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Ghost Seance

Updated on December 12, 2013

Seances and Ghosts

A seance is defined as a ritual or ceremony where people attempt to communicate with those that have passed on. It may or may not be conducted by a medium. The term seance is from the old French word for seat, sitting or session.

If you are interested in talking with a person who has passed on you might consider holding your own seance.

Even if you are a skeptic or a non believer a seance can be a very scary experience!

Preparing for the Séance

The guest list:

It is very important to invite the right kind of people to your seance if you want to have any chance of success. You want to select people who have an open mind and are receptive to the idea. Skeptics and disbelievers should be avoided because their negative energy may affect the atmosphere. You also want to avoid people who will not take the event seriously. Nothing will dampen a seance faster than someone bursting into a fit of giggles or who is constantly making jokes and sarcastic remarks.

Do not include children on the list. Although nothing may happen you do not want to traumatize or scare a child.

Be certain that you have enough room for all the guests. You should all be in a circle to hold the seance so you want to ensure that you have enough room for everyone to be seated comfortably. You do not have to be around a table but you want to ensure that all your guests are able to relax and have adequate space.


You want to create an inviting atmosphere for the spirits. You are trying to make them feel welcome. If you plan to have the seance around a table you might even leave an open seat for the spirit.

Candles are always welcome. When selecting your candles you should try to obtain ones that are made from beeswax or other all natural substances. Candles are not only welcoming to spirits they can provide a focus and help with meditation. Make certain that no matter how many candles you intend on lighting that they are in multiples of three. The color of the candles is also important.

Your candle colors should include:

  • White: this color is for protection, spiritual strength and purity. It also helps to repel negative energy and provide spiritual enlightenment and clarity.

  • Purple: this color is for meditation, it represents the third eye and physic powers.

  • Black: this color helps dissolve and dissipate negative energy. It is used for banishment and repelling. This is a good color to have on hand in the event that you contact a negative or malevolent entity.


If you intend to play music it should be a quiet and soothing. If possible try to stay away from music with lyrics, instrumental pieces are the best. You want something that is merely in the background and is not distracting.


This can be a very important part of your efforts to communicate with the spirits. You should chose your scents carefully. Sandalwood, cinnamon and frankincense are all good choices for a seance.

  • Sandalwood: this scent is for exorcism and protection. It is also said to promote spirituality and harmony.

  • Cinnamon: This scent is for power and protection.

  • Frankincense: This fragrance is for strength, protection and exorcism. It is said to help promote spirituality and receptivity.

You can use scented candles but you have to make certain that if you do they are right color and do not affect your candle count. Alternatively you can burn incense, use oils or anything else that will produce the fragrance that you have selected.


Traditionally a seance is held in a circle, with all the participants being able to hold hands. Many people like to have the ritual held around a table of some kind. You do not have to have a table but it is recommended that you do use the circle to help the guests focus. If you want to have everybody seated on the floor this is fine, just ensure that each person can be comfortably seated. You do not want your guests to be cramped or uncomfortable. It is hard to concentrate and focus if you are unable to relax.


If something does happen at your seance you may want to have a permanent record of the event. To accommodate this many people like to tape or video record their seances. If you intend to do this, you want to have everything prepared in advance. Be sure that you have batteries and that everything is ready to go. You do not want to be messing around with your equipment while your guests await the ritual, and you do not want the recording to stop halfway through the ceremony.

Note: It is very important that if you do hold a seance you are prepared in case something does go wrong. If you do invite the wrong kind of being into your home be certain to have the proper repelling tools on hand.

Once you have everything prepared you are ready to hold your seance. Remember to keep an open mind and have fun

Holding A Séance

By now you should have all your preparations completed. You should have your cleansing ceremony completed and any protections spells in place. Your table, if you plan to use one, should be set and if you plan on using any channeling devices they ought to be in place. Your recording devices should have been checked. All you need to do now is let the guests arrive and you can begin.

To conduct a seance you do not have to have a medium, however it is best if one person in the group is recognized as the leader or head of the seance. This is the person who should ask most of the questions and control the ceremony. Whom you select is important. You should try to pick the person who is most likely to be open and receptive to the spirit world. You do not want to choose a person who is a skeptic nor do you want to choose a person who is not going to take the ceremony seriously. You also want to pick a person who is not easily scared and is not going to jump and squeal at every little sound.

Once you have determined who the leader of the group is going to be, you should all seat yourselves around in a circle. As stated it is not necessary to sit at a table but make certain that everyone is in a circle and that everybody can hold hands. If you are planning to sit on the floor make certain that everyone is comfortable and is not going to spend the entire time shifting and squirming.

To open the ceremony light the candles and then everybody needs to clasp hands. The leader should ask if there are any spirits are in the area. If you are planning to use a witch board, all the people in the circle should now place their fingers gently on the planchette or pointer.

If you are not using a board the leader should ask the spirit to respond to questions using a simple knocking technique. One knock would mean yes and two knocks would indicate a no. With this system in mind it is important that all people restrict their questions to ones that can be answered with a simple yes or no. Only one person should speak at a time and then ample time should be left for the spirit to be able to respond.

When you have finished speaking with the ghost be certain to say thank you and say goodbye. Many people believe it is very important that you indicate to the spirits that you are leaving and that you are closing the doorway and ending communications. At this time any candles that you have been using should be blown out. And, if you want now is the time to say a quick cleansing spell, light a smudge stick and purify all the guests.

