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Best Funny Beer Signs

Updated on August 12, 2014

Funny Beer Signs: Making people laugh since 1862

Funny Beer Signs. These signs and their witty sayings have a lot of different purposes.

Obviously these signs use mainly for decoration. A few funny beer signs can really make home bar, poolroom, man cave, den, garage, patio or even a bedroom standout. Besides can make visitors chuckle, and if you have enough of them in a single room they can give your guests something to read and smile while imbibing their adult beverages.

Besides also make great gifts. Like a funny card, the humor is a great way to show you care and, "get" someone's humorous personality.

There are all sorts of beer signs you can purchase. The choices vary from someone's favorite brands, to brand advertisements to vintage aged beer signs, but if you're looking for some humorous and funny signage to tickle your funny bone, below are a few of the best. Enjoy!

"Drink Beer- Support your Local Leprechaun's" Tin sign Courtesy of AMAZON

Funny Tin Beer Signs

All three of the signs below are made of high quality tin, and are therefore a lot more sturdy than any paper posters, and of course they also work great in the outdoors or garage, where a paper poster might not cut it.

The first two of these tin funny beer signs are made with a shiny finish, while the third sign is a distressed version to make it look like it has some age and seems like it could even be an antique from the 50s or 60s.

Funny Beer Signs

I have always been a fan of funny logos, T-shirts and signage. There are quite a few funny beer and bar signs you can buy. Below is a small sampling of what I think are five of the very best.

Finish Your Beer Tin Sign 8 x 12in
Finish Your Beer Tin Sign 8 x 12in

It is important to believe in something, why not believe in having another beer?

If You Tap It, They Will Come Tin Sign 8 x 12in
If You Tap It, They Will Come Tin Sign 8 x 12in

Ray Kinsella in Field of dreams, could not have said it any better. It is one of life's truth's, somehow, someway if you tap it they will come


So Funny because it is true

I just love this sign. It is so funny, because it is so true. I've honestly never heard anyone drunk say any of the final things, although I have been witness to a few the people I have met while drunk say (or do) the exact opposite. It is downright impossible not to like this sign, whether you're drunk or sober.

A few more beer signs to make you chuckle

Beer Police Sign funny metal uv plus / vintage style mancave wall decor 391
Beer Police Sign funny metal uv plus / vintage style mancave wall decor 391

Always watch out for the beer police. They are watching!


No reason to do today what you can put off to tomorrow

More funny tin beer signs

Procrastination, whether it is in study or in giving away freebies is a universal trait. Most of us can understand, at least some point of our lives the wish to study less and party more in the second picture, an infinite loop of the free beer quandary in the first picture always elicits a chuckle.

Witty Beer Posters

most of what you see on this page are actual metal signs. They're made of tin, so they're not too expensive, but they are metal and are designed to last for quite a few years.

The choices below, though they are funny, are not as sturdy. They are posters. But still funny. Get over it.

Let me know what YOU think - Share your thoughts on these funny beer signs, and anything else you fancy

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