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Game of Thrones Infographics to Prepare You For Season 2!

Updated on March 27, 2012

Memory issues clouding the first season of Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones is epic - and not in the casual way that many people use that word today. While I had my doubts about the books being turned into a TV series, the first season wiped them away. I guess it helped that author George R.R. Martin has closely worked with HBO in the entire production process, and I am not complaining about that!

In any case, the second season of Game of Thrones is about to begin, and it is about time to refresh our memories. Having read and re-read the books a long time ago (and having finished the TV series a while back as well), I certainly need a refresher before starting season 2. How about you?

Well, here are some not-so-new but still useful infographics about the series that will help you catch up. And even if you do not need to do any catching up, if you're into Game of Thrones, you will still enjoy looking at these! One thing's for sure: those involved in infographic design are not letting Game of Thrones go untouched and we can be thankful for that!

Image via Word of the Nerd Online

House Stark
House Stark

House Stark

House Stark may not be the richest and most powerful house in Westeros, but they just might have the strongest following. Just might.

The Dragons notwithstanding, the Direwolves are closest to my heart, and this is probably the same for countless Game of Thrones fans around the world. I am sure that George R.R. Martin orchestrated it to be so.

It's not that difficult to remember all the players in this house, but this little chart (not exactly an infographic, but almost) puts together the information nicely together. One complaint: I don't think that the label for Jon is necessary. I mean, we all know that he Ned's son out of wedlock, and how can you not discern this with one look at the chart anyway?

Guide to Houses & Character Relationships
Guide to Houses & Character Relationships

Guide to Houses & Character Relationships

House Stark may be a simple business in terms of knowing the characters and understanding their relationships. Add to that the Baratheons, the Lannisters, the Targaryens, etc. and you just might feel like that woman who wrote about Game of Thrones back in the day saying "There's just too many characters!"

I think that is one of the beauties of this series - it is so vast and complex! You are not required to memorize all the characters and their relationships, of course, but having an idea will help you to appreciate the plot. This illustration provides a pretty good guide. You might even want to print it out. It should serve as an interesting conversation piece, at least.

Westeros 101
Westeros 101

Westeros 101

The Houses of Game of Thrones

If the previous illustrated guide to the houses and characters of Game of Thrones is not pretty enough for you, here is a relatively new infographic called Westeros 101. It does look better, and the relationships are presented in a simpler manner. This is perfect for those who are only now getting into the story - it will not overwhelm you.

Also, only the four main houses are included, with the mugshots of the HBO actors/actresses used. That ought to do you a lot of good as you watch the TV show. (Not that you can easily confuse those faces with each other. I think they're all distinctive.)

Game of Thrones Location Guide
Game of Thrones Location Guide

Game of Thrones Location Guide

How do you fare when it comes to reading maps and navigation? I love Google Maps, but I do have a tendency to get lost even in my own city.

When it comes to becoming disoriented in the world of Game of Thrones, though, I think it is quite understandable. It encompasses a vast land that exists in our minds after all! It's hard enough (sometimes) to figure out the geography of real life areas; how much more for imaginary lands?

Thank God for this nifty location guide that shows some of the key locations included in the HBO series. When you pull out that Blu-ray to re-watch the entire first season, you might find yourself checking out this location guide. I don't blame you!

This infographic was created early in season one, though, so it will be missing certain locations. I will not be surprised if we hear of an updated version in the near future. Maybe you'd like to do it yourself?

Winter is Coming

It may be spring or summer in your part of the world, but winter is definitely coming for Game of Thrones fans. I hope you enjoy these infographics. Now how about a Game of Thrones season one marathon this weekend?


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