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Gaslight - A 1946 Radio Broadcast

Updated on March 20, 2015

Listen to the Old Time Radio Broadcast for Free!

Gaslight - Listen (free!) to the 1946 Radio Broadcast of this Psychological Thriller starring Charles Boyer & Ingrid Bergman!

What a thrill to hear the radio adaptation of the movie Gaslight, featuring the actual film stars! On top of the sheer excitement of such an epic event, the story is a real thriller, too. Romance, suspense, movie stars -- what could be cooler?

If you're in the mood to spend an hour on the edge of your seat, then go pop some popcorn, get a drink, and enjoy some old-time radio fun.

(Image by K. Jennrich, Gaslight Image from Movie DVD sold on this page)

Radio Broadcast of Lux Radio Theatre's production of "Gaslight" in 1946 - Hollywood Stars Ingrid Bergman & Charles Boyer Performing

Please note there are 5 sections to play.

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Crazy-Making Named for this Film

According to Urban Dicitonary (.com), the modern meaning of "gaslighting" is:

"A form of intimidation or psychological abuse, sometimes called Ambient Abuse where false information is presented to the victim, making them doubt their own memory, perception and quite often, their sanity."

To learn more about gaslighting, crazy-making, emotional abuse, and/or ambient abuse, see the other pages in this series, linked below.

Gaslighting is Abuse.

No one has the right to mess with your mind any more than they have to mess with your body.

Stay safe.

Spread the word.

Stop the abuse.

#No More

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    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 5 years ago

      Excellent information, thanks for providing this to people who need to know/understand!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I didn't know the correct name of what was happening to me. I thought i was crazy and his family were supporting him 100% cuz they thought he was the victim and I was the Bad person/ troublemaker all the time. Until Now.. I know where I stand...Thank you soo much for this Crucial Information, I Never knew exsisted. Wish me Luck...