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Fish Grooming and Other Funny Signs

Updated on January 11, 2015

Funny Sign Photos Taken by Mom and Me

This page was originally part of my Funny Signs and Bizarre Billboards gallery, but Mom has sent me so many funny sign pictures that I've had to create a new gallery for them.

There are funny church signs, unusual license plates and bumper stickers, and a lot of very strange shop signs. Some are meant to be funny on purpose; other signs are just plain weird.

Without further ado, I give you... Fish Grooming & Other Odd Signs.

All photos © Ann Brundige unless otherwise noted.

Utah Has Funny Church Signs

Then Again, Funny Church Signs Are Everywhere...

Here's a special shout-out for the United Methodist Church of St. George. It seems they've decided that funny church signs are the best way to catch the attention of stray Mormons.

All photos by my Mum.

Utah Also Has Many Other Strange Signs

Next our Utah Golf Nut vanity plate:

Outside a local restaurant:

A cunning marketing ploy (think about it):

Cute sign in a diner:

Pet groomers and kennels tend to have quirky slogans and names:

An odd combination of things to be selling:

(It really is all one store -- they have the same thing painted on a van parked out front.)

And what gun owner doesn't want a transparent bra? (Yes, I know what they meant -- Mom didn't.)

Oh no! It's the end of civilization! With typos!

Yet More Funny Billboards & Signs

Funny Sign Pics from Utah 2010

Just in case you weren't clear what metaphor they're using to sell cars...

This billboard appears right after the first.

I can't remember what kind of shop this was:

Mom said:

"No vacancy. Also, no hotel." (The hotel was torn down.)

Window decal on a truck...

I don't understand them; I just post them.

I feel so reassu ed by their competence.

Funky Town!

I like their subtle disclaimer. ("It's not our fault; he made us do it!")

Yet More Weird Utah Billboards and Signs

What IS It With This State? (And Why Does Mom Always Have a Camera?)

Mom just sent me the latest batch of funny signs from hip and happenin' Utah.

Truth in advertising! Wow.

Remember, this country invented marmite (made from real marmots).

More truth in advertising!

Yet more truth in advertising.

Funny Sign Photos from 2009

Utah Isn't the Only State with Strange Signs...

All of these © Ann Brundige.

The housing meltdown is getting worse.

And people are hanging onto what they have.

Only in Texas...

Also in Texas.

Only in southern California...

Dana Point Wharf.

Toys for Grown-Ups (I Hope)

Funny Novelty Items in a Store

Mom found these twisted toys at a check-out counter and surreptitiously snapped them.

They've got to be aimed at college students with their warped sense of humor, NOT children.

Oh no, it's real

Avenging Unicorn Playset
Avenging Unicorn Playset

This company puts out a lot of strange Archie McPhee style toys, catering to grown ups who haven't grown up. The narwahl and cheap fairies are gone, but the Avenging Unicorn is still for sale. There's also a CRAZY CAT LADY Action Figure and a bunch of other Miscellaneous Gag Gifts.


Yet More Weird Signs from Utah and Texas

How Does Mom Keep Finding These Things?

Most of these are from Utah, except for the shark and weird house, which are in Houston.

All of 'em copyright Ann Brundige.

A Few Funny Signs by Yours Truly

I Rarely Have My Camera Handy for a Good Snap, But...

Corona Del Mar, CA: Skateboarders must love this spot. I approve of leaving the tree alone, though.

Alewife T-station, Boston. Wait. Where do large cars enter the building?

Hurray! I want to go to a transvestite doctor! (Chinatown, Los Angeles)

From a defunct sushi bar in Irvine. Look closely at the mysteriously empty dish...

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  • annieangel1 profile image

    Ann 5 years ago from Yorkshire, England

    more smiles, more fun

  • GeekGirl1 profile image

    GeekGirl1 5 years ago

    I enjoyed this lens.

  • profile image

    inspirationz 5 years ago

    hehe fun lens :)

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    StrongMay 5 years ago


  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    I bet this was a blast putting together! *blessed!*

  • profile image

    phoenix3423 6 years ago

    I love funny signs thanks!

  • Tagsforkids profile image

    Tagsforkids 6 years ago

    Funny stuff, thanks!

  • sidther lm profile image

    sidther lm 6 years ago

    These were great too! I especially loved the church sign that said "forgive your enemies- it messes with their heads!"

  • grandma deal profile image

    grandma deal 6 years ago

    Another great lens.

  • ben-teen profile image

    ben-teen 7 years ago

    Those are funny - what a fantastic lens!

  • Paul Ward profile image

    Paul 7 years ago from Liverpool, England

    I love these. Lensrolled to my odd book titles, if you don't mind.

  • mythphile profile image

    Ellen Brundige 7 years ago from California

    @NoYouAreNot: Actually, in this case, it's not even nature's way: narwahl eat fish and small squid. The tusk is only used among males to establish who's got the longest, um... well. It's not used as a weapon.

    I'm sure those toys are meant for college students with a warped sense of humor, not children.

  • jp1978 profile image

    jp1978 7 years ago

    These remind me of the "Eat the kids first" license plate.

    Those toys are weird!

  • profile image

    moonlitta 7 years ago

    I find it more and more difficult to blees a lens which is not funny. Yours is up to my criteria today:)

  • NoYouAreNot profile image

    NoYouAreNot 7 years ago

    I also see your lens-crafting is always improving. You're a study case, Ellen!

  • NoYouAreNot profile image

    NoYouAreNot 7 years ago

    Yes, she really has an eye for humour. Really made me laugh. I didn't understand a few of the signs or of the legends, but I'm Greek anyway. Happy I can read and write that much in English. The Avenging Creatures surely are twisted! I'm really glad you did not display the Avenging Narwhal as your Amazon link. This is Nature's way, after all, but I'd hate having little children disboweling little seals for fun (shudder).

  • profile image

    PrettyWorld 7 years ago

    Your mom is really cool taking all of those photos. She's got a great eye for humor.