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Gintama - The Epitome of Parodies

Updated on February 11, 2013

The world of parodies has never been better

A manga-adapted anime featuring Gintoki and his friends who lives in the time of the Samurai. Peace was lost when the Amanto(aliens) came to take over the world.

This is by far the most random anime that ever; It is full of parodies about other animes (e.g. Bleach) and even game consoles (Nintendo Wii). Gintama definitely brings about lots of laughters despite the occasional serious episodes. A good example would be the Beni Sakura Arc

where we get to see some serious fighting actions from Gintoki and his friends.

This is an anime that's definitely not to be missed, and we'll tell you why!

The Yorozuya

We will do anything as long as you pay us!

Gintoki's business for doing odd jobs, currently kagura and shinpachi are working for him. At the start of the series, one could obviously tell that they are hardly getting any job offers. They perform many random odd jobs to sustain themselves, which includes even jobs like finding someone's lost cat.

Sakata Gintoki

The leading character of the anime, a laid back guy with silver hair who loves to eat sweet stuff. He is the boss of an 'odd jobs company' (The Yorozuya) and lives with Kagura and Sadaharu. He was once a feared samurai 'white demon' during the war with the amanto.

Cool Gintoki Fact: He loves a bowl of plain rice topped with Red Bean paste!


A young amanto from the feared Yato clan, a race born with superhuman strengths. However, they are weak and dies in the sun which is why Kagura always carries a parasol around with her. She has an enormous apetite and loves to eat sukonbu(kelp/seaweed). She is currently staying with Gintoki and her personality is as laid back as Gintoki.

Cool Kagura fact: She owns a giant dog called Sadaharu!

Shimura Shinpachi

A boring and normal looking guy, and is always recognized by his spectacles since it is the only thing special about him. He is skilled in the sword

and is currently working for the Yorozuya. He is often badly ridiculed by Gintoki and kagara.

Cool Shinpachi fact: I'm sorry but there's nothing cool about this guy =P


A giant dog adopted by Gintoki and Kagura. Sadaharu loves to chomp on people's head especially Gintoki. He is close to and only listens to Kagura (who is the only one able to tame him due to her immense strength).

Chomp! (and that's how big he really is!)

Chomp! (and that's how big he really is!)
Chomp! (and that's how big he really is!)

The Shinsengumi

A police force working for the government.

Isao Kondo

The head of the Shinsengumi, often mistaken for a gorilla. He is kindhearted and is loved by the Shinsengumi.

Kondo is madly in love with Shinpachi's older sister and stalks her around the place. However, he is always easily beaten up by her.

Hijikata Toshiro

The vice captain of the shinsengumi, often known as the demon vice commander of the shinsengumi. Toshiro is well known for his chain smoking and extreme dedication to the captain.

He is extremely obsessed with mayonnaise, and is usually seen smoothering lots of mayonnaise on everything he eats, no matter rice or ice cream.

Okita Sougo

The sadist of the shinsengumi, he loves to torture people. He is the best swordsmen in the shinsengumi and that earns him lots of respect.

Despite being a swordsman, Sougo is always seen with a bazooka and is constantly trying to kill hijikata to take over his position as vice captain of the shinsengumi.

Other Important Characters: Kotaro Katsura

He was once Gintoki's comrade in the war against the amanto, although the war is over he is still trying to get rid of the amantos. He is the leader

of a terrorist group and is always on the run from the shinsengumi. He has a pet Elizabeth, a giant penguin like bird who is always with him.



Other Important Characters: Ayame Sarutobi

A female ninja who is madly in love with Gintoki and stalks him around, she doesn't mind getting hit by Gintoki as she is into machoism.

Ayame is extremely shortsighted and is unable to see anything once she drops her spectacles. Her favorite food is fermented beans which she often uses as her weapon.

Other Important Characters: Taizo Hasegawa

Once a high ranking officer working for the government who was later expelled due to him offending a prince amanto from his encounter with Gintoki.

Hasegawa then becomes a loser who can't do anything right, and rots around all day long. Often called a Madao by Kagura for being a useless man, he is often seen with gambling with Gintoki (but ends up losing all the time).

Who is your favourite Gintama character

That will be ...

See results

Whoever said an anime needs a plot?

As mentioned, Gintama is an anime full of parodies and randomness. It is amazing how someone is able to come up with a series that is "brainless" and yet highly enjoyable! Every episode is filled with humor and excitement, and many episodes can be watched without having to follow through the whole series.

Personally, I first watched Gintama due to a friend's recommendation, and started from a random episode. To my surprise, the story was easy to catch on, and the personalties of the characters are so powerful that it caught on immediately. A few of my favorite parodies are about Bleach and the Nintendo Wii. There are many helpful sites out there where people share the best episodes of Gintama, and you would definitely regret it if you don't catch it!

The famous trio! *kawaii*

The famous trio! *kawaii*
The famous trio! *kawaii*

Great drawing of Kagura! =D

Great drawing of Kagura! =D
Great drawing of Kagura! =D

They would look so good in Bleach don't you think?

They would look so good in Bleach don't you think?
They would look so good in Bleach don't you think?

Gintama Fan Art and Cosplay

Check out these cool fan arts and cosplays! Absolutely wonderful!

Kagura looks really great here!

Kagura looks really great here!
Kagura looks really great here!

The Shinsegumi. So hot!

The Shinsegumi. So hot!
The Shinsegumi. So hot!

What do you think of Gintama?

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    • Kalafina profile image

      Kalafina 3 years ago

      Every now and again I whip out Gintama for an episode or two because it's so hilarious. You should really add Takasugi, Kamui, and Gintoki's comrade who is a genius merchant but acts more like a hippie (Sakamoto?) Also, Otose san. Great hub!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      the best anime ever