Note: Always be polite when dealing with ghosts and always show respect.

Have you ever gone to a seance?

Seances are not always successful. There are a number of different reasons why you may have failed to make contact with the spirit world. If you have been to a seance did you have a paranormal experience?

Were you able to contact a spirit?

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Pearl Curran
Pearl Curran

Famous Mediums

Pearl Curran

On the 15th of February 1883 in Mound City, Illinois Pearl Curran was born. Pearl, herself lead a very uneventful life and was a less than average student. In 1913 Pearl and a neighbor began experimenting with a Ouija board. It was through the Ouija board that Pearl first made contact with a spirit by the name of Patience Worth.

The spirit who claimed to be the ghost of Patience Worth said that she had lived from 1649 to 1694. Patience said that she had been born across the ocean, which lead to the speculation that she came from England. The spirit also claimed that she had traveled to North America in a large boat and lived in North America until she was killed in an Indian raid. There is a record of one Patience Worth living in early North America on a census report but there is no ship's manifest with that name and nor is there any proof that she lived in England.

Pearl and Patience began to communicate on a regular basis. Patience began to compose poetry which she communicated to Pearl through the board. As the years went on Pearl was able to do away with the board completely. She said that she had such a strong bond with the spirit that the board was no longer needed.

Pearl and Patience began to compose not only poetry but novels. The novels that were written by the two were heralded as being classics in the world of literature. No one could fathom how a virtually uneducated housewife could compose such fantastic works. Critics also noted that her descriptions of the life of the time period were more than accurate and that the use of language was historically (all the words in use corresponded to the vocabulary of the 17th century) correct. Pearl died in 1937, but the works authored by the two women continue to live on.

Mina Crandon

Mrs Mina Crandon better known to her believers as Margery was born in 1888. She passed away on November 1st 1941. Mrs Crandon became a well known physic in the 1920s. It was believed that she used her dead brother Walter as her spirit guide. Although she had many followers and believers she was unable to win a monetary award being given to any person who could contact the spirits under scientific conditions. Harry Houdini was one of the judges and he was in fact able to prove many of her efforts as being fraudulent.

The Fox Sisters

The three Fox sisters were; Kate (1837 to 1892), Margret 'Maggie' (1833 to 1893) and Leah (1814 to 1890). These three sisters became well known mediums in New York while they were living in Hydesville. They claimed that they were able to communicate with entities in the house by knocking and finger snapping. The sisters originally referred to the ghost as Mr. Splitfoot but later changed the name to Charles B. Rosma. Charles they claimed was the spirit of a man who had been murdered and was buried in the cellar. In 1904 the cellar was dug up and a body was found but it was never identified.

The girls became famous as neighbors were called to witness the spirit talking and went away astounded by what they had seen and heard. It was not until many years later that Margret revealed that had devised a system between them of knocking and responding.

Leslie Flint

Leslie was born in 1911 and died in 1994. Leslie claimed that he did not enter into a trance or need any other channeling device to contact the spirit world. He professed to be able to contact the spirits directly. He allowed his sessions to be recorded and permitted the listeners to take copies home with them so that they could listen to the session whenever they desired. Many of his recordings are available on the internet. During his sessions he contacted many very famous personalities as well as everyday people. He was often recorded by George Woods and Betty Greene.

John Edward

John was born in Glen Cove, New York in 1969. He is best known for his work on television. His shows Crossing Over with John Edward and John Edward Cross Country were among the most controversial on television. John claims that he became a medium after he had a reading with a physic when he was fifteen. It was she who told him that he had the ability to become a medium and should pursue this effort.

John's efforts have been met with a good deal of skepticism and criticism. He has been the subject of many investigations and has been accused of using a technique known as hot and cold readings to make his claims. He has also been accused of editing his shows to make them appear more legitimate. Believers and followers of John are adamant in their support of him and genuinely believe that his efforts are real.

Jane Roberts

Jane was born in Saratoga Springs, New York in 1929. She passed away on the 5th of September 1984. During her life Jane became a well known author and medium. She claimed to have first made contact with her spirit guide Seth in 1963 when she and her husband were experimenting with a witch board. Jane claimed that Seth, her guide would then communicate through her to others in the room. She also said that she would enter a trance and Seth would take complete control of her body and would then write using her as the channel. She considered this to be a type of automatic writing.

Although Seth used Jane to write, Jane always maintained that she was only the instrument, all the thoughts and ideas came directly from Seth. Through Jane more than 10 volumes of information was collected. Seth was not the only entity that would speak with Jane. She also claimed to have been the channel for a painter named Paul Cezanne and a philosopher named William James. Although she was in a trance the entity would use her body and voice to speak and answers questions.

After Jane passed away a number of other mediums and psychics claimed to have been able to make contact with Seth.

Scary Selections from Amazon

Personal Note

In keeping with the season and the challenge I decided to create all five of my lenses with the same general topic. When I began researching ghosts and discovered the enormity of the subject I realized that having only one lens could not truly do the material justice therefore I decided to break my Ghost lens into five separate ones with each one focusing on a particular ghost subject.

Please note that my lens was written with the fun of Halloween in mind. None of the content is meant to be offensive in any way to anyone or any religion. They also do not necessarily represent my own beliefs or practices.

Please share any paranoraml experiences you may have had

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      7 years ago

      Never actually seen anything, but have experienced very scary & convincing sounds in the night.


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