hearts Beat As One" (kevorkian remix)

Remixed by François Kevorkian

"Ultraviolet" (Professors Rare Song Compilation Remix)

"With Or Without You" (daft punk vs u2 remix)

"Where The Streets Have No Name" (Johnny Vicious Mix)

Remixed By Johnny Vicious

Apple Videos

Apricot Track Listing

"Acrobat" (Demo 1990)

"Christmas Baby Please Come Home" (original)

"Bass Trap" (original)

"Please" (Factory)

"Peace On Earth / Walk On" (A Tribute To Heroes)

"One" (special live orchestral)

"New Year's Dub" (Skynet mix )

"New Year's Dub"(Hybrid Mix)

"New Year's Day" (A Bit Of U2 Kiss AMC Razormaid Remix)

"New Year's Day" (Skynet Mix Vinyl)

"My Time Hasn't Come" (Joshua Tree Outtake)

"Mofo" (DJ POOP Remix)

"In Gods Country" (Rock 2000 Positronic Mix/ Devil In The Remix)

"Did You Wanna" (Original)

"The First Time" (Innovative Remix)

Apricot Videos

Banana Track Listing

"Mysterious Ways" (Ultimatum Mix)

"Mysterious Ways" (Zooromancer Mix)

"Lemon" (Lemonade Mix)

"Lemon" (Special Mix)

"Lemon" (Serious Def Dub)

"Megamix 1989" (The Soul Assassins Mix)

"Two Hearts Beat As One" (Special Mix - French 12" Remix)

"Desire" (12" Promo Remix)

Blackberry Track Listing

"Be There" (demo)

"Blow Your House Down" (Demo)

"Elevation" (quincey & sonace remix)

"Endless Deep" (Original)

"Hallelujah" (Demo)

"Jesus Christ" (From the Sun Studio Sessions)

"Johnny Swallow" (Original Rare German Import)

"Like A Song" (demo. alt. studio version)

"New Day" (Single Mix)

"October" (Soundtrack Mix)

"Staring At The Sun" (Monster Truck Mix)

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" (demo. alt. studio version)

"Surrender" (demo. alt. studio version)

"The Unforgettable Fire" (Demo)

"Trash, Trampoline And Party Girl"

"Two Hearts Beat As One" (demo 1)

"Two Hearts Beat As One" (demo 2)

"Unchained Melody" (studio version)

Blackberry Videos

Blueberry Track Listing

"Beautiful Day" (DJ Goose Mix)

"Beautiful Day" (Dream Dance Remix)

"Beautiful Day" (White Label Remix)

"Discothèque" (Close To The Edge Mix)

"Discothèque" (Mike Hedges Mix)

"Elevation" (Samplephiliac Mix)

"Even Better Than The Real Thing" (Klass Mix)

"In God's Country" (Rock 2000 Positronic Mix/ Devil In The Remix)

"New York" (Nasty Mix)

"Numb" (Daddy Remix)

"New York" (nice blueberry mix)

"Last Night On Earth" (Crayon's Extended Mix)

Blueberry Videos

Boysenberry Track Listing

"Numb" (Love is Blindness Mix)

"Mofo" (Spacejunk ReMix)

"Love Comes Tumbling" (demo)

"Lemon" (WinGroove Mix)

"In God Country" (John Daly)

"Electrical Storm" (Loop)

"Electrical Storm" (The Groove Pirates Mix)

"Desire" (Hollywood 9.23 Mix)

"Be There" (Alt. Version 1983 outtake)

"Bad" (Diffusion Remix)

"All I Want Is You" (Diffusion Mix)

"Across the Universe"

"A Day Without Me" (Demo)

"Wild Irish Rose" (the 4:49 take)

"Until The End Of The World" (soundtrack version)

"Put 'em under pressure" (Irish World Cup Song)

Boysenberry Videos

Cherry Track Listing

"Beautiful Day" (Quincey & Sonance Remix)

"Beautiful Day" (Dance Remix)

