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Game of Thrones: Rolling On Thin Ice that’s About To Break at Any Moment.

Updated on August 21, 2017

While the show is still adored by millions of viewers around the world, its brilliant spark that made this TV series a ‘block buster’ is slowly burning out, leaving only traces of exciting moments in every episode. Much is to blame for this downward spiral, although the bulk of this fall began long before anyone noticed it (at least according to me). While I still hold to the fact the Game of Thrones might be the best TV series ever created, I’m paralyzed by the dominating fear that this show is coming to an inevitable death. Though it has set a good precedence and a fine example for future TV shows to emulate, its slow ending comes, not as a conclusion of the story, but that of a broken one.

Game of Thrones is now on thin ice that is just about to break and swallow the entire amazing cast. Though spoiler alerts have a major role to play in this collapse, the obvious twists of fates and almost impossible actions have made the once exciting Game of Thrones a bore. I believe that when the show finally ends (and it’s not a matter of ‘if’), three things that were done wrong right from the word go will be to blame. These include: the concept of white walkers, the death of one dragon and the role of Arya Stark in the show.

The White Walkers.

While this concept ignites a creative side, a thrill and even fear for some, it has completely gone off course. I argue that this side of the story should have never entered into the story and even if it had, it should have remained a mystery. If in anyway the concept of White Walkers had to be in the story, then the show should have done more to show the side of the story and prove why they deserve the blade. What’s the point of fighting against an inevitable enemy? If everyone who has ever died over the ages resurrects, then it means that there are millions more out there all with the same goal of world domination. But then again, what good reason does the living have to fight the dead, if at the end they will still come back to life?

The main reason I fell in love with the show was the twist of reality, the death of heroes and rise of new heroes who at first were only mere characters in the show. I believe the show should have remained just as it began, covering on the plots and betrayals of getting to the throne. Dragons can be excused since they once existed in human history and they create the possibility of extinction, leaving the men to battle against themselves.

The Death and Eventual Rise of One of the Dragons.

Episode 6 of the seventh season in the Game of Thrones ended with one of Khaleesi’s dragons killed by the leader of the White Walkers and eventually being drawn out of water, joining the White Walkers army. High hopes had been well placed on the riders of the two dragons, Khaleesi being the obvious and Jon Snow being the hopeful second rider. But who would be the third rider? Would it be Tyrion Lannister (the dwarf) or would a new character just out of the blue become a superhero and ride the dragon? The episode eliminated all these possibilities by killing the dragon and literally handing it over to the white walkers.

Game of Thrones will not last long if everything that Jon Snow and Khaleesi had wished for falls into place as expected. The TV series has to create expectations, play into the unknown and although they have to win some battles, sometimes breaking hearts is the way to go.

The Role of Arya Stark in the Show.

Arya has been through a lot. She has survived through hell, always finding a way to survive and escape imminent death. She has not had her big break yet by serving a much larger purpose of leadership in the Kingdoms. Maybe she should have been the one to ride the third dragon. Her character has been painted such that she is the heartless killer, modeled by the circumstances she had encountered. I think Arya should be given a much larger role of obtaining the throne and not just aimlessly killing her enemies. What if the story took a turn of women domination, Khaleesi and Arya both ruling? Maybe the two would contest each other and eventually one would have to ‘bend the knee’ for the other. Eliminating such possibilities will only harm the series.

My Final Thoughts.

There might still be some possibilities of rekindling the show. The fact that Tyrion Lannister is speaking of Khaleesi’s succession could lead to a positive turn of events. Although it was upsetting that Arya was playing to the tune of Little Finger, it could have a brilliant outcome as Little Finger is well known as a master planner. Also, the way Arya handed over the valerian steel knife to her sister could be that she already discovered Little Fingers plan to make the two to fight for the Northern ruler ship. Only time will tell if any of these possibilities are true.

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 5 months ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting analysis.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 5 months ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting analysis.