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Gifts for My Mythbusters

Updated on April 13, 2016

First there are many things that are available from Mythbusters. This t-shirt is the one that caught my eye first. It is the one that I thought my son would have the most fun wearing. Granted it doesn't have anything that's blown up on it. Yet if you look close enough you will get the idea that they would like to have that as an option.

Second my youngest son also enjoys watching the Mythbusters. But he is not into the high explosives, Yet. He tends to like the big balloons as well as the electronic light related myths.

Myself I found one that I was able to recreate. And have a tenancy to do it over and over. That's the one where they're blindfolded and trying to walk in a straight line. All they end up doing is walking in a circle. I am not that outgoing. I just close my eyes and find myself walking into walls even though the hall way is a straight line. It doesn't matter which side I start on it always ends the same. Crash.

Back to my first son he and I were talking about the two main characters the other day. Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. And given his choice he would go with Adam. The reason being is that Adam is more like him. He likes to launch into things wile Jamie tends to be the more laid back thinker of the two. Which helps explains whey I lean more toward Jamie. Interesting how things work out.

Also on his favorites list is Tory Belleci. As he tends to like to blow things up. In fact he has a spin off show on the web where they like to blow things up. Its a spin the wheel to determine the explosives used. - Blow It Up Hmm high explosives involved. I wonder how this caught my son's attention? Not!

No matter how you look at it you have to kids interested in science. To me that says that this show is worth their time and ours. And the fun part is both they are we are learning something as we are watching. It might not always seam that way. But sometimes the fun, explosions tend to be remembered a lot longer than the teacher droning on in the classroom.

Here are a few more things that I thought you might find interesting when you think about the Mythbusters. We are talking videos, books and toys. Or to be more specific one of each. Even though what they do is educational there is also some fun involved in learning. And as you look over what is here I hope that you too will find a little bit of both in each. Especially the third one.

This one we own. In fact my son had done a report for school using one of the episodes from this DVD series.This is a great way to make your science class fun. Of course another way is the teacher. (Not blowing them up!) And with that said lets hear it for my high school chemistry teacher the one that made science fun for me.

MythBusters: Don't Try This at Home
MythBusters: Don't Try This at Home

My son is not much into reading. Unless it is something that holds his interest. Then he will not put the book down until its finished. This would be one of those books.


Having fun with the Bobble Heads in your life

For those of you that follow Mythbusters you know its not always rocket science. They often times seam to have more fun than anything else. That's why this one is here. Because you need to have fun as you are learning. And just because, this could be one of those fun toys to have at work. Both bobble heads are still available but to show them both together I had to use a picture combining them both. If you would like the links just let me know.

There are a lot of videos from the Mythbusters available out there. Here are just a few that I know my son has seen and looked for to see more than once.

Probably my sons favorite thing to watch the Mythbusters do is blow thing up. And here are a few explosions for you to enjoy.

Just something about balloons that tended to catch the son's attention.

While I was working on this site I noticed my son checking this one out. And I just had to add it in.

Blow It Up because my son loves to.


If you were on jury duty and could only watch one show would it be Mythbusters?

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