"Satellite Of Love" (Danny Saber Remix)

"Pop Muzik" (Pop Mart Mix)

"New Years Dub" (Mauro Picotto Club Mix)

"Mofo" (Spacejunk Mix)

"Mission Impossible" (Techno Theme remix)

"Last Night On Earth" (First Night In Hell Mix)

"Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me" (Massive Attack Remix)

"Even Better Than The Real Thing" (Instrumental)

"Elevation" (tomb raider mix)

"Elevation" (Biffo Mix)

"Discotheque" (Phat Beats mix)

"Bottoms" (Watashitachi No Ookina Yume) (Zoo Station Remix)

Cherry Videos

Chokecherry Track Listing

“All Because Of You” (Redanka's Indian Summer Vocal Mix Edit)

“Beautiful Day” (Quincey & Sonance Remix) (Radio Edit)

“Elevation” (Paul Van Dyk Dub) (Edit)

“Elevation” (Paul Van Dyk Mix) (Radio Edit)

“Elevatio” (The Vandit Club Mix Edit)

“I'm Not Your Baby” (Zahn Edit)

“Mission Impossible” (Reggae Mix)

“Mothers Of The Disappeared” (a capella)

“Mysterious Ways” (Zahn Edit)

“New Year's Day” (Hybrid Mix Edit)

“New Year's Day” (Ferry Corsten Vocal Radio Edit)

“Numb” (Gimme Some More Dignity Mix Edit)

“October” (Instrumental Edit)

“Please” (UK Edit)

“Staring At The Sun” (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix Edit)

“Zooropa” (Edit)

Clementine Track Listing

“A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel” (Demo R&H Outtake)

“Discothèque” (Stolen Demo Version)

“Electrical Storm” (Demo)

“Hallelujah Here She Comes” (hollywood remix)

“In The Name Of The Father” (Zoo DJ's Break Mix)

“In The Name Of The Father” (Zoo DJs Remix)

“Jump Start” (demo from Million Dollar Hotel Sessions)

“Mofo” (Phunk Phorce Mix) (Edit)

“One” (Different Vocal - Edit)

“She´s A Mystery To Me” (Sun Studio's demo)

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” (Alternative Studio Version 2-83)

“The Ground Beneath Her Feet” (Demo)

“The Ground Beneath Her Feet” (movie rip version)

“Two Shots of Happy One Shot of Sad” (zoo radio acapella 92)

“Vertigo” (Way out West Mix)

“With Or Without You” (Skulduggery Dub)

“With Or Without You” (Skulduggery Vox)

Clementine Videos

Coconuts Track Listing

“What's Going On” (The London Mix)

“Walk On” (Hallelujah Mix)

“U2005 (Manager Mix Medley) - 32:10

“So Cruel” (Chico's Groove Remix)

“Pride” (Live With Homer)

“Miracle Drug” (MOR Mix)

“Electrical Storm” (alt. guitar mix)

“City Of Blinding Lights” (4 Strings Remix)

“Born to Vertigo”

“Wire” (NME Dub Remix)

“Where The Streets Have No Name” (Canucks Intro. Mix)

Coconut Videos

Cranberry Track Listing

“Miracle Drug” (Oxygen Mix) – 4:13

“Beautiful Day” (Very Exclusive Dance Mix Vinyl) – 3:37

“Theme From Mission Impossible” (Mission Accomplished, Cut the Red, Not the Blue) – 4:35

“One” (Liams Epic String Mix) – 4:31

“Van Diemens Land (Ronald Edit) – 2:51

“New Years Day” (Ferry Corsten Less Vocal Extended Mix) – 7:54

“Where The Streets Have No Name” (John O Calaghan Mix) – 4:51

“Elevation” (Paul Van Dyk Dub-Edit) – 4:38

“Discotheque” (Addiction Mix) – 6:14

“New Years Day” (Ferry Corsten Vocal Radio Edit) – 3:54

“Theme From Mission Impossible” (Guru Mix) – 3:25

“Elevation” (Paul Van Dyk Non Vox Mix) – 4:30

“D.M.C. International Megamix – 13:14

Dates Track Listing

"The First Time" (Innovative Remix)

