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Goddess of Marriage

Updated on October 19, 2014

Realistic Drama about Relationship & Marriage

Goddess of Marriage is 32 episodes Korean drama.

This drama brings a realistic message about marriage lives through four different couples who each have their own problems in their marriage and their relationship with their in-laws.

Many times people got married because they are in love with their partner; however, they need to find a clearer evidence & maintain it to ensure that their marriage will stay strong. This drama will show how one couple who were in so much love 20 years ago, slowly drifted apart until the wife finds out that her husband is having an affair with his colleague. To make things worse, her mother-in-law puts the blame on her, saying that it's all because of her incompetence as a wife.

This drama also realistically portrays two women who married into a very wealthy family; and they have to deal with the high expectations their parents-in-law expect from them. One of them has successfully convinced her father-in-law that she's a capable daughter-in-law that's worthy to receive reward as a director of the company; but the other one has a very hard time adapting into this family, due to her pride. And the fact that she's in love with another man who she met when she was away on a short holiday to rejuvenate her minds.

And the last one, we'll see how one successful businesswoman who worked incredibly hard to climb one of the highest position in her company, breaks down as she realizes that she has neglected her supportive husband and children.

This drama will definitely help us to understand the meaning of marriage and how we can help maintaining our marriage, our relationship with our partner and children, while at the same time, trying our best to be successful in our chosen career (whether as businesswoman or a housewife).

Honestly, there were lots of scenes where I was incredibly frustrated at how weak the women are in this drama; sometimes they're forced to follow their men's abusive treatment. This drama is not a light-hearted drama, although it does have its cute & sweet moments.

But I love the way they try to rise up above their difficult situations and work way through all the hardships. It's not easy, life is not supposed to be easy & fair; but I believe there will always be lights at the end of a dark tunnel.

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Details, Synopsis & Casts


Number of Episodes: 32

Original run: 29 June - 13 October 2013 on SBS every Saturdays & Sundays 22.00KST

Production Director: Oh Jin Suk

Scriptwriter: Jo Jung Sun

Official Website: marriage

Goddess of Marriage Recaps

Goddess of Marriage Highlight

Let's meet the four couples of this drama on this 5 Minutes Highlight Video

Song Ji Hye
Song Ji Hye


Song Ji Hye (Nam Sang Mi) is a very successful & talented radio writer who is longing for a soulmate who loves & accepts her for who she is. Her pride is deeply hurt when her fiance suddenly drops a bombshell, he comes from a very wealthy family, one of the wealthiest family in the country. Then he gives her money for wedding preparation & gifts for his parents. She doesn't want to receive any financial support as she feels like he looks down on her ability and her family.

So instead of communicating her trouble with him, she escapes and runs away to Jeju Island to clear her mind. She even think to break the engagement as she doesn't know if she can live with him.

During her getaway, she meets with Hyun Woo, a great & lovely man who cares for her. She falls in love at first sight and believes that she finally meets her soulmate. Unfortunately, a certain circumstance doesn't allow them to meet before both of them leave Jeju Island and she concludes that it's just not meant to be.

Her fiance is very temperamental; he doesn't want to accept "no" for an answer; and he forces her to continue with their wedding. After he finds out about her fling with Hyun Woo, obviously he gets really angry, but decides to forgive her and give her a second chance.

Ji Hye always ponders what's the real meaning of marriage; and if her marriage with Tae Wook will stand throughout the time as she still has feeling for Hyun Woo. Moreover, it's incredibly hard for her to adapt into her husband's family lifestyle, only time will tell how long she will be able to be patient and suffocate herself like this.

Kim Hyun Woo
Kim Hyun Woo

Kim Hyun Woo (Lee Sang Woo) is a president of a construction company, the true genius architect. He has a deep painful past, he came back to Korea from Italy 3 years ago, cutting all communication with Se Kyung.

He has a really loving mother who encourages him to follow his heart & pursuit his dream because life can be gone in a split of a second. They have very close relationship.

Hyun Woo is a shy, quiet guy; but he's also incredibly romantic.

On his way to Jeju Island, a mysterious woman (Ji Hye) drops the novel that she was reading earlier and while she's sleeping, she put her head on his shoulder. The first spark between their relationship start from here and they meet again in Jeju Island. After clearing some misunderstanding and realizing that they are going to the same place, they decide to explore Jeju Island together.

But fate proves to be incredibly cruel as fate separates them after they enjoy a passionate night on their last night in Jeju Island.

Hyun Woo looks for her until one day they meet again in a bookstore. They then enjoy casual walks together until Ji Hye confesses that she's engaged to another man. A heartbroken Hyun Woo finally decides that it's best for him to let her go. But he promises if he meets her again in the next life, he will definitely wait for her and he will be with her forever.

As he mends his broken-heart, a girl from his past re-appears in his life. She pleads for him to take her back and never let her go again.

What will Hyun Woo do? Will he take the woman who's been following & loving him since they're young or will he keep waiting for Ji Hye to come back into his life?

Kang Tae Wook
Kang Tae Wook

Kang Tae Wook (Kim Ji Hoon) is the youngest son of Chairman Kang - the owner of Shin Yeong group.

His parents raised him very sternly; which made him sometimes longed for his parents' affection. But he grew up well and successfully became a senior prosecutor.

