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Full House Soundtrack and Music List

Updated on January 17, 2018

Full House Soundtrack Videos

I admit it. I am totally hooked on the Korean romantic comedy drama Full House as well as its original soundtrack—I'm sure you are too. The soundtrack itself perfectly matches the light love story and quirkiness of the main characters.

The songs on the Full House soundtrack have a melodramatic and catchy sound. Listening to the songs, will have you reliving the unfolding drama of two people from two different worlds falling in love.

Take a peek and listen to the catchy music played from this popular Korean drama series!

Full House Soundtrack Track List

1. Full House (Instrumental)

2. Oon myung - Why

3. Forever (Instrumental)

4. I Think I - Byul

5. Shi (Instrumental)

6. Chin Goo Ran Mal - Noel

7. Oon Myung (Full Slow Instrumental)

8. Blue Hills (Instrumental)

9. Oon Myung (Slow Version) - Why

10. I Think I (Guitar Instrumental)

11. Neut Ge Pin Sarang (Too Late) - G-soul

12. Forever - Why

13. Oon Myung (Semi Slow Instrumental)

14. Love At The Gate (Instrumental)

15. Go Ma Wuh Hal Ge Yo - Byul

16. Neut Ge Pin Sarang (Too Late)(Violin Instrumental)

17. Amazing Love (Instrumental)

18. Paradiso (Instrumental)

19. Oon Myung (Instrumental)

4. I Think I - Byul

Lyrics to "I Think I"

Kurolli optago anilkkorago midotjyo hmmm..

Naega gudael / saranghandani maldo andwijyo hmmmm..

Kwae-nhan jiltu-il-kkorago / naega wiro-un kabodago

Jashinul so-kyom-watt-jiman / ije donun nan / kamchul suga onnun-golyo


I think I love you kuron-gabwayo

Cause I miss you kudae-man omsumyon

Na(n) (a)mugotdo mo-thago jakku

(u) saeng-gang-nago iron-gon bomyon amu-rae-do

I'm falling for you nan mullat-jiman

Now I need you onu-saen-ga nae mam

Kipun gose aju kuke jarichamun kudaeye mosubul ijen puwayo

Urin ano-ullindago chin-gu guke ddak chuhtago hmmm…

Hanabuto yolkae todaeche mwo han-ge-rado mannunke onnunde

Ottohke sagwil su-in-nyago / maldo andwaenu-nae-girago

Malhamyo dullo daet-jiman / ijedonun nan / kurogiga shi-rhun-goryo

Repeat Chorus

Nan mollatjyo kudae-ranun-gol wooohh..

Wae monbwatjyo baro apinde hoo yeah..

Kudong-an irohke baro nae-gyote issonnunde

Wae ijesoya sarangi bo-inun-gonchi hooohh..

(Naege sarangul chumyon andwenayo

Gudae chongmal andwenayo

Ijenun kudae-rul itorok sarang-hanunde)

Repeat Chorus

5. Shi (Instrumental)

6. Chin Goo Ran Mal - Noel

7. Oon Myung (Full Slow Instrumental)

8. Blue Hills (Instrumental)

10. I Think I (Guitar Instrumental)

11. Neut Ge Pin Sarang (Too Late) - G-soul

13. Un Myung (Full Slow Instrumental)

14. Love at the Gate

15. Go Ma Wuh Hal Ge Yo - Byul

16. Neut Ge Pin Sarang (Violin Instrumental)

17. Amazing Love (Instrumental)

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Did you enjoy listening to the Crowded House soundtrack? Comments are highly appreciated!

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    • jethrosas profile image


      6 years ago from Philippines

      I'm a big fan of watching asian series esp. korean drama. Thanks for sharing one of my favorites. I never forget Full House as it is the trend when I was in high school. :)

    • ElectroFind profile image


      6 years ago

      Hey nice lens, I made a lens on where to find house music. So if any of you like electro house music I would really appreciate if you checked out my lens ad let me know what you think.

      Thanks for the support


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