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My Pick in TV Commercial Ratings

Updated on January 1, 2012

Did you see the awards for best commercials?

 I saw some of the commercials that received high ratings.  Come on what type of scoring method did they use.  Did the public really vote for these commercials?  I decided to do my own rating for commercials, I have seen.  My rating is based on creativity, common sense and if the commercial really promotes the product.  Each commercial will have to receive a score of 15 to win the competition.

The following commercials that I will be judging are disposable diapers' commercial, the mice driving the car commercial, the commercial with the two children and two adults dancing, the blue and white insurance commercial, football player deodorant commercial and the antacid commercial.

My rating is as follows: winners are first and losers are last.

1.  the mice driving the car commercial is the winner with 15 points.  Why, because they have a sense of realism.  They remind me of real guys hanging out and having a good time.  It also continuously promote the product.

2.  the diapers commercial is second place with 10 points.  Like the mice commercial, the cartoon babies are very entertaining as well as great at promoting the product.

3.  the football player deodorant commercial was excellent for first time acting, the commercial really promoted the player and product.  I also have to give a standing ovation to the player and writers.  This was a good match. I decided its a tie with second place, with a score of 10 points too.

4.  the commercial with the two children and two adults dancing to promote cable is tied for third place with 8 points.  It is energertic, all parties involved are enjoying themselves, and it did ok with promoting the product.

5.  the blue and white insurance company has fourth place with 7 points, because its slogan is good, but the lady really needs a new hairdo.

6.  Sorry, the antacid slapping commercial is definitely last with 4 points.  Let's be honest, it is funny at first, but it soon turns to nerve wrecking.  And it doesn't promote the product.  But I will give a C for trying.

I believe that some of the writers for these commercials should really do a test run on a small audience before producing their commercials.  Hopefully this would help weed out some of the not-so-good commercials.



Which one of these commercial would you rate first, second or third?

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