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Ghost Hunt

Updated on June 5, 2014

File #00: Supernatural Phenomena

Have you been sharing ghost stories with your friends? Or perhaps tried visiting haunted houses just for the thrill of it? Well, beware because you never know what you may meet or the danger that is awaiting for you. Mai had never regret being the assistant of Shibuya Psychic Research, or has she? Find out as you read on.....

FILE #00: The Starting Of the Supernatural Phenomena

Mai Taniyama was a first year student in a high school. One day her friends and her stayed back in the audio-visual room as they were telling ghost stories. The legend is that when a person has finished telling the ghost story, they must turn off the light in the torch. When all the light is off, they need to count the number among them. And there will always be an EXTRA voice belonging to a GHOST!!!

That was the first time Mai met Kazuya Shibuya , though it is a scary experience yet i find it memorable. Mai nicknames this "student" "Naru" for his narcissistic attitude.. Before going to school, Mai visited the old school building as she happened to see a video cam in the building, she wanted to touch the video cam and was stopped by a man called Lin. Both of them fall down and Lin 's left ankle was sprained badly, Kazuya started to explain to Mai that she is supposed to take over Lin's job since she was the one that caused him to injured his ankle.

From then on, Mai started working in Shibuya Psychic Research as Shibuya's assistant and together they investigate supernatural phenomena. In the anime, there are a few case files that they gone through together.Besides Shibuya, Lin and Mai, character such as Houshou Takigawa the Buddhist monk, Ayako Matsuzaki , Sinto mito(priestess), John Brown the catholic priest, Masako Hara the spirit medium and Osamu Yasuhara a high school student. These characters often appear in the anime as they were hired by the clients to find out the truth or to get rid of the spirits.

I love Ghost Hunt as it is not only about supernatural phenomena, it is also about science which is worth learning.

Mai Taniyama

A simple-minded girl who tends to think alot, even though she may not have any power to help during the research,there seems to be something special about her that makes the spirits to be attracted to her. I love her characters a lot as she is the only one who ha an affinity with Kazuya Shibuya when she is dreaming, it is fun to see her dreaming about SHibuya as a warm-hearted guy however when she is back to reality she is looking at the cold-hearted Shibuya-san.



Kazuya Shibuya

A cold-hearted man who rarely smiles at anyone,at the young age of seventeen, he is already the manager of Shibuya Psychic Reaserch. Most of his clients finds it hard to believe but when they see his working attitude they will be amazed. i love his character as he cared for Mai the most even though he may look like he disliked her. i like how he treated Mai and Lin as his friends and not as his assistants and ordered them to work without joining in, he is indeed a great manager.

Kazuya Shibuya

Kazuya Shibuya
Kazuya Shibuya

Lin Koujo

He is closest to Kazuya Shibuya in the anime, i find him interesing as he is silent for most of the time, i think that he is very cool as in order to get the best research results, he is willing to sacrifice his life to protect those equipments. I find him very intelligent when he concentrate on his work with all those different equipments around him, it is amazing to see him set up those machines whenever they had a new case going on.

Koujo Lin

Koujo Lin
Koujo Lin

Houshou Takigawa

He is also known as Bou in the anime, he could be the most fashionable Buddhist monk that can be found. His full-time job is a bassist in the band and his part-time job is being a monk, he did not shave his hair and it was so long that it could be tied up. The first time Mai saw him in the band, she was amazed by how different he looked when he is not working. i like his character a lot as he is a cheerful guy and always helped people in danger, i like how he always quarrel with Ayako.

Houshou Takigawa

Houshou Takigawa
Houshou Takigawa

Ayako Matsuzaki

Though she is a priestess, she did not grow up in a shrine and she came from a family of doctors. Although she is confident of her skills as a priestess, however she often failed in chasing away the spirits. She is often found quarelling with Bou over who is more capable although both of them are much the same.I love her seriousness in being a priestess although she could have chose to be a doctor, i respect her as to me she is a person who is very enthusiastic in her work.



John Brown

A nineteen year old Caucasian Catholic priest from Australia who is able to speak Japanese with an accent, i like him in the anime as he is considered a very useful person besides Kazuya Shibuya, he is very kind and friendly to the people around him. I love to see him work in the anime as he look suave when he is very solemn. He rarely fails and even helped to break up quarrels among the group, he could be considered the peace-maker among them.

John Brown

John Brown
John Brown

Masako Hara

A petite girl who i think is in love with Kazuya Shibuya, i envy her as she is able to sense spirits' presence which seems creepy but interesting. She is always wearing kimono which makes her look very lady-like, although she often goes on televison as a spirit medium which makes her famous , she is not proud when she is around Kazuya Shibuya and friends. I would love to see her out of her kimono and wear some teenage clothings

Masako Hara

Masako Hara
Masako Hara

Ghost Hunt - Episode 1 - Part 1/3

I heard that FILE #7: Blood-soaked Labyrinth is the scariest among all the files:D

File #00: Choose your Favourite Person.

Who do you like most in Ghost Hunt?

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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Lin is possibly the best character from the Manga and the Anime.

      But does anyone know his age o.o

      Its a fascinating series. I'd still recommend it to people to watch.


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