"Stuck In A Moment" (The J Mix)

"Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" (Illusion Mix)

"New York" (loop track)

"New Year's Day" (12" Mix)

"Mothers Of The Disappeared" (Crayon Remix)

"In A Little While" (Nightmare on wax remix)

"Elevation" (Tomb Raider Mix Video Version)

"Electrical Storm" (Ulrick mix)

"Discotheque" (DM Deep Club Mix)

"Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car" (unknown mix)

"Beautiful Day" (Pushpaka Edit mix)

"Batman Theme Song" (version Edge Guitar work)

"Walk On Bye" (demo)

"90's History Mix"

Dates Videos

Dragonfruit Track Listing

“All Because Of You + Vertigo” (redanka remix)

“Bad” (Innovative Remix)

“Can't Help Falling In Love” (Mystery train dub)

“City of Blinding Lights” (Paradise Soul Mix)

“Electrical Storm” (William Orbit Mix)

“Elevation” (Joly Mix)

“Happiness Is A Warm Gun” (The Danny Saber Mix)

“Holy Joe” (Guilty Mix)

“In A Little While” (N.O.W. Remix cafe del mar)

“Miracle Drug” (Redanka's Miracle Dub)

“Mission Impossible” (Theme Mission Accomplished)

“New York” (Nice Mix)

“Pride” (edit)

“People Get Ready” (studio rehearsal)

“The First Time” (Diffusion Remix)

“The First Time” (First Radio demo 92)

“What's Going On” (Dupri Original Mix)

Dragonfruit Videos

Grapefruit Track Listing

"Discothèque" (DM Deep Beats Mix)

"Discothèque" (DM Deep Instrumental Mix)

"Discothèque" (Ruffs New Club Anthem)

"New Year's Day" (Feat. Fabiola Meduse Club Mix)

"Night And Day" (Youths Remix)

"Numb" (Emergency Broadcast Network Mix)

"Staring At The Sun" (Wally Lopez Dr Kucho Remix)

"The Ground Beneath Her Feet" (Remix) shit sound

"Where The Streets Have No Name" (Geko's MegaMix Medley)

"With Or Without You" (Sultan Miche's Sona Afterhours Remix)

"October" (Rosetta Stone Mix)

"Elevation" (Influx Remix)

"Where The Streets Have No Name" (12" Petshop Boys Dance Mix )

"Ultraviolet" (Professors Rare Song Compilation Remix)

"The Ground Beneath Her Feet" (Remix)

Greengage Track Listing

“Beautiful Day” (David Holmes Remix Instrumental)

“City of Blinding Lights” (Paul Epworth Phones PDA in NYC Mix)

“Discothèque” (DM Techno Club)

“Elevation” (DNC Remix)

“Even Better Than The Real Thing” ( Perfecto Mix PPK & Paul)

“Lemon” (Momo's Beats)

“Mission Impossible” (Dave Clarke Remix)

“Mission Impossible” (Guru Mix)

“Mysterious Ways” (Manifesto Mix)

“New Years Day” (World Love Intro Unvocal Mix)

“New Years Day” (The Edge Electro Mix)

“Staring At The Sun” (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix)

“The Sweetest Thing” (Demo)

“When Love Comes To Town” (Live From The Kingdom Mix)

“Where The Streets Have No Name” (Ralph Falcon unreleased mix)

“Where The Streets Have No Name” (Nu-Nrg Remix)

Kiwi Track Listing

“Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk / Korova”

“Can't Help Falling In Love” (Triple Peaks Remix)

“Desire” (Hollywood Remix)

“Even Better Than The Real Thing” (Sexy Dub Mix)

“Even Better Than The Real Thing” (Apollo 440 Stealth Sonic Remix)

