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Glory Jane / Glory Jae In / Man of Honor - Korean Drama 2011

Updated on October 14, 2014

KBS Family Drama about Fate, Love, Achievements and Glory

Glory Jane / Glorious Jane / Man of Honor, a brand new 24 episodes romantic drama aired starting from October 12, 2011.

It's a highly anticipating drama of the year because the duo production director (PD) Lee Jung Sub and screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung who successfully brought the house down by producing one of the highest rating drama in 2010 Baker King, Kim Tak Goo.

Image Credit: Glory Jae In

Glorious Jane or also known as Young Kwang Jae In portrays life stories of two main leads: Young Kwang (a pro baseball player who unfortunately was downgraded to a minor league and his desire to re-live his baseball past glory) and Jae In (a cheerful nurse who despite her life hardship, always tries her best to achieve her life ambition).

Glorious Jane follows their lives & love journey as they face their life obstacles and how they raise up to achieve their life glory!

Are you going to watch Glorious Jane / Man of Honor?

Glorious Jane Teasers, Details, and Synopsis

Glorious Jane Teasers & Highlight

1. Glorious Jane / Man of Honor Teaser (English Subtitle)

2. Glorious Jane / Man of Honor Highlight

3. Chun Jung Myung in Glory Jane playing Kim Young Kwang (teaser video)

4. Park Min Young in Glory Jane playing Yoon Jae In (teaser video)

5. Lee Jang Woo in Glory Jane playing Seo In Woo (teaser video)

All Video Credit: KBS Drama & KBSWorld

Glorious Jane Details

Number of Episodes: 24

Also Known As: Mane of Honor / Glorious Jane / Glory Jae In / Young Kwang's Jae In

Original run: October 12, 2011 - December 29, 2011 on KBS2 every Wednesday & Thursday, 21.55 KST [Replacing The Princess' Man]


- Chun Jung Myung as Kim Young Kwang

- Park Min Young as Yoon Jae In

- Lee Jang Woo as Seo In Woo

- Kim Yun Joo as Kim Kyung Joo

- Lee Jin as Cha Hong Joo

- Choi Myung Gil as Park Goon Ja

- Son Chang Min as Seo Jae Myung

- Park Sung Woong as Seo In Chul

Director: Lee Jung Sub [King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo]

Screen Writer: Kang Eun Kyung [King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo]

Official Website: Glory Jae In

Highest Rating (So Far): Based on AGB Nielsen

Episode 1: 8.2% [Nationwide]

Episode 2: 9.4% [Nationwide]

Episode 3: 11.8% [Nationwide]

Episode 4: 13.6% [Nationwide]

Episode 5: 12.1% [Nationwide]

Episode 6: 11.5% [Nationwide]

Episode 7: 13.3% [Nationwide]

Episode 8: 14.1% [Nationwide]

Episode 9: 12.9% [Nationwide]

Episode 10: 12.7% [Nationwide]

Episode 11: 13.8% [Nationwide]

Episode 12: 14.1% [Nationwide]

There is an old proverb saying, "An evil may sometimes turn out to be a blessing in disguise." It means tragedy could bring a reversal at the end. Just like the case of ugly duckling, which turned out to be a beautiful swan, there are always ups and downs in life and everything just goes through after all."

Source: KBS World

Brief Synopsis

Man of Honor / Glorious Jane / Young Kwang Jae In - a drama about ordinary people who meet by fate and together, they help each other to overcome life hardship and through love and hard work, finally able to re-live their past glory.

Young Kwang, a pro baseball player of a major league team, unfortunately was downgraded to a minor league. One day he meets with young nurse aid, Jae In when he's admitted to a hospital where she works due to injury. Their fate together starts from that day onwards.

Jae In, a cheerful girl who endures harsh life journey as she lived in the orphanage, but she always maintains a positive outlook towards life.

In Woo is a pro baseball player who's rich and competent young man. His father owns a clothing company so his future is extremely bright. One day, when both Young Kwang and him injured, they're treated by Jae In. He starts to fight for Jae In's affection!

Watch Glorious Jane on KBS2 Every Wednesday & Thursday, 21.55KST starting from October 12, 2011.

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Glory Jane Episode 11 - 20 Preview

Glory Jane Episode 1 - 10 Preview

Glorious Jane OST

Glorious Jane / Man of Honor OST Part 1 - Released October 19, 2011

Who You Are To Me by Hyorin (Sistar)

Glorious Jane / Man of Honor OST Part 2 - Released November 3, 2011

Heartburn by Bobby Kim

Glorious Jane / Man of Honor OST Part 3 - Released November 24, 2011

Because That's Love by Jang Hye Jin

Glorious Jane / Man of Honor OST - Released December 7, 2011

- My Love by No Brain

- Love You by Park So Bin

Glory Jane / Man of Honor Awards


KBS Drama Awards 2011 - December 31, 2011

- Best Actor for short dramas: Chun Jung Myung

- Best Actress for short dramas: Park Min Young

Chun Jung Myung Star Date on Glory Jane


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