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Fun Office Accessories And Stationary!

Updated on June 15, 2014

Make The Hours Count!

Lucky are those who keep boredom at bay in their offices! An interesting profession might throw new challenges and adventures your way every day. But even the most battle hardened veteran face burn outs sometimes. This is when monotony sets in. Interest in work begins to take a backseat and all you can think about is the clock to strike 5 so that you can go home.

Well, hope I didn't paint a too bleak picture. It is just a worst case scenario. But come on, everyone of us have seen those days in office when everything seems to be a blur while you are just slumped on your chair. Call it boredom, saturation or whatever, the cure is surprisingly simple. For some, a simple coffee break seems to work wonders. Others need a more stimulating experience.

Now while you can't go indulge in fun activities everyday, the next best idea is to bring in the fun to your desk! Beat monotony and boredom by changing the way you do your daily work. Make your work station vibrant, and keep some fun items at your desk. Trust me, they go a long way in curing office boredom. Won't you smile every time you sharpen your pencil with a robot sharpener, or write memos of a fruity pad or have a cool stress busting punch bag?

Check Out All These Fun Items. Some Of Them Might Be Precisely What You Need!

Accesory Holder

Funny Staplers

These fun shapes staplers ensure that you never misplace them!

Funny Mugs

Take a coffee/tea break with a twist! All the mugs are completely dishwasher and microwave safe. And though it may look like you might spill your drink, these mugs are surprisingly easy to drink from.

Origin Of The Office

Origin of offices is closely related to the invention of the telegraph and the telephone. With these two, offices could be situated far from the base location or even country, while control could be centrally maintained. It is hard to put a date on the exact origin but probably by the late 19th century, commercial offices began to make their appearances. While offices have come a long way from the humble typewriter to computers, the table and chair remain the iconic symbol of the workplace.

The open plan design of offices to has an interesting origin. Some architects argued that an open plan was spacious and would liberate homeowners and office dwellers from the confines of boxes. Once such noted architect was Frank Lloyd Wright. While companies did lap up the design, they did it for an entirely different purpose, which was to pack in as many workers as they could!


Office Monkeys Play Set
Office Monkeys Play Set

These monkeys made of hard vinyl takes monkey business to a new level! These monkeys in business attire come loaded with a desk, a cushy boss chair, a computer with keyboard and a filing cabinet! Talk about hard workers! Know someone in your office who resembles them?


It's useless to hold a person to anything he says while he's in love, drunk, or running for office.

- Shirley MacLaine

Funny Tape Dispensers

When Richard Drew, a 3M employee invented scotch tape in 1930, he didn't know that his colleague John A Borden would invent the first tape dispenser with a built-in cutter blade just 2 years down the line. But probably none of them would have imagined on day we would have a snail or frog shaped tape dispenser!

The Push Pin

The push pin has found its way into every office and household. Whether to pin calendars, posters, or photos in the work desk or an important message in the notice board, it is used universally everywhere.

Push pins were invented by Edwin Moore in 1900.His first sale was for $2. His first big sale of $1,000 worth of push pins was to the Eastman Kodak Company.

Cool Pencil Sharpeners

Kikkerland Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener (SC07)
Kikkerland Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener (SC07)

This cool robot pencil sharpener can we winded up when you use the key and also when you sharpen a pencil! The pencil shavings will be collected in the robot's hand and it will even hold your pencil when not in use.

Once you wind up the robot while sharpening, it walks up on any flat surface making a hissing mechanical sound. A fun and functional product

X-ACTO Ranger 55 Wall Mount Manual Pencil Sharpener
X-ACTO Ranger 55 Wall Mount Manual Pencil Sharpener

This metal heavy duty sharpener with 8 hole adjustable guide is a thing of beauty. Sharpen all types of pencils and even crayons.


Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks?

- Steven Wright

Time Tracker

Learning Resources LER6900  Time Tracker Visual Timer & Clock, Blue
Learning Resources LER6900 Time Tracker Visual Timer & Clock, Blue

Busy at work but don't want to miss lunch? Or running late for a meeting or your coffee break? Use this cool timer! The lighted sections of this unique electronic timer alert you to time remaining. It it is red, you better hurry!


Now Obsolete Office Products

Among the now obsolete office products, the typewriter is one item which is seeped in nostalgia. Invented in 1866 by Christopher Sholes, a mechanical engineer, it remained the undisputed king of the hill till the advent of computers. It was during the making of the Sholes typewriter that the "QWERTY" standard was adopted to solve the problem of jamming keys by splitting up keys for letters commonly used together to slow down typing! Do you know who was the first author to submit a typewritten manuscript to his publisher? Its as none other than Mark Twain!

Another obsolete product is the white out or liquid paper. Invented by a secretary Bette Nesmith Graham who wanted a better way to correct typewritten mistakes. She used her own kitchen blender to produce the first batch of liquid paper!

Another clever product whose days are over is the Rolodex, a once popular desktop rotating card index with removable cards. It was usually used to store names, addresses, telephone numbers or business cards. It was invented by Hildaur Neilson, a Danish self taught engineer.

Stress Relievers

Stress is a major cause of concern in modern workplaces. It has become a sort of a plague affecting people universally. But the cure is simple. As they say, why wait when you are stressed to go to a psychiatrist and build it up. Nip it in the bud with these cool stress busters!

The Poppin Brain In Action!

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

- Jim Rohn

The employer generally gets the employees he deserves.

- J. Paul Getty

Fun Decision Makers

Not sure whether to go home early ? Not sure which excuse to give to your boss? Or not sure where to go for lunch . Whatever your dilemma is, make your decision in a fun way!

We would rather have our employees running our business.

- James Sinegal

Instant Excuse Ball!


Next time you need an excuse to leave early or not completing some work, don;t be at a loss for words! This cool excuse ball comes with 20 different excuses!


By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.

- Robert Frost

How Do You Have Fun At Office?

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    • DeborahDian profile image

      Deborah Carr 

      5 years ago from Orange County, California

      I love office accessories that make me smile!


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