“Even Better Than The Real Thing” (V16 Exit Wound Remix)

“God Part II” (Remix)

“Lady With The Spinning Head” (Extended Dance Mix)

“Mysterious Ways” (Solar Plexus Extended Club Mix)

“Night And Day” (Steel String Remix)

“The Fly” (The Lounge Fly Mix)

“Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses” (The Temple Bar Remix)

Kiwi Videos

Lime Track Listing

“Fast Cars” (Jacknife Lee Mix)

“With Or Without You” (Bootleg Remix 2003)

“Beautiful Day” (Oakenfold Mix)

“Two Hearts” (Club Version)

“All Because Of You” (Killahurtz Fly Mix)

“City Of Blinding Lights” (Paradise Soul Vocal Mix)

“Where The Streets Have No Name” (Johnny Viscious 1998 NYC Underground House Mix)

“Miracle Drug” (Redanka Mix)

“Mothers of the Disappeared” (Rainbow Remix)(Peter Hanning)

“The First Time” (Burnin' Rubber Mix) (Peter Hanning)

“Ave Maria” (Jacknife Lee Mix)

“October” (Wallly Baderou Remix)

“New Year's Day” (12'Mix)

“Stay, Faraway So Close” (Craig Amstrong Mix)

Lychee Track Listing

“Beautiful Day” (Perfecto Mix Timo Maas)

“Beautiful Day” (Paul Oakenfold 2004 Remix)

“City of Blinding Lights/Clocks” (U2 & Coldplay)

“Discotheque” (Party Remix)

“Elevation” (Paul Van Dyk Non Vox Mix)

“Last Night On Earth” (First Night In Hell Mix) (Zahn Mix)

“Megamix” (DMC Mastermix 200 pop)

“Mission Impossible” (Junior's Hard Dub)

“Mysterious Ways” (Tabla Motown Remix)

“Numb” (Gimme Some More Dignity Mix Short)

“New Year's Day” (IgorZ Trance Remix)

“So Cruel” (Jaywhy The Experimental Mix)

“Southern Man” (studio rehearsal)

“Stay (Faraway, So Close!) ” (Craig Armstrong Mix)

“Vertigo” (Jacknife Lee Remix)

“Where The Streets Have No Name” (White House Mix)

“Zoostation” (GhP remix)

Lychee Videos

Mandarine Track Listing

“All Because Of You” (Redanka's Indian Summer Vocal Mix Full Length)

“Beautiful Day” (Exclusive dance remix)

“City of Blinding Lights” (Phones P.D.A. In N.Y.C. Mix)

“Discothèque” (Hexidecimal Mix)

“Elevation” (Paul Van Dyk Mix)

“Even Better Than The Real Thing” (Epic Strings Mix)

“Lemon” (Trance Mix)

“Mission Impossible” (Junior's Hard Dub II)

“Mission Impossible” (Junior's Tribal Beats)

“New Year's Day” (7'' Radio Edit 16 Bar)

“Peace On Earth” (For America - John Masecar)

“Stay (Faraway, So Close!) ” (soundtrack version)

“Staring At The Sun” (Brothers In Rhythm Ambient Mix)

“Springhill Mining Disaster” (studio version)

“Vertigo” (Elvis(imp) & Bono - Elvis The Final Bombs PDX)

“Where The Streets Have No Name” (Denki Groove Japan Techno Easy Sound Mix)

“With Or Without You” (Electrofied Mix)

