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Gothic Female Celebrity Photos

Updated on August 21, 2015

Gothic Celebrity Ladies

Gothic looks are very cool, and I unearthed a few looks from come celebrity ladies that reinforce my interest in the subject matter, as they look very good.

Most of the ladies here won't surprise you as to how convincing they are, and would pass for Goth women for most people looking at them who aren't real familiar with the lifestyle. There is one exception, we'll look at her first.

A lot of celebrity women have embraced the Goth look because of the enormous popularity of vampire movies and TV shows, making it the "in" thing at this time.

Many of them really don't get it though, and only include a small element of Goth, with the rest of their makeup and look unrelated. I kept them out of this article, as I wanted some that had a more authentic appearance.

Gothic Look

Most of the celebrity women showcased here had more of a light complexion with the darker makeup; although a couple decided on a more natural look.

The lighter complexion showcases the dark makeup, presenting what I think of in terms of the walking dead or vampire look.

Either way, they all look great, with some being exceptional.

Gothic Selena Gomez

The reason I mentioned this image of Selena Gomez as being less believable, is more from the obvious posing. If there would have been a more natural posture, I think it would have been much more convincing and interesting.

What is nice is the black lace and fingernails blending in her her darker hair and makeup, against the lighter skin.

Gothic Kim Kardashian

Of all the ladies here, this photo of Kim Kardashian with her Gothic makeup is probably the most well known.

Again we have the dark makeup against the light skin. What makes her stand out more to me is her choice of darker lipstick.

Gothic Pauley Parrette of NCIS

Here we have the popular NCIS lady Abby, played by Pauley Parrette. We've all seen her in her usual wardrobe while watching NCIS, so I thought it would be interesting to see her in this Gothic, but different look than we're used to.

Gothic Milla Jovovich

To me, Milla and the following celebrity women were made to have a Gothic look. Maybe it's the parts they've played in their movie roles which reinforces that idea in my head. But they all look great and authentic

Milla was a hard choice to decide on which image to include, as she has a lot of them. Interestingly, it was her cross necklace that pushed me to place this one in the article. Having a different appearance than we usually associate with Milla was another reason.

Gothic Christina Ricci

If any actress seemed to be born to be Goth, it is Christina Ricci. It doesn't seem to matter which role she plays or how she changes her appearance, she just always seems to have a Gothic persona.

Again, the choice of the image below was because it is a little different that the typical Christina Ricca we are used to. Great Gothic look.

Gothic Summer Glau

Being a science fiction and fantasy fan, Summer Glau, through the years, has become one of my favorite actresses. She also seems to have that inherent look that makes it easy for her to transform to Gothic very easily.

After MIlla and Christina, who had more of a normal skin color, with Summer we're back to the darker makeup on light skin. This really works well for her, as you can see.

Well there's my little foray into celebrity women who chose Goth as their look of choice.

Although some are what some would think of as more Goth than others, they all do a good job and look fantastic. But even those who live the Gothic lifestyle are quick to say that Goth is what you make it, and so I guess these ladies fit right in.


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    • SopranoRocks profile image

      SopranoRocks 6 years ago from Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA

      Kim should go Goth permanently, maybe then I would be able to tolerate her! Great photos - I have admired the looks of Ricci since her role as Wednesday Addams in the 90s (I wanted to be Wednesday when I was a kid - her life seemed so fascinating and mysterious). I have seen some great Amy Lee shots that are beautifully goth as well. Goth is sexy in men and women. Would love to see some male goth photos - sexy ones, not M. Manson ones haha.

    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 6 years ago

      Makin ~ Interesting selection of black and white renditions on the Gothic look. Very stark appearance can be haunting and ghostly. I think it takes a very special type to pull it off well. Blessings, Debby