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frustration by Jai capone

Updated on August 4, 2012


Frustration is the title of track #2 of my album.

As you read the title you probably thought, hmm what a negative word. It is yes, but its also an emotion, just the same as anger, a person can not choose whether to be frustrated or not, at the right moment or a bad moment. Some people may be able to hold in more anger and frustration than others, its ok to feel these kind of emotion’s, its expressing them that is a problem.

There was a time where I was really down in the dump’s and frustrated with everything and just about any thing. To a point where as I was snapping a lot at people close to me, I knew that this wasn’t a right way to express, so I tried putting it into words and turned my frustration into creativity.

I started off writing the chorus “Head hand held, down in frustration, good inside gone, devilish mutation, true colours dimmed, from the darkness within, I need ta, enlighten my soul, got to get out of this hole, that I’m in, scratching at my skin, tearing out my hair, stuck in a nightmare, I have to help myself repair, not always relying on spiritual Prayers!

After writing it I had to put it in to practice with the instrumental that I was currently working on at the time. It took me a good few takes to find the right way to say what I was saying with the music, but I eventually got there.

I then had to think of the right line to start the track off, which was “Its hard to explain why I feel so aggrieved” I chose to write that line because it is hard to explain to people why I get annoyed or what have you, people don’t actually listen to you when you are speaking to them directly, they are too concerned with having there say. Well its what annoys me any way.

So when I wrote this three verse track I felt that it needed something else, a female touch if you like, so I met up with this girl who I thought had an incredible voice and she took the track away and added some over dubs and sang over the “bridge” or “break” which gave it the finishing touch.

Well Thank you for taking the time to read and here it the link to the track.

Regards Jamie.


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