Miracle Berry Track Listing

“Dirty Day” (Junk Day Mix) – 4:42

“The First Time” (2001 Mix) – 3:53

“Patrol Car Blues” (Edge & Dave Stewart) – 4:41

“Pride” (Single/Long Version) – 4:40

“A Good Man” (Bono & Dave Stewart) – 3:07

“Stories For Boys” (early demo from Just For Kicks) – 2:37

“Where The Streets Have No Name” (Back To The Future Mix) – 5:00

“Discotheque” (DM Deep Beats Mix) – 4:03

“Something’s Better Than Nothing” (Edge & Teen Commandments) – 3:41

“Zooropa” (Young Astronauts Club Mix) – 5:30

“With Or Without You” (Adam G Vocal Dub Mix) – 7:13

“With Or Without You” (Adam G Mix) – 3:22

“With Or Without You” (Adam G Dub Mix) – 6:51

“If God Will Send His Angels” (Wingroove “Midi” Mix) 4:56

“Mofo” (Roni Size Remix Track Sample) – 1:59

“Falling At Your Feet” (The Ali Remix Mono) – 2:11

“Falling At Your Feet” (The Ali Remix Stereo) – 2:12

Miracle Berry Videos

Mulberry Track Listing

“Vertigo” (J Batcave mix)

“Vertigo” (Jacknife Lee 7'')

“Vertigo” (Jacknife Lee 10'')

“Vertigo” (Jacknife Lee 12'' Instrumental)

“Vertigo” (Jacknife Lee 12'')

“Vertigo” (K.O. Tripped Out Dubstrumental)

“Vertigo” (Redanka Power Mix)

“Vertigo” (Temple Bar Mix)

“Vertigo” (Trent Reznor Remix)

“Vertigo” (U2 vs WOW)

“Vertigo” (Live From Brooklyn Bridge)

“Vertigo” (K.O. Ride the Trip Mix)

“Vertigo” (fades in at End of Song instrumental)

“Vertigo” (Dizzy Remix)

“Vertigo” (Day Tripper Mix)

“Vertigo” (Close to the Edge Mix)

“Vertigo” (Breaks Mix)

“Vertigo” (Batucada Tecno Remix)

Papaya Track Listing

“Mission Impossible” (Hard Mix remixed by J.Vasquez)

“In The Name Of The Father” (Oriental Instrumental Mix)

“Zooropa” (US Radio Edit)

“Numb” (Perfecto Reverse Remix)

“Night And Day” (All World Youth Mix)

“Lemon” (Trance In The Perfecto Mix)

“Giant Ultra Mix”

“Even Better Than The Real Thing” (Hot Trax Remix)

“Until The End Of The World” (Temple Bar Mix)

“Even Better Than The Real Thing” (Instrumental Twin Peaks Remix)

“Mysterious Ways” (Solar Plexus Club Mix Edit)

Peach Track Listing

“Beautiful Day” (Quincey and Sonance Mix)

“Elevation” (The Vandit Club Mix)

“MOFO” (Phunk Phorce Mix)

“Beautiful Day” (David Holmes Mix)

“Elevation” (Influx Mix)

“MOFO” (Mother's Mix)

“If God Will Send His Angels” (The Grand Jury Mix)

“Holy Joe” (Garage Mix)

“Elevation” (Tomb Raider Mix)

“Mission Impossible” (Juniors Hard Mix Edit)

“Last Night on Earth” (First Night in Hell)

“Elevation” (Escalation Mix)

Pear Track Listing

“Dancing Barefoot”

“BabyFace” (Boy remix)

“Wanderer” (Soundtrack)

“Until The End Of The World” (soundtrack)

“Stuck In A Moment You Can´t Get Out Of” (Acoustic)

“Stuck In A Moment” (WTC Mix)

“Peace On Earth” (WTC Mix)

“Peace On Earth” (Remember Remix)

“Staring At The Sun” (Sad Bastards)

“Staring At The Sun” (Lab Rat Mix)

“Slide Away” (with Michael Hutchence)

“Mega Mix” (12:42)

“Lady With The Spinning Head”

“I'm Not Your Baby” (w/ Sinead O'Connor)

Pear Videos

Pineapple Track Listing

“Numb” (Video Remix)

“Can't Help Falling In Love” (Mystery Train Dub Edit)

“Night And Day” (Twilight Remix)

“God Part II” (The Hard Metal EFX Weapon Dance Mix Of Art)

“Even Better Than The Real Thing” (Hot Tracks Remix)

