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Pompeii 3D ~ History on the Big Screen ~ A Movie Review

Updated on June 8, 2014

I saw Pompeii in 3D on the big screen when it opened in theaters and the visual effects were stunning. However, the movie lacked to me in its overall presentation. There were several reasons why I wanted to see this film. The featured trailers were phenomenal and pulled me into wanting to see it more. The original reason for wanting to see Pompeii was because I had prior knowledge of one of the actors appearing in this movie, Sasha Roiz, from the hit TV series GRIMM who plays Captain Renard, which airs on Friday nights on NBC. For this reason I really was excited to go.

For me personally it would have been better is they had cast Corvus with someone other than Kiefer Sutherland. His attempt at whatever accent he was going for failed for me. This distraction was minor I know and the storyline as we all know ultimately has a tragic ending. The undertone of this story is based on past historic evidence of Pompeii. However, the love story is a Hollywood depiction and is apparent it took artistic liberties to create the story you see in the film.

Since TV dramas and the big screen play out differently, I feel there is a possibility the transition across arenas onto the big screen may be a difficult one. I feel and kind of sensed this in seeing Sasha Roiz's onscreen character, Proculus. His character was a Roman solider who I feel should have carried his authority better. I saw him to be up tight, unsure and wavering in his character. Even though in a fight scene he does show quality technique I knew he would not victor in his attempt with the Gladiator, Atticus, played by actor, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. I was pleased with who they cast as Severus, Cassia's father, which was Jared Harris. He always does a suburb job in any form of character he has been given. Overall the movie was a good C+.

On a side note; after seeing the movie and not really having any prior knowledge regarding Pompeii I happened to stumble upon a Netfilx title: National Geographic's special; Pompeii: Back From The Dead. Naturally I was curious so I watched it. The entirety of the documentary was extremely fascinating! Excavator's poured plaster into the mummified ash cocoon's to preserve the posture of the deceased people. Unfortunately it destroyed any clues/evidence to unanswered questions. Eventually though, they found untainted or contaminated bones in an underground tavern (basement). I really have an appreciation now more for the movie. I watched Pompeii opening night here in Auburn, WA and was a little disappointed. Nevertheless, now seeing the history behind Pompeii I can see the possible story line they were going for.

I want to thank Sasha Roiz for your valiant contribution to the movie though! You did make it worth seeing to the end! But don’t quit your day job and keep up the great work in Grimm, as this is a favorite show for me...

Links to this amazing piece of history:

Symon Sez

When Roman Ruled

Background Credit

Official Trailer 2014

The Theatrical Movie


This is a full length animation ~

A Day in Pompeii

HD Plus

Official trailer

Little TV trivia here:

Even the popular TV series of Doctor Who aired the infamous

City of Pompeii

Here is a trailer for Part 1

Doctor Who aired the infamous

City of Pompeii in its TV series ~ Part 2

Who Knew?

At the time of its destruction, Pompeii is estimated to have had a population of 20,000.

Who Knew?

At the deadliest moment in the Vesuvius eruption, hundreds of people in Pompeii were flash-heated to death in only a fraction of a second, or about the time it would take to complete a Google search.

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Do you go to the movie theater often, if so have you seen a 3D movie & what's your feel about 3D?

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    • TalkingFreebies profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Sierra Nevada ~ Reno

      @Ibidii: Thank you! This movie was exciting in many ways and yes, I found the story line was plausible after I had watched the Discovery documentary on Pompeii. Was a real interesting time period and catastrophic event too. Love my region, have a river as part of my patio view! Again, thank you for your response to my movie review. Have a good weekend.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I did not get to see it in 3D, I watched it on a nice larger monitor TV the kids got last Christmas. I enjoyed it. There were some moments I thought were ridiculous, but good depiction on what could it have been really like to be there when it happened for real. I know your area, I used to live in Sequim. Great review!


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