He really loves Ji Hye; although it took him years to propose to her because he wanted to ensure that he has enough time to spend time with her. Although he looks rude and temperamental; but deep down, he doesn't want to live with anyone else, but Ji Hye. Unlike his elder brother, he's not interested in another woman.

He's trying hard to match his standard with Ji Hye, although he's aware that his parents' influence and expectation may become an obstacle in their married life. He promises that he will protect Ji Hye.

When he finds out about her fling, he's hurt. But then he realizes his own mistakes and tries to be a romantic man for the woman who has deeply made him like a crazy man.

Kang Tae Jin (Kim Jung Tae) - Tae Wook's elder brother who decides to enter political world despite his father's objection. He's a mommy's boy who never has to live in poverty; he believes everything can be solved using money.

Tae Jin, his wife Hye Jung and their two daughters live under the same roof with their parents. He enjoys having fling whenever he wants, and everyone knows about it but keep their mouth shut.

He decides against his father's win as he fulfills his long-time dream to enter political world and run for an election.

Hong Hye Jung
Hong Hye Jung

Hong Hye Jung (Lee Tae Ran) is the perfect daughter-in-law for any parents-in-law. She buried her journalism career and dedicates her life to serve her family; although she has her own motives and desires. She's beyond arrogant to her own family; like she's above them because she married a very rich man. Her family never see her in-laws and her mom rarely gets any visit from her own granddaughters; Hye Jung's daughters.

Although she's been a perfect daughter-in-law in the past 7 years, however, her mom-in-law never fully accepts her as part of the family. On the other hand, her father-in-law who saw her ability; decides to "reward" her patience and dedication with a managerial position in his company. She quickly turns everything up & down as soon as she's been appointed as a hotel director; much to the dismay of her mom-in-law.

It's now her time to shine and she wants to show her husband's family that she has what it takes to rise beyond all the challenges and hardship.

Na Jang Soo
Na Jang Soo

No Jang Soo (Kwon Hae Hyo) has a very easy-going personality. He's a loving and supportive husband & father to his 3 children; as long as they respect him.

He never complains if his wife doesn't prepare the yummiest breakfast in the world; he wants his wife to be successful in her own career.

He always gives positive encouragement to his children.

Song Ji Sun
Song Ji Sun

Song Ji Sun (Jo Min Soo) is a successful businesswoman; she dedicates her life to her company, with the ambition of climbing into a managerial position. She has a hard time juggling her time between her family and work; 24hours a day definitely not enough for a very busy woman like her.

She's fierce and adamant that she has all it takes to be a manager, although her Vice President always gives her a very hard time. In the end, her persistence earns her the coveted position.

Kwon Eun Hee
Kwon Eun Hee

Kwon Eun Hee (Jang Yeong Nam) is a very faithful housewife who believes that marriage is about marrying the man she really loves. And her perspective is the culprit of her marriage break-down. Unable to match with her husband's talent & language skill; she finds herself in hot water every time her husband speaks in English to her and their only son.

To make things worse, her husband is having an affair with his newsanchor's partner. She digs the evidence of their infidelity and exposes it to his work colleagues, but she has to accept a very difficult situation, a divorce. She persists that she won't get a divorce and she will work on her marriage although her husband no longer loves her.

No Seung Soo
No Seung Soo

No Seung Soo (Jang Hyun Sung) is the most hated man in this drama; he doesn't have an ounce of compassion and love inside his mind. He only cares about his lover, Cynthia Jung, who is his fellow newsanchor.

Even when his world comes crushing down after his wife exposes his infidelity and his work colleagues start to ignore him; he digs his wife's medical records and deny all accusation, blaming it all to his wife's past illnesses.

Complicated Love Triangle - Hyun Woo, Ji Hye & Tae Wook

Complicated Love Triangle
Complicated Love Triangle

Although Goddess of Marriage portrays story from four different couples from different marital stages; however, the majority of the drama focuses on the complicated love triangle between Ji Hye, her husband Tae Wook and her soulmate Hyun Woo.

Love doesn't have any boundary, it can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances. It might be Ji Hye's worst nightmare that she's loved by two men; who have a very different personality. Unfortunately, she can't choose both of them; and she knows that to maintain her family's dignity, she has to marry Tae Wook.

She tries to run away from her problem to no avail; Hyun Woo tries to convince her to start anew, but she refuses. Tae Wook decides to forgive her and starts their marriage life without any excess baggage.

For me personally, I understand Ji Hye's position. It's not easy to break off the engagement especially since everyone knows about their upcoming wedding. However, Ji Hye is the one who will walk this marriage life and she must be honest with her own feeling. Marriage is about two people who love each other and go through life journey together. If she wants to hold together her marriage, she will need to let Hyun Woo go from her life, her mind, her heart. Pretends that he doesn't exist. And overcome communication barrier that both Ji Hye & Tae Wook suffered from the start of their relationship. Communication is two-ways; so both of them need to start, then stop talking, listen and discuss & solve their issues together.

I really love Ji Hye and Hyun Woo to be together because their personality match and they deeply love each other. They can easily communication & trust each other without any hesitation. Unlike Tae Wook who rarely listens to Ji Hye's opinions and decides everything by his own merit.

But I don't want Ji Hye to leave her husband. It's a dilemma, really. I still don't know who she will choose in the end.

OST List

OST List

Part 1

Always by Park Wan Kyu

Part 2

Some Day by T.A.P

Spice Up Your Marriage - with these all-time favorite love songs


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