“Lemon” (Bad Yard Club Version Dub Edited)

“Desire” (Hollywood Full Length Promo Remix)

“The Unforgettable Fire” (Propyro Mix)

“Until The End Of The World” (Ultra Hot Razor Cut)

Plum Track Listing

“Beautiful Day” (Oakenfold the Perfecto dub Mix)

“City Of Blinding Lights” (Phones P.D.A. in N.Y.C. Mix)

“I still Haven't Found What I’m Looking For” (A Cappella Mix)

“Mofo” (Full Moon Rock Mix)

“Slug” (Jungle Remix)

“Re-Wired” (Wiseass Remix by Jeep Grrlz)

“Re-Wired” (7" Edit by Jeep Grrlz)

“Re-Wired” (2 Sheep Mix)

“New Years Day” (Kevorkian Mix)

“Miracle Drug” (Redanka Clean Remix)

“Happiness Is A Warm Gun” (The Gun Mix)

“Electrical Storm” (Orbit Mix from WXRT)

Pomegranate Track Listing

“A Celebration” (Drew Williamsen remix)

“Discothèque” (Ruff'n'Tumble Remake)

“Do You Feel Loved” (in da gay bar mix)

“In A Little While” (U2 vs. J-Lo)

“Sunday Bloody Harry” (U2 vs. Gorillaz)

“Until the End of the World” (Russ-TV Mix) (U2 vs. The Doors)

“Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own” (Club Mix )

“Pride In The Name of Love” (Remix 1995)

“Mofo” (House Flavour Mix)

“New York” (Extended Version 12")

Pomegranate Videos

Potatoes Track Listing

“Are You Gonna Wait Forever” (Pure Instrumental Mix)

“Alex Descends Into Hell” (Mr. D's Full On Cinematic Remix)

“Crumbs From Your Table” (Pure Instrumental Mix)

“Class Reunion” (Wyclef & Edge on guitar 2003)

“Even Better Than The Real Thing” (Tango Remix)

“Electrical Storm” (Captainemo's remix)

“Electrical (Sand) Storm” (dj sandstorm mix)

“Lemon” (Sloth Remix)

“Miracle Drug” (loop track)

“Mofo / Tomorrow” (River Goat remix)

“Staring At The Sun” (audio ripped from video)

“The Wanderer” (E//89 Mix)

“Vertigo” (Native Smon Mix)

“Walk On” (Captainemo's remix)

“Where The Streets Have no Name” (WMC 2004 mix)

“When I Look At The World” (All Kinds Of Chaos Remix)

Raspberry Track Listing

“Discotheque” (Howie B , Hairy B Mix)

“Discotheque” (DM Deep Extended Club Mix)

“Where The Streets Have No Name” (Johnny Vicious Mix)

“Pop Muzik” (Demo)

“Mofo” (Romin Remix)

“Mofo” (Mother's Mix )

“Lemon” (Need 4 Speed Mix)

“Holy Joe” (Garage Mix)

“Even Better Than The Real Thing” (V16 Exit Wound Remix)

“Elevation” (Paul Van Dyk Remix)

Starfruit Track Listing

“Beat on the Brat”

“Dirty Day” (Bitter Kiss Mix)

“80's History Mix”

“Twlight” (Single Version mix)

“The Hands That Built America” (The Edit + 2.5 Varispeed)

“The Fool” (1st Demo Tape)

“Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own” (JakeyVegas remix)

“Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own” (Growing Up Mix)

“Snake Charmer” (The Edge with SnakeCharmer)

“New Years Day” (Ferry Corsten mix)

“If God Will Send His Angels” (Heaven On Earth Remix)

“I Will Follow” (War Stories Mix)

“Electrical Storm” ( DJ Ãaco Remix)

Starfruit Videos

Strawberry Track Listing

“Zoo Station” (Rock 2000 Mix)

“Lemon” (Lemonade Mix)

“Mofo” (Matthew Roberts Remix)

