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Funny Lines for Facebook Status Update

Updated on January 3, 2011

When I joined Facebook, I used to update my status daily and always tried to write something serious and informative; weather it is related to me or not. But one thing always worried me a lot that nobody used to comment on it, and i hated Facebook for this thing. My friends used to had loads of comments but my status were always left alone. Than one day i wrote a very funny line on my Fb status, and to my great surprise within few minutes i had received 11 comments. I was so happy and finally i got the answer of my worries, I understood one thing, that nowadays everybody is so much busy in his own life that nobody has any concern with your problems. But yes, people listens or reads from your side if it has some humor in it, because today humor has got great importance in everybody's life.


So here are few Facebook funny updates, read and share and laugh aloud!!!

  1. Flirt...but be alert!!
  2. Love all, hate none...see all but select one!
  3. If a candle factory burns down...should everyone just stand aside and sing"Happy Birthday"...."happy Birthday"
  4. I am trying to keep my eyes open when i sneeze!
  5. If my house is means my Facebook is not working
  6. I am proud of my self...just finished the puzzle in 3 months, and the box said" 3-6"!!
  7. This year do not make love... make money, because we are in recession, we need no more kids!
  8. ........She brought her Dad on our first date, which became our last!!
  9. I speak my mind and never mind what i speak1
  10. I slept like a baby last night....waking up every 2 hours crying for food!
  11. Make love...and say no to war.......Hey! why not do both?...Go get married!
  12. Teaching your own Father how to use Facebook is simply going toward your own death willingly
  13. I swear my pillow could be a hairstylist, every day i wake up with a  weirdest hairdo!
  14. Eat eat and eat...but please do not eat my brain!
  15. When i was a kid the dead sea was just sick.........!!may its soul rest in peace
  16. tell your Boss what you really feel for him...and the truth will set you free!!
  17. A man is incomplete until he's married...after that he is finished!
  18. What is the difference between outlaws and in-laws?outlaws are wanted!
  19. its not the fall that kills you, its the sudden stop at the end!
  20. I could not fix your breaks so i made your horn louder!
  21. The fact that nobody understands you does not make you an artist!!


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      loru 5 years ago

      lora lasan pyaj...

    • profile image

      Nitin Bansal 5 years ago

      No love without respect and no respect without fear