“Mysterious Ways” (Rock 2000 Mix)

“Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car” (Perfecto Remix)

“Mofo” (Rock 2000 Mix)

“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” (Rock 2000 Mix)

“Do You Feel Loved” (Alien Groove Sensation)

“Discotheque” (Rock 2000 Mix)

“With or Without You” (Double You Mix)

Tangerine Track Listing

“City of Blinding Lights” (White Labe Mix Side B)

“City of Blinding Lights” (White Label Mix Side A)

“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” (the Chimes Boom Dub Mix)

“Pride” (The J History Mix)

“Staring At The Sun” (Oakenfold mix live)

“Ultraviolet” (Mercurio + Paul Remix)

“Where The Streets Have No Name” (the J History Mix)

“With Or Without You” (Axne & Fred Remix)

“With Or Without You” (The J History Mix)

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” (Spiral Tribe Mix)

“Miracle Drug” (Alternate Mix)

“Discothèque” (Hexidecimal Mix Edit)

“Discothèque” (DM Tec Radio Mix Edit)

Tomatoes Track Listing

“Beautiful Day” (Paul Oakenfold Perfecto Mix)

“Always (a) Beautiful Day”

“Discothèque” (Mariano Puppo Birthday Remix)

“Discotheque” (Stolen Demo Version)

“Discothèque” (WinGroove Mix)

“Miracle Drug” (Single Version)

“Miracle Drug” (The J Tree Mix)

“Mofo” (black hole dub mix)

“One Step Closer” (Pure Instrumental Mix)

“Popmart promo Tour dates clip”

“U2 Vs Prodigy” (Vertigo Girls Remix)

“Vertigo” (Clubbie Bielzetrekker mix)

“Vertigo” (Sunrise Mix)

“Wake Up Dead Man” (wingroove midi mix)

“Wild Irish Rose” (Tv Broadcast Source)

“Wire” (unforgettable sessions)

Tomatoes Videos

White Sapote Track Listing

“Trevor” (demo)

“Tonight” (demo)

“The Fool” (Alt. Version demo)

“The Darkest Night” (demo)

“Tell Them The Story” (pre Joshua Tree demo)

“Spanish Eyes” (pre Joshua Tree demo)

“Present Tense” (pre Joshua Tree demo)

“Pop Muzik” (demo)

“Pop Muzik” (demo long version)

“Mysterious Ways” (Illicit Club Mix White Label)

“Move Up Race Against Time” (pre Joshua Tree demo)

“Jack In The Box” (demo)

“Inside Out” (demo)

“In The Door Step” (pre Joshua Tree demo)

“In My Dream” (demo)

“I Threw A Brick” (demo)

“Goldeneye” (demo 2)

“Goldeneye” (demo 1)

“Get You Down” (demo)

“False Prophet” (demo)

“Elevation” (Paul van Dyk Vox Edit)

“Elevation” (Paul van Dyk Dub)

“Electrical Storm” ( BBC Radio One Demo)

“Discothèque” (Ruff's American Dream )

“Diamond Store” (pre Joshua Tree era)

“Dance With Me Baby” (pre Joshua Tree demo)

“Beautiful Day” (Perfecto Dub White label12")

“Back Mask” (non Salome Achtung track)

“And You Didn't Make Any Enemy” (pre Joshua Treedemo)

“Wire” (Unforgettable Fire Sessions)

“Wire” (NME dub mix)

“Wire” (MFSL Gold Mix)

“Wire” (remix)

“Wire” (Unforgettable Fire Sessions)

“Where The Streets Are Free At Last”

What do you think of the fruitlegs? Do you have a favorite? Do you know of something that isn't here?

Get Fruit-loopy

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I may be politically correct but the The Ballad Of Ronnie Drew and U2, the Dublinners and more was such good fun - it wich I was there and sometime would like to be Irish. I'll have to make do with Guinness

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      most are good but the quality of some songs is not they should put all the rubbish songs on one and call it dangleberrys because that is what